**SPOILERS** More Detailed SmackDown Results


Credit: Al Knows and Pwinsider.com

In the dark match Alexander Rusev with hot blonde commie chick in tow gets a win over Dolph Ziggler with the camel clutch. Rusev’s a monster, probably good things in his future.

WWE Main Event:

Los Matadors with El Torito and Sin Cara against the Wyatts. Entertaining match with the Wyatts winning thanks to sister Abigail.

Aksana, who is really underrated as a wrestler, tapped out to Natalya’s sharpshooter. Very good match and shows what the Divas can do when given the time to have a decent match.

Big E, apparently he’s losing the Langston, beat Drew McIntyre. McIntyre had about 80 percent of the offense in this one, it’s the best he’s looked in a long time. Big E wins and Jinder Mahal issues a challenge and 30 seconds later Big E has a second win.

WWE Smackdown:

Off to a roaring start with Daniel Bryan, Christian and Sheamus facing the Shield. As good as you’d expect from these guys, bodies flying everywhere and Ambrose pins Christian to get the win for the Shield. Of note, Bryan, Christian and Sheamus tagged together tonight but they’ll be opponents in the Elimination chamber. To stir the pot, Sheamus missed a Brogue kick on Rollins and kicked Christian instead. Reigns speared Sheamus and Ambrose got the easy pin. Reigns hit that insane dropkick on the apron thing, it’s something to see in person. Amazing.

Zeb gives Vicki candy and wants to be her valentine. Vicki knows when she’s being BS’ed and asks Zeb what he really wants. The segment ends with Vicki setting a fatal four way match with Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger to determine the top contender for the Intercontinental title. Big E is out for commentary on the match which Swagger wins with the Patriot lock on Kofi.

And next up we had Alicia Fox with Aksana facing Eva Marie in a match that I can almost promise won’t make the broadcast Friday. Eva’s got a ways to go still. As a wrestler, she’s real good looking, but this was awful. Eva won with a sloppy roll up.

Next up we have the Usos and the Rhodes brothers facing Rybaxel and the New Age Outlaws. Another good match and the Usos pin the tag team champions, so maybe there’s a title shot in their future.

Darren Young and Damien Sandow are next with Titus O’Neill on commentary. Young wins a short match with a roll up and is attacked by O’Neill before rallying and returning the favor. Young rips the pants off O’neill at one point to embarrass Titus.

Fandango and Summer Rae in action against the Miz. After a while Santino and Emma power walk their way to the ring, Summer Rae tells them to get lost and we have a CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! Fandango is distracted by the fight and eats a skull crushing finale.

At some point Bad News Barrett is out with the bad news that American women will eat too much candy Friday wake up and look in the mirror and not be happy. Complete with the 30-foot podium and what a waste of Barrett’s talent.

Main event time and in an excellent match Antonio Cesaro gets a clean pinfall victory over Randy Orton with the Neutralizer. Definitely one not to be missed. Some strong We The People chants as anybody working against Orton is going to be cheered. So Orton is now 1-3 in his gauntlet matches with only Sheamus remaining.

The after the cameras bit was a pretty standard Daniel Bryan-Kane segment ending in a brawl with Yes kicks to the chest and a whoa-yes kick to the head for Kane sending the crowd home happy.

The crowd was into the matches and the only empty seats were those reserved for the hard camera side of the arena. All in all, one of the better events I’ve been to.

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