**SPOILERS** Full TNA iMPACT! Results For 2/20


Credit: Tom Johnson & Prowrestling.net

TNA iMPACT! Wrestling TV (Airing February 20th):

The next show started within the ring. Magnus and Dixie Carter came out and Magnus called out MVP, who came out and repeated his offer to make the Lethal Lockdown match to be for the presidency of TNA.

Magnus apologized but he wouldn’t be able to lead Team Dixie as he would be retaining the world title. MVP said he was behind disrespectful for ignoring a war hero like Gunner. Magnus said tonight he would beat Gunner and if MVP stuck his nose in, Magnus would make him his bitch.

MVP punched him and they started brawling. EC3 came out and they started double teaming him. Gunner evened the odds and Magnus, and EC3 and Magnus retreated but ran into The Wolves. Magnus shoved EC3 to the Wolves and escaped. Wolves took out EC3. The Wolves, Gunner, and MVP celebrated in the ring…

Bobby Roode apologized to James Storm for the all the badness between them and teased that he may quit. Storm told him to man up…

In the ring, Samoa Joe invited out and my residents of Dixieland for a fight. Bro-Mans and Zema Ion took the challenge.

Samoa Joe beat Bro-Mans and Zema Ion. Joe got a lit of early offense before the triple team wore him down. Eventually, he eliminated the Bro-Mans and hit zema with the muscle buster before making him submit with the rear naked choke hold.

Bobby came out and talked about his career to huge face reaction. He said tonight would be his last night as a wrestler. Big “No” chants. He thanked the fans and went to leave and Dixie’s music hit. She said he doesn’t get to make that choice, she let A.J. Styles, Sting, and Jeff Hardy leave as she doesn’t like them. There was a big A.J. chant. She said she needs him and wants him to lead her team at Lockdown. Bobby said no. She said if he did lead the team she would give him ten percent of TNA, so he accepted…

The American Wolves defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. A decent tag match but crowd starting to lag. The Wolves got a nice reaction and Davey Richards got the pin…

Magnus defeated Gunner to retain the TNA Title. Excellent match. Early on Magnus called for help from the back but instead Storm and the Wolves cane and blocked the entrance ramp. The match continued back and forth. Eventually. Bro-mans and EC3 came through the crowd to help Magnus and the six non-combatants fought up the ramp. The match continued and Gunner kicked out of Magnus’s big elbow.

Gunner hit his sling shot suplex, but as he went for the pin Rockstar Spud ran out and put Magnus’s foot on the rope. Storm came out and chased Spud around the ring a couple of times and then into the ring where he threw Spud out. Gunner hit some offense while storm cheered him on in the ring. Gunner went for his diving headbutt, but on the way down got caught with Storm’s Last Call superkick. Magnus got the pin to retain the title. This concluded the Impact taping, but there is one match remaining for Xplosion…

TNA Xplosion:

EC3 defeated Eric Young. Nice quick match with ec3 hitting his finish to the match. After the match as people started leaving, EC3 went on the mic and told everyone to stay where they were as he had something to say. He said we were all lucky to see him perform four times but he knows we all wanted to see someone else, Kurt Angle, but he took out Kurt and now he is an American icon.

Kurt’s music hit for a really big pop from the fans who stayed. He said EC3 was an American asshole and even though he was injured he was sure EC3 was getting an Angle Slam. EY rolled in from behind and hit the Angle Slam and an ankle lock to send the crowd home happy.

A really enjoyable show.

Biggest Pops

Samoa Joe

Austin Aries


Most Heat


Dixie Carter

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