**SPOILERS** WWE Main Event Results For Wednesday


Credit: Doug Simmons of Prowrestling.net

Dark Match:

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro beat Brodus Clay and Sweet T. The best moment of the match was Cessaro gut wrench suplexing Tensai. T took the heat in this match. Cessaro hits his finisher on Clay for the win in 3:58.

WWE Main Event (Airing Wednesday):

The Shield defeated Mark Henry and The Uso Brothers in 13:57. Henry received a huge pop on the hot tag. It was nice to see a six-man tag match get so much airtime on any WWE program.

Natalya defeated Aksana in 5:02. Natalya won with the Sharpshooter. This was probably 5:02 too long for Aksana. Drizzling.

Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara in 13:21. Axel went over using his finisher. The crowd stayed into this match for most of it. The last threw minutes were nice.

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