**SPOILERS** Full ROH On Sinclair TV Tapings


Report by Josh Higham & PWinsider

ROH TV tapings

September 21, 2013

National Guard Armory

Philadelphia, PA


Kongo defeats Dalton Castle with a splash.

Episode 1:

Adam Page defeats ACH after rolling through a cross body from ACH. Kevin Kelly on commentary alone.

Nigel McGuiness puts over the tournament semi finals at Death before Dishonor and announces a Champions vs All-Stars 8 man tag for Glory by Honor. If a champion is pinned, it triggers an automatic and immediate title match. Michael Elgin is the first name announced. Jay Briscoes comes out saying he’s the real champ and he’ll be cleared soon (by Chicago). Briscoe says he’s done something Elgin hasn’t done: beat Cole with the title on the line. Elgin comes out saying Briscoe didn’t defend the title when Elgin was number one contender. Referees separate Elgin and Briscoe, but no physicality.

Nigel joins commentary.

Roderick Strong defeats Mike Mondo with the Gibson driver. Post match, Strong says he’s done it all in ROH for the past ten years, and that he is Mr. Ring of Honor.

Marshall Law with Veda Scott comes out seeking justice from Outlaw Inc. Outlaw Inc win easily with a Steinerizer, breaking more of RD Evans’ fingers, then call out reDRagon, who do not come out.

Matt Taven defeats Jay Lethal to retain the television title with the forward DDT. Lethal guerreroed his way to getting Truth Martini and the hoopla hotties ejected from ringside. But Martini and the hotties return to celebrate post match. Martini said Taven will go down as the greatest tv champion in history.

Episode 2:

Mark Briscoe defeats Tadarius Thomas with the froggy elbow. Fun capoeira/redneck Kung fu sequences.

Adam Cole cuts his championship promo, talking about Briscoe and Elgin. Elgin comes out, but Cole escapes until met by Briscoe at the entrance ramp. Briscoe and Elgin tug-o-war with the belt until Nigel takes it back and returns it to Cole.

Michael Bennett and Maria defeats Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger. Bennett pins Burger after a TKO. Bennett cuts a promo, being proud of ending BJ Whitmer’s career with the best pile driver and saying he’d end Cheeseburger’s career. This brings Kevin Steen out, saying Bennett’s lying, that Bennett was crying like a bitch the night he hurt Whitmer. That caused Maria to slap Steen, and security tries to pull the two men apart.

Corino tries to take a spot at commentary, but Todd Sinclair ejects him. Corino grabs a mic and heads in the ring. Corino claims to be a family man and needs this job, a job he’s earned, trying to get Nigel to honor the contract he signed. Corino hugs Kevin Kelly as he leaves.

reDRagon retains the Tag Tram Championship, defeating Forever Hooligans and C&C Wrestle Factory with O’Reilly pinning Koslov. Outlaws Inc hit the ring, trying to break Fish’s finger, but O’Reilly pulls him to safety.

Episode 3:

Jimmy Jacobs defeats Silas Young. Before the bell rang, Young cut a long promo on Jacobs and Philadelphia. As soon as the bell rang, Jacobs hits the spears and gets the pin.

Davey Richards pins Ricky Marvin. Really good match.

Eddie Edwards pins Kevin Steen with a jackknife cradle. Before the match, Michael Bennett attacked Steen and hit him with a pile driver. Steen yelled at Todd Sinclair to start the match. After the match, as referees were attending to Steen, Bennett attacked again. As Bennett was leaving, Edwards tossed Bennett back to the ring where Steen hit Bennett with the package pile driver. As fans chanted one more time, Edwards hit Bennett with another package pile driver.

Kevin Steen closed the show putting over Eddie Edwards, saying Edwards never calls himself best in the world, so Steen will say it for him.

Notes and thoughts: Attendance dropped off significantly from Death before Dishonor. The bleachers were closed, putting my estimate in the 400-500 range. A lot of the wrestlers were still wearing their NoH8 temporary tattoos from the photo shoot earlier in the day. I was a little annoyed they didn’t announce the other three All Star competitors for that eight man tag at Glory by Honor…..Ring of Honor returns to the National Guard Armory on February 22, 2014 for the 12th Anniversary Show.

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