**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Results For Friday


The following are WWE SmackDown spoiler results for this Friday nightfrom the taping held on Wednesday night in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks to Chad Bromley for texting in the following results from San Antonio:

Dark Match:

– The Usos def. Ryback & Curtis Axel in a tag-team opener. The Usos picked up the win by pinfall after hitting a top-rope splash.

WWE SmackDown (Airing This Friday Night):

– Randy Orton came to the ring to cut a promo to open SmackDown. Orton said that winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC awarded him nothing but a match the next night against Daniel Bryan. John Cena interupts Orton. Cena said he’s here to prevent Orton from looking like a fool. Cena said now that Orton is champion everyone is after him. Cena called Orton a “giant pussbag.” Cena says Orton took the easy way out on RAW by getting disqualified on purpose. Daniel Bryan comes out to a huge response. Bryan says Orton is afraid that he can beat him. Bryan said that when Cena gets his title rematch, Cena will win and then give him the title match he deserves. The Shield ends up coming out and attacks both of them until CM Punk came out to even the odds. Vickie Guerrero then comes out and says the main event tonight will be The Shield vs. John Cena, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

– Big E. Langston def. Jack Swagger. Langston got the win via pinfall after hitting Swagger with his “Big Finish” move in what was said to be a quick match.

– Brie Bella def. Tamina Snuka in Divas action. AJ Lee was on commentary during the match. Brie got the win by rolling Tamina up and then pushed AJ at ringside after the match.

– Wade Barrett did a “Bad News Barrett” segment.

– Sin Cara def. Drew McIntyre in singles action. This was said to be a pretty decent little match.

– Tensai def. Brodus Clay in singles action. Tensai got the win after a distraction from The Funkadactyls and Xavier Woods. After the match, Tensai and Woods cleared the ring.

– Luke Harper & Erick Rowan def. Goldust & Cody Rhodes in a non-title match. This was said to be one of the best matches of the evening. After the match, The Wyatt Family tried to attack Goldust and Cody Rhodes further, but Daniel Bryan came out and made the save. This led to another match being announced between all six of these guys.

– Daniel Bryan, Goldust & Cody Rhodes def. The Wyatt Family. This was apparently another really good match. The finish in this one came when Bryan hit his Running Knee finisher for the pinfall victory.

– Damien Sandow cut a promo about Christmas. The Miz ended up coming out and interupting him, which led to a match between these two guys.

– Damien Sandow def. The Miz in singles action. The finish here came when Sandow rolled Miz up and held the tights during the pin to get the 1-2-3.

– Fandango def. Kofi Kingston in singles action. The finish came when Fandango hit his top-rope leg drop finishing move on Kingston for the 1-2-3.

– Daniel Bryan gets attacked backstage by The Wyatt Family. This leads to a main event featuring John Cena & CM Punk vs. The Shield, since Bryan is hurt and can’t be the third member of the team.

– John Cena & CM Punk def. The Shield via DQ in a three-on-two handicap match. The finish came when the referee called for the bell after all three members of The Shield beat on CM Punk and refused to stop. At the end, Reigns speared Cena and then all three members of The Shield hit the triple-powerbomb on Punk. Big E. Langston ended up coming out to make the save, which is how SmackDown ended.

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