**SPOILERS** 4 Week’s Worth Of WWE NXT


Credit: Josh Parry and PW Torch

WWE re-organized the arena a bit compared to the first taping at Full Sail. The announce table is now positioned underneath the elevated hard camera with an LED screen backdrop. They now only have two floor rows on each side of the ring in order to fill up more space in the risers, which have also been expanded for higher capacity. Smart moves considering the line out the door was much longer than last time.

Triple H walked out in the arena to no music and walked around in the crowd thanking the fans ringside for attending. Awesome thing to do!

World Hvt. champion Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre and Sin Cara vs. Hunico were announced for the taping.

Dark Match: Xavier Woods beat FCW tag champ Corey Graves with a Shining Wizard. Quick match. The crowd was hot for Woods, the former Consequences Creed in TNA.

First NXT episode taping

Out came William Regal and Byron Saxton for commentary. Regal got a huge ovation from the male fans.

(1) Camacho (w/Hunico) beat Tyson Kidd with a DDT after Michael McGillicutty ran in as a distraction. Good showing for Camacho, and Kidd was very over.

(2) Bray Wyatt (former Husky Harris) beat Aiden English with an inverted neckbreaker. Bray was popular with the males and ominously sang on the way to the ring. Epic gimmick.

Jim Ross came to ringside for commentary.

(3) Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil & Darren Young) beat the Usos. Formula tag match, but entertaining and surprisingly long. The PT players got good crowd heat and the Usos were popular also.

End of episode #1, apparently. JR has left the building. Ross returned later.

Second NXT episode taping

(1) Tamina beat Kaitlyn. More competitive than your average Divas match and Kaitlyn looked stunning in-person.

(2) Jinder Mahal squashed Percy Watson after a Camel Clutch. He re-applied his finisher after the match to boos.

(3) Leo Kruger beat Richie Steamboat. Leo rolled through Richie’s cross-body and grabbed the ropes to score a dirty pin.

(4) Justin Gabriel beat Heath Slater with a moonsault. Match of the night thus far. Slater had the crowd in a chorus of boos.

End of episode #2.

Dark Match: Sin Cara beat Hunico (w/Camacho) with a top-rope armdrag. Fun, fast-paced action.

Third NXT episode taping

(1) Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty beat Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman. It was all right. I was hoping to see Bo in singles action.

(2) Sofia Cortez beat Natalya via count-out. Natalya refused to compete and turned heel on Cortez after the match. She beat her down and applied the Sharpshooter. Sofia tripped both entering and exiting the arena.

(3) The Ascension (Connor O’Brian & Kenneth Cameron) squashed Garrett Dylan & Dante Dash.

(4) Drew McIntyre beat Seth Rollins (Tyler Black). Awesome! This match was a great mix of athleticism and power moves. The crowd was hot for it. Drew won with Future Shock.

End of episode #3.

Fourth NXT episode taping

(1) Raquel Diaz beat Paige. Paige got a huge ovation from the males.

(2) Antonio Cesaro beat Alex Riley to end the TV taping. The episode lines were blurred at some point.

Also taped for TV: World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Drew McIntyre. Drew dominated, but Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win. It seemed like this was taped for a future episode since Ross and Regal remained at the commentary table.

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