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There were no announcers for this set of tapings. It appears that Taz was still dealing with the death in his family and was unable to travel to Orlando. It would appear that the commentary will be added in post-production.

February 16, 2012 Episode of Impact

Bobby Roode comes to the ring and requests that Christy Hemme reintroduces him because the Impact Zone was so loud from people chanting his name and saying ‘Rooooode’. Roode points out that he is still the champion after defeating three men at the same time. He really enjoyed looking at Sting when his hand was raised because Sting has tried to screw him. Roode talks about how Sting should be pointing the finger at himself and not at Bobby because it was Sting who helped Roode retain the title.

The crowd chanted for Sting and Sting came to the ring. Sting says that he was selfish and let his anger affect the outcome of the match. Sting comments about how he screwed Hardy this time. He wants to make it right and because Bobby Roode is a ‘fighting champion’, he will defend the Impact Wrestling World Championship in a No Disqualification Match with no time limit. That match will be next.

Match Number One: Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Title in a No Disqualification Match with no time limit. They fought by the stage and Hardy hit a clothesline off the stage onto Roode. Hardy was about to hit the Swanton Bomb and Kurt Angle interfered, allowing Roode to win with a spear.

Match Number Two: James Storm defeated Bully Ray with the Last Call Super Kick in a Number One Contender’s Match. Ray worked on Storm’s left foot during the match and removed his boot.

After the match, Storm celebrated but was attacked by Ray. New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs came to the ring and got in Ray’s face. Ray spat beer in Jacobs’ face and Jacobs responded by pushing Ray down. Jacobs and Ray had to be separated. After Ray left the ring, Jacobs raised Storm’s hand.

The finish of the Hardy/Roode match was retaped with Angle throwing Hardy into the ring steps and Roode pinning Hardy after a spear.

Match Number Three: Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries and Zema Ion defeated Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore when Ion pinned Shelley with a rollup. Aries was preparing to give Shelley a brainbuster but Ion made the blind tag and got the victory after Shelley escaped the brainbuster.

After the match, Aries and Ion faced off and Shelley got involved before the officials got involved.

Madison Rayne had a promo before the Knockouts Battle Royal. Madison talked about how generous Gail was to allow everyone to have a chance to become the Number One Contender.

Match Number Four: Madison Rayne won the Knockouts Number One Contender Battle Royal. The final person eliminated was Velvet Sky. During the match, Madison was at ringside with Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and after Velvet eliminated Sarita, Madison returned to the ring and eliminated Velvet.

The order of elimination was 1) Winter, 2) Brooke Tessmacher, 3) Rosita, 4) Mickie James, 5) ODB, 6) Tara, 7) Angelina Love, 8) Sarita, 9) Velvet Sky.

Gail did not appear to be happy that Madison won the Battle Royal.

Sting comes to the ring and he wants to speak to Bobby Roode. Sting announces the Match of the Year for Impact and it will be Roode against James Storm. Roode kicks Sting in the groin and then takes Sting glasses and puts them on. He hits Sting with the title belt and puts the glasses back on Sting.

Eric Bischoff, Gunner, and Ric Flair come to the ring and they are joined by a woman in a red dress. Bischoff mentions that Gunner and Flair helped to end a chapter in Garett’s life where Garett wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Eric wants Flair and Gunner to have some champagne while Bischoff has one more thing to say about Garett.

Eric talks about how Garett is probably in a hotel room watching this. He tells Garett that it is a waste of time to follow in his father’s footsteps. He tells Garett that he is not his father. Garett can do whatever he wants but he should not think about coming back into his business ever again.

Partial Results for February 23, 2012 Episode

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs comes to the ring and talks about James Storm’s victory last week. He talks about how Bully Ray should have known better than to spit in his face. Jacobs lets Ray know that he is in his backyard again and calls Ray out.

Ray comes out and he tells ‘Brenda’ to settle down. Ray introduces himself to Jacobs and he points out his calves to Jacobs. Ray says that they have a lot in common. They are both champions, but Brandon is a two time champion while Ray mentions that he is a twenty-three time champion. They both have ties to New York since Jacobs plays there and Ray is from there.

When the crowd chants for Jacobs, Ray wants to know why they like him. Ray says that he would like to beat up a Super Bowl Champion, but he won’t waste his time on someone who gained 59 yards in the Super Bowl. Jacobs chases Ray to the back.

Main Event for Show: James Storm and Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Bully Ray in a No Disqualification Match when Storm pinned Ray after Brandon Jacobs choke slammed Ray through a table. Before the match started, Storm brought out Brandon Jacobs, claiming that Brandon had some unfinished business with Bully Ray.

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