​**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Results For Friday


Credit: Reader ‘IAmLars’


Santino defeated Brodus Clay. Emma distracted Clay and Santino hit
the Cobra.

Tyson Kidd vs. Bo Dallas. Bo cuts a hilarious and heartfelt
promo. Bo wins with the double underhook DDT.

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday)

begins, for some reason, with a contract signing between Hornswoggle and El
Torito. Shenanigans ensue involving a booster seat and El Torito signing with a
footprint. Yep. Faces clear out the heels.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger.
Heyman comes out with Cesaro for commentary. Short match. Cesaro causes the
distraction and RVD hits the frog splash. Cesaro attacks RVD after the

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth. Lana gets her own introduction, does
some turns, and I get all tingly. Short, nothing match. Xavier Woods attacks
Rusev with no provocation causing the DQ. Woods and Truth attack Rusev as he
escapes from the ring.

Daniel Bryan comes out to cut a promo. He tells
Kane he started a war when he put his hands on his fine, fine wife. Kane shows
up on the TitanTron with an uber close-up. Kane shows highlights of his
destructive powers.

Wyatt Family vs. Usos & Sheamus in a six-man tag.
Sheamus is the face in peril for awhile before tagging in…an Uso. Back and
forth leads to Rowan getting the Brogue kick, Bray making the blind tag, and
hitting Sister Abigail for the win. Usos stay a brawl after the match…which
doesn’t end well for them.

Rusev demands a rematch according to

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow as Magneto. Yes, he’s back with
huge, purple underwear. Sandow gets tangled in his cape and Dolph hits the Zig

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth: The Rematch!! Pretty much ends the same
as the first. Rusev gets attacked by Woods for the DQ. Lana leaves us again. The

Big E vs. Titus O’Neill. Titus throws Big E all over the announce
table. Titus gets disqualified for not breaking the count. Big E is pissed and
DESTROYS Titus and fucks up the announce table. Cole legitimately sends pissed
about this as we hear him taking to the crew.

They show the Kansas City
CHIEFS on the Tron.

Dean Ambrose vs. Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio vs.
Curtis Axel for the US Title. Fatal Fourway for the United States Championship.
Dean gets a great face reaction. The heels gang up on Dean for awhile. And then
fight each other. Each man takes turn dominating. Dean gets laid out on the
outside. Ryback nearly gets the win before Axel screws him. Dean gets the roll
up win and the heels attack. Rollins and Reigns storm out to kill everyone and
stand tall to end the show.

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