**SPOILERS** NXT Results For This Week


Tonight WWE is taping this week’s edition of WWE NXT. Below are the results.

The lower bowl of the building has a good crowd, but the upper deck is tarped off.

WWE NXT Taping:

Josh Mathews and William Regal came out for commentary.

Titus O’Neal came out to cut a promo on Alex Riley. Darren Young interrupted, saying he hated Titus but he respected him. Percy Watson came out to call out Titus and Young. When Titus challenged Percy, Alex Riley made his entrance and cut a short promo before Riley and Watson cleared the ring after a short brawl. A tag match was made for the main event. The heels went for cheap heat by bashing on Omaha.

Tyson Kidd beat Trent Barreta. Jon wrote that it was an okay match and that it wasn’t anything to write home about with some botched spots.

Heath Slater came out to a lot of boos as they showed him winning last week over and over. Derrick Bateman came out and interrupted Slater and made fun of his losing streak. Bateman eventually drop kicked Slater out of the ring. It wasn’t that great of a promo.

Alicia Fox beat Maxine. Alicia won with a rollup in under a minute when Maxine was distracted by a someone. Maxine wasn’t pleased with the man.

A John Cena video aired followed by a WrestleMania video.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young beat Alex Riley and Percy Watson. O’Neil blind tagged himself in and pinned Riley. A good amount of heat for O’Neil and Young, The crowd was really behind Riley. This concluded the NXT taping.

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