**SPOILERS** WWE NXT Taping Results From Last Night


Credit: Adam Santiago and Pwinsider.com

WWE NXT Taping – Full Sail, Orlando Florida – October 11, 2012

Dark Matches:

– Dean Ambrose vs Dante Dash.

Ambrose won with the Rings of Saturn.

– Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd.

Sandow won with Terminus.

– The Usos vs The Primetime Players.

The Usos won when Jimmy hit a superkick on Young and Jay followed up with the Superfly Splash.

Episode 1:

Backstage, Tony Luftman interviewed Jinder Mahal. Bo Dallas interrupted them and challenged Mahal to a match tonight. Dallas egged Mahal into putting his NXT title shot on the line in their match and Mahal eventually accepted.

– Corey Graves vs Oliver Gray.

Graves won with the Fuller Lock.

On stage, Luftman interviewed Big E Langston about the bounty Vicki Guerrero put on him. Langston said he is worried for anyone who tries to cash in on it. Camacho came from behind, attacked Langston, taunted him and left.

– Layla vs Aksana.

Layla won with a roundhouse kick.

– “The Thoroughbred” Roman Reigns vs Chase Donavon.

Reigns won with a backdrop into a uranagi.

– Jinder Mahal vs Bo Dallas.

Mahal won with the camel clutch.

After the match, Mahal continued to attack Dallas until Seth Rollins made the save.

Episode 2:

– Alicia Fox vs Paige.

Paige won with a new finisher.

– Big E Langston vs Camacho.

Langston won with the Big End.

After the match was Langston’s typical post match repetition of the Big End and a 5 count.

– Bronson vs Nick Rogers.

Bronson won with a figure four plus heel hook submission.

– Mike Dalton vs Luke Harper.

Harper with a Blackhole Slam.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo before and after the match.

– Kassius Ohno vs Richie Steamboat.

Steamboat won with the Slingblade.

Before the match, Ohno cut a promo saying Trent Barreta was his opponent but Barreta had a “mishap” in the back. So Ohno told the ref to declare him the winner. Dusty Rhodes came out and said that he knows Ohno had something to do with what happened to Barreta. Rhodes then introduced Steamboat as Ohno’s new opponent.

Episode 3:

– Trent Barreta vs Leo Kruger.

Kruger won with the Kurger’s End.

– Xaiver Woods vs Memo Montenegro.

Woods won with a flip forward clothesline.

Corey Graves was sitting in the crowd watching the match.

– Audrey Marie vs Emma.

Marie won with the catatonic.

Michael Cole came out to be the moderator for a Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins interview. Cole said the title match would be in two weeks. Jinder spoke about how Rollins was a born loser like all the fans. Rollins said he is indeed like all the fans but that he wasn’t a born loser and that he is better than Mahal. Rollins said Mahal doesn’t have the heart of a champion and could never beat him. Cole tried to stop them and asked why Mahal thought he could beat Rollins now when he couldn’t do so before. This set Mahal off and it led to Rollins being knocked down and put in the camel clutch.

– WWE Tag Team Championship Match: WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis.

Team Hell No won with the No Lock on McGillicutty.


– The next taping is Nov 15. Big Show will be there.

– JR and someone whose name I didn’t catch did all the commentary tonight. William Regal was not here tonight.

– Byron Saxton did ring introductions for the first and last episode, while Summer Rye handled the second episode.

– The Primetime Players have new theme music.

– I am unsure the name of Paige’s new finisher is, or how to accurately describe it. It looked sort of like Perry Saturn’s Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Credenza but done from an Angle Slam position instead of a fisherman’s suplex position.

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