**SPOILERS** WWE Main Event Results For Next Week


WWE taped Main Event for next week prior to filming next week’s SmackDown at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Thursday evening. Below are complete spoiler results. Thanks to Brett Perry for texting in the following results to us:

Dark Match:

The Wyatt Family defeated Tons Of Funk.

Lots of heat from the fans in Houston for the Wyatts. Erick Rowan hit a big splash on Brodus Clay. After that, Bray Wyatt got out of his rocking chair and finished off Clay. Wyatt then cut another one of his promos on Kane. Not a typical dark match, although they could have been re-taping a television match, as they had the SmackDown ring apron and lighting for this match.

WWE Main Event Taping (Airing Next Wednesday):

The WWE broadcast team of JBL and Josh Mathews were introduced for the Main Event television taping, which is set to begin momentarily …

Wade Barrett defeated R-Truth

Barrett and Truth are up first for Main Event. The crowd is pretty hot, as they eventually got into this match, especially when Truth was firing up on offense. Truth hit an axe kick and powerbomb out of the corner on Barrett. He tried to dive through the ropes but Barrett hit the Bullhammer Elbow and picked up the pinfall victory.

The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players

The Usos were in control of the offense of the match for pretty much the duration of the bout. Once Titus O’Neil tagged in, the Prime Time Players mounted a bit of offense, but it was short-lived as The Usos ultimately pinned O’Neil to pick up the victory.

Mark Henry defeated Drew McIntyre

The World’s Strongest Man picked up the pinfall in what amounted to basically a squash match victory over the 3MB member.

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