**SPOILERS** ROH TV Taping Results (4 Weeks)


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First episode. (Will air next week)

Nigel Leads the faces of ROH to the Ring. Nigel terms this the dawn of a new era.

Honor has been restored. Honor lives.

Nigel Introduces the new ROH Champ. Jay Briscoe to a monster pop.

Puts over the fans. Jay says he has always been proud of being part of the greatest company in the world. Gives a recap of this scum takeover

Jay plans on holding the title for a long time.

Cole-Jay interaction. Cole says he is the future of pro wrestling. Says he ends briscoes reign in Toronto.

Cole walks out the ring. Heelish tendencies shown by Cole.

First match is Fish vs Eddie Edwards

(Great match Fish picks up the win.)

Alabama Attitude vs QT Marshall/Evans (Marshall/Evans win a fun match)

Mondo out for a match. Roderick Strong out to say why everyone is getting roh world title shots and he isn’t getting one. Strong runs down mondo pier 6 brawl. Very impressive mic work from Strong.

5 way scramble for a future ROH TV title shot at Border Wars. (Mondo vs Coleman vs Alexander vs Mark Briscoe vs Whitmer) winner and new #1 contender for the ROH TV title Mark Briscoe.

Second Episode

Kevin Steen kicks us off. Corino out. Scum out. Steen singles out hardy. Says he’s the only scum member he doesn’t want apart of this.

Scum attacks steen. Hardy ends it with a twist of fate on Steen.

Roderick Strong vs Mike Bennett (Mike Mondo on Commentary) Strong wins , Mondo attacks strong after the match.

Jorge Santi vs Tadarius Thomas , match got off to a hot start. But here comes Scum. Gore to Santi. Scum getting massive pops

Corino says Were never gonna see steen again. That brings out Nigel. Lethal and Elgin come out to get rid of scum.

Elgin/Lethal vs 2 members of scum if scum wins Hardy gets a World title shot, Corino also wants to be at commentary every week. Corino says if scum gets another title shot and fail they will leave ROH. Nigel agrees.

So that’s Elgin/Lethal vs Scum at border wars. Scum wins hardy gets a title shot.

ACH vs Taven for the TV title. Mark Briscoe on commentary. Taven retains.

Episode 3

Scum starts us off. Jacobs/Compton/Titus vs C&C/Whitmer (Corino on commentary) Scum gets the win after Titus hits Whitmer with a Chain. Elgin/lethal out to make the save.

Lethal disappointed with what Titus did by turning his back on ROH. Challenges Titus to a match. Titus accepts.

Titus vs Lethal. Titus working his second match not even mins apart.(Jay Lethal picks up the win).

Lethal promises Scum dies at border wars.

Contract signing for Cole vs Briscoe at border wars. Here comes Scum.

Scum interrupting the contract signing leads to Cole/Briscoe vs Hardy/Rhyno (Cole/Briscoe win).

Cole/Briscoe with a staredown to end it.

4th episode.

Prince nana will be on commentary

Machine Gun Karl Anderson vs Michael Elgin kicks us off. (machine gun picks up the win in one hell of a match.)

Woman of honor match. MsChif vs ?

Veda Scott interferes. DQ finish.

Main event. Kyle O’Riley vs Davey Richards. Fish on commentary, Edwards at ringside.

Richards gets the win in one of the best matches you’ll see.

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