**SPOILERS** WWE SD Results For This Friday


Source: Pwinsider

Booker T was interviewed in-ring by Josh Matthews. Says he’s ready for the match at TLC and teases returning to active competition if he wins the IC Title. Booker says he won’t be Cody’s legitimizer and Rhodes comes out and says he won’t be Booker’s opportunity at one last run. He also says Booker is not allowed to interfere in his match tonight, or else their match is off and he will petition that Booker be suspended.

Cody Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan after he reversed a rollup into a rolling CrossRhodes. He stared down Booker, who was back at the announce desk.

Alicia Fox def. Natalya in a 2-3 minute match with the deadly Hiroshima rollup. She pulled out some of Nattie’s extension and taunted her to cry about it, saying she got out-foxed.

Epico & Primo def. The Usos after Rosa Mendes distracted an Uso when he went to the top rope.

Mark Henry tells Jack Swagger backstage that he’ll get first crack at the WHC if he hurts Show like Show hurt him. Swagger says he’ll do it, but for himself, since he’s actually done what Henry couldn’t – beat Big Show in the past. He says the World Championship is in his future no matter what and Henry walks off in disgust.

Big Show def. Jack Swagger. Henry sat at ringside to watch the match and afterwards hit Swagger with the chair, and then out of nowhere hit a cameraman in the back and walked off while Show and trainers tended to them.

Backstage, Ryder asks if Orton will do the woo woo woo with him. Orton says no, and Ryder asks if he can at least call him “bro.” Orton says maybe.

Ted DiBiase def. Heath Slater. Jinder Mahal attacked DiBiase post-match. Teddy Long came out and said if Mahal wanted to fight, he can fight the guy he has unfinished business with from Monday night – Sheamus.

Sheamus def. Jinder Mahal. Mahal actually got offense in but eventually fell to the Brough Kick.

Randy Orton & Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler & Wade Barrett. Good, solid main. Orton and Ryder tagged more than you’d think and traded the distress role, but finally Ryder dumped Barrett on the outside and Orton hit the RKO on Ziggler to win. Barrett went to break it but Orton stared him down during the pin. Post-match, Barrett stood on the table set up on the outside and he and Orton stared daggers at each other to end the show.

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