**SPOILERS** WWE SD Results For Friday


Source: WrestlingInc.com

WWE SmackDown:

Michael Cole, Booker T and Josh Matthews are on commentary.

They show clips from the chairs match between Big Show and Mark Henry and Bryan cashing in MITB.

Big Show comes out to cut a promo to kick off the show. Show talks about how he won and lost the title at TLC. Mark Henry interrupted and headed to the ring. Henry told Show that he was a loser and should quit WWE. Daniel Bryan heads to the ring to a good pop. Bryan talked about how nobody believed in him and how he’s now the new world champion. Long came out on stage and Long announces Big Show vs. Mark Henry with the winner being the number one contender.

Zack Ryder defeated Cody Rhodes. During the match, Booker T stood up on the announce table and started singing “Cody the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

Backstage segment with Santino Marella, Teddy Long and Aksana. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler interrupted.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry is next.

Before the match started, David Otunga came down to the ring. Otunga said that the match is not happening because Henry is not cleared to wrestler, per the orders of John Laurinaitis. Show proceed to nail Otunga with a big punch.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler is announced for later tonight.

Teddy Long is shown walking backstage and is interrupted by The Miz. Miz said that he’s going to hold the show hostage if Long doesn’t find an opponent for him.

The Miz is in the ring holding the show hostage. Sheamus comes out to a huge ovation. So it’s Sheamus vs. The Miz next.

Sheamus defeated The Miz in a good match.

Wade Barrett heads to the ring for a promo. He talks about beating down Orton on RAW and SmackDown for the past month. Orton cam out and they start fighting. Barrett ducked the RKO and high-tailed it to the back. Orton follows him and they start fighting backstage and into the parking lot before the feed cut out in the arena.

Epico vs. Kofi Kingston is up next.

Back to Orton and Barrett, who are fighting in the parking lot. Orton had flipped Barrett over the railing, which caused him to kick a cameraman’s camera, which is why the feed was lost.

Kofi Kingston defeated Epico after hitting the Trouble In Paradise.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next.

Bryan vs. Ziggler is in process. During the match, Jack Swagger came to ringside. The Big Show was out a little later to even the odds. Teddy Long comes out as Show attempted to chokeslam Swagger. Long turns the match into a tag match with Swagger and Ziggler facing Show and Bryan.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger and Swagger submitted to the LeBell Lock. Bryan celebrated after the match as Big Show looked on. Show is on the ramp staring at Bryan celebrating as the show goes off the air.

Dark Match:

The Miz comes out and says the show isn’t over yet and challenges anybody in the back. Randy Orton comes out and accepts. Booker T is the special referee.

The Miz vs. Orton when to a no contest after Rhodes came in and attacked Booker. Ryder comes down for the save. The babyfaces took turns hitting their finishers on Rhodes, with Booker hitting a bookend, Ryder hitting the Ruff Ryder and Orton landing the RKO. Booker, Orton and Ryder then celebrated in the ring. Booker then got Ryder and Orton to do the spinaroonie to end the show.

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