**SPOILERS** ROH TV Taping Results 9.22.12


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Sep 22, 2012

Du Burns Arena

Baltimore, Maryland

Estimated attendance 400-500 said to not have as many chairs put out

Intergender Tag Match: Veda Scott & Ryan McBride def Marti Belle & someone via flipping DVD from McBride to opponent

WGTT vs. Fusion DS was cancelled, now we have impromptu WGTT vs. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer

Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer def Worlds Greatest Tag Team via BJ schoolboyed Benjamin. Afterwards WGTT beat down both men.

ROH Kevin Steen is cutting a promo in the ring with the ROH tag champs of Corino & Jacobs

Truth Martini and Michael Elgin walk out. At one point the crowd were chanting ” HUG IT OUT” Steen responded with, “Absolutely not!” Michael Elgin attacked Steen, but Scum beat him down. Things are heating up. House of Truth except Roderick Strong saves Elgin. Elgin doesn’t appreciate the help.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander def Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino via DQ when Corino used a roll of quarters. A post match beat down was stopped by Elgin only.

SOTF First Round

Davey Richards def Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis & Brutal Bob via a sliding kick after Mike Mondo and stole another kiss from Maria distracting Bennett Crowd was majorly for Davey even though they booed him after BITW

SOFT First Round match

Adam Cole def Tadarius Thomas

Tomasso Ciampa comes out to cut a promo. RD calls Ciampa a thoroughbred, and you shoot a thoroughbred with broken leg. He introduces his new client “God’s Gift” QT Marshall

SOTF First Round

Jay Lethal def “God’s Gift” QT Marshall w/ RD Evans via Lethal Injection. Nana attacks Evans post match.

ROH World Championship Match

Kevin Steen def Rhett Titus via F-cinq

SOTF First Round

Roderick Strong def “Notorious 187″ Homicide via Gibson driver

SOTF First Round

Mike Mondo def Kyle O’reilly with Kondo clutch which was said to be very sloppily applied. Davey sat at ringside.

SOTF First Round

Michael Elgin def Rhino via Elgin bomb.

SOTF Finalists:

ROH TV Champ Adam Cole

Roderick Strong

Mike Mondo

Davey Richards

Jay Lethal

Michael Elgin

The Briscoes def The Bravados

Post match Guardians of Truth revealed themselves as The Headbangers

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