**SPOILERS** WWE SD Results For This Friday


Report by Joe M. & PWInsider

WWE SmackDown:

*World champ Daniel Bryan comes out first for a promo. Explains that what the Big Show did last week was a sin and that he pretended to be sorry. The crowd is all over Bryan as a heel. Bryan is awesome in this role. He says AJ put herself in that position because she loves him. He says Show should do the right thing and just quit. Don’t know how this will come off on TV but the crowd hates this guy.

*Cody Rhodes vs. Hornswoggle. Justin Gabriel came out to stick up for Hornswoggle and take his place. Rhodes wins with his finisher.

*Mark Henry is in the back next and spins the wheel. He gets a Lumberjack match. He says Daniel Bryan is next in the Hall of Pain.

*WWE Tag Champions Primo and Epico defeated The Uso Brothers.

*Brodus Clay comes out for a dance off next against Vickie Guerrero. Total heat for Vickie. This woman can’t dance and the crowd is behind Clay. He wins the dance off and Vickie tries to dance again when William Regal comes out and pleads with the people not to laugh at her and escorts her away. Brodus then insults Regal and challenges him to a dance off. Wrestling purists are rolling in their graves. When Regal starts dancing, Clay catches Regal with a splash and dances around the ring.

*Tables match: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett. After a Jinder Mahal distraction, Barrett puts Sheamus through a table. Mahal attacks Sheamus. Sheamus puts Mahal through a table.

*Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico in a flag match. DiBiase wins after getting the USA flag.

*Teddy Long in the back fires Drew McIntyre. Santino begs for Drew’s job back and challenges him to match. He spins the wheel and gets a Blindfold match. If Drew wins, he keeps his job.

*Santino vs Drew McIntyre blindfold match. It makes Rick Martel vs. Jake Roberts look like Flair vs. Steamboat. Pure comedy. Santino wins with the Cobra. Guess Drew is fired again!

*Lumberjack match next. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan for the World title. Match goes to no contest after The Lumberjacks attack both guys and Bryan leaves. Henry leaves also while the lumberjacks are fighting Rumble style. Sheamus starts throwing people over the top to show he can win the Rumble. The show ends with Sheamus standing tall in center of ring.

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