**SPOILERS** More Detailed SmackDown Results For Friday


Credit: Patric Laprade


Alberto Del Rio came to the ring with Riccardo Rodriguez and David Otunga. They replayed the Sheamus/Otunga video from Raw as well as the end of their match.

They showed the clip where Sheamus hit his brogue kick on Chritian at the same time last year. Otunga talked to Christian who’s via satellite. Then Daniel Bryan came to the ring and was mad at Sheamus. Then Sheamus got to the ring. The segment ended up with Sheamus attacking Otunga by removing his neck brace.

The segment went for 15 long minutes and didn’t get anywhere and people didn’t really reacted to it. Bryan got some heat and some “Goat face” chants. Sheamus got a good pop, but that’s pretty much it. Still don’t know why I should buy the PPV on Sunday with that segment, since Sheamus barely interacted with Del Rio. He did more interacting with Bryan since they are wrestling tonight.

The Mize b Sin Cara

Botched spot from Sin Cara as he was trying to climbed to the 3rd rope from the inside of the ring. On two other occasions, there were near botched spots. Sin Cara won with a schoolboy. Very sloppy match. I hope they will edit it for TV.

They showed the recap of Daniel Bryan/Kane anger management classes. They showed footage from Bryan/Kane tag matches from Raw. They did a good job not showing footage of the crowd looking at what was going on with Lawler.

New anger management class where the therapy teacher gave both guys a stress ball saying “you both have balls” and making them squeeze them. Kane then told Bryan that his ball was bigger than Bryan’s. Funny stuff as it was throughout that angle.

Promo backstage with The Miz, Rhodes, Misterio and Sin Cara. Every guy wanted a shot at the IC title. Miz said he could beat them all. Teddy Long got in and called a Fatal-4 way for Sunday. And that was your build-up!

Kane b Kofi Kington in a very short match with a chokeslam.

The teacher is there live and didn’t seem happy at Kane. Kane got Kingston in a chokeslam again, but ended hugging him. Crowd reacted well to that.

Randy Orton b Lord Tensai

Orton got a very good pop. Orton kicked out of the A-Bomb at mid-match. He ended winning with the RKO.

Vickie Guerrero came to talk to Orton. Boy was she over. Biggest heel of the night by far. Ziggler tried to attack Orton from behind, but Orton turned around and abort Ziggler and Vickie’s plan.

Antonio Cesaro came to the ring with Oksana saying he was outraged that the winner of a battle royal would get a shot at his title. He actually said the word outrage in 5 different language even if the French version of it was not audible enough to know if it was well said or nor!!

Tyson Kidd came and said that he’s going to be the next US champion “Eh!”. Cesaro threw him out of the ring. Brodus Clay came and shoulder tackle the champion who took the powder. The segment ended with Brodus and Tyson dancing.

Kaitlyn b Beth Phoenix

No heat during the match. Both girls didn’t work their crowd at all.

Promo between Eve Torres, Booker T and Teddy Long. I don’t know what was the point of it besides having Long and Booker trying to shake hands where one was giving a handshake and the other one a fist pump. They went back and forth with this until Eve left the room.

Sheamus b Daniel Bryan

The match was build on the Titantrom as a Wrestlemania 28 rematch. Just before the match started, they showed their Mania with AJ’s kiss-of-death.

Sheamus won with the Cloverleaf. Ok match. Nothing wrong, nothing great.

Right after the match, Cole left the booth. Matthews followed soon after. I don’t think Cole wanted to have to interact with anyone tonight and rightfully so.

Dark main-event

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Rodriguez

The finish saw Del Rio, who was about to hit Sheamus, who ducked, so Del Rio hit his manager. Sheamus put his Cloverleaf on Del Rio and that was it.

Sheamus and Orton had the biggest pop. Vickie is without a doubt the biggest heel. The crowd reacted well to Bryan too.

The match of the evening was Ryder vs. Rhodes.

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