**Spoiler** Impact Wrestling Results for Tonight


Thanks to Eric and WrestlingInc for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers, airing tonight on Spike TV:

* Sting opens the show. Dixie Carter and Bobby Roode come out. Sting wants Roode to apologize to Dixie but he won’t. Roode spits on Dixie and leaves.

* Abyss beat Samoa Joe after Scott Steiner and Bully Ray interfered. After the match, Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Steiner while Ray ran.

* Promo between Devon/The Pope and tag champs Crimson and Matt Morgan. They all start brawling. Devon’s kids come in the ring and help Pope stomp on Morgan.

* Mickie James beat Madison Rayne.

* Garett Bischoff beat Gunner. Gunner and Eric Bischoff attacked him after the match and laid him out on the floor. Trainers come check on Garett and they take him away on a stretcher.

* James Storm calls out Kurt Angle. They cut long promos on each other about their match. Storm turns his back and dares Angle to hit him. Angle won’t do it. Storm tells Angle that at the pay-per-view, it’s real… damn real.

* Backstage segment with Gail Kim, Traci Brooks and Karen Jarrett. Karen wants Traci to lay down for Gail tonight.

* Gail Kim beat Traci. Traci laid down at first but kicked out before the 3 count. Karen came down to distract the referee, allowing Madison Rayne to hit Traci and give Gail the win.

* AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy beat Jeff Jarrett and Bobby Roode in the main event. The match opened with a brawl. Hardy and Jarrett fought to the back. AJ got the pin but was attacked by Roode. AJ turned it around and sent Roode to the back. AJ started to celebrate on the ramp but Roode attacked him from behind and worked on his injured knee.

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