**SPOILERS** Superstars Results For This Week


WWE Superstars:

* Tamina pinned Natalya with a Superfly splash off the top.

* Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal. Riley got a big pop from the crowd coming out. Mahal controlled the match early on. Riley was able to hit Mahal with a spinebuster late in the match but Mahal was able to come back and submit Riley with the camel clutch.

* Santino Marella & Mason Ryan vs Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks. The heels kept Marella in the ring for the majority of the match, using frequent tags to keep him at bay. Santino was finally able to make a hot tag to Ryan, who cleared the ring. Ryan then tagged Marella back in, who used the Cobra to win the match for his team.

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