​**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For 3/20


Here are spoiler results for the March 20th edition of Impact Wrestling,
courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com:

In a dark segment Bully Ray came out with a mic. He asked the fans who wanted
to see him put someone through a table, specifically Bobby Roode. The loudest
fans to cheer will be able to help him bring Ray’s tables to the ring.

Angelina Love came out for a promo and talked about it has been a week and
called out Velvet Sky, who came to the ring.
Velvet talked about she owes a lot to Angelina. She also mentioned the bad
times. Angelina really wants them to be friends again and said the fans want it
too. They ended up hugging. Angelina says they are missing a third piece and
asked Madison Rayne to come out. Angelina tells Madison that she was a part of
The Beautiful People and offered her a spot. She says all three of their names
but didn’t say Madison’s respectfully. Madison said Angelina always treated her
with disrespect. Love said Madison at the time needed to pay her dues. Rayne
said that she did all of Love’s dirty work and she likes Velvet but she is not
interested and is out.
In a non title triple threat match, Bromans defeated
Sanada/Tigre Uno and The Wolves via a pin on Uno following a Hart Attack. Before
the match Bromans told Uno and Sanada to lay down for them but they said no.
Zema distracted Sanada by taking his X Title at one point.

Bully Ray came out and had tables in the ring. He said he is the one who made
sure Dixie is no longer in charge. Crowd chanted “Thank you, Bully.” He spoke
about how Dixie came to him and offered money
and her “womanly” ways to him and he said no. He said she almost had him with a
steak. He told Bobby Roode the last thing they need is another owner like Dixie.
He asked how many fans want to see Roode go through some tables. Roode came out.
Roode said Ray does not scare him. The guy Ray screwed over does not exist
anymore and said he is the guy who was the longest reigning and most dominant
champion in TNA history, spat in Dixie’s face before it was cool, and said he
was the one who tricked Ray into flying to the corporate office in Nashville
last week. He asked the crowd if they know who he was. Ray wanted to fight.
Roode said he doesn’t call the shots. Ray said he does and the fans say now.
Roode said it isn’t going to happen and leaves. Ray goes after him and puts him
on a table at ringside but Roode moves. Ray
continues to attack him. They went into the rig and Ray went for a running boot
on Roode through a table but missed. Ray then went for a powerbomb through one,
Roode evaded, then went for a spear on Roode through another but Roode moved
again and Ray put himself through the table. **

In a TNA World Heavyweight Title Match, Magnus defeated Samoa Joe. They had
Abyss and MVP handcuffed to each other for the match at ringside. Ref got KOed
and Abyss and MVP got in a brawl around ringside. Abyss got tacks from under the
ring. MVP un handcuffed himself after laying out Abyss and tossed the tacks.
Abyss went after MVP and Joe attempted a dive on Abyss but Abyss threw a chair
in Joe’s face. Magnus followed up with a top rope elbow drop for the win.

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