**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Results For Next Friday


WWE taped Main Event for next week prior to filming next week’s SmackDown at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Thursday evening. Below are complete spoiler results. Thanks to Brett Perry for texting in the following results to us:

Dark Match

The Wyatt Family defeated Tons Of Funk

Lots of heat from the fans in Houston for the Wyatts. Erick Rowan hit a big splash on Brodus Clay. After that, Bray Wyatt got out of his rocking chair and finished off Clay. Wyatt then cut another one of his promos on Kane. Not a typical dark match, although they could have been re-taping a television match, as they had the SmackDown ring apron and lighting for this match, despite the fact that it was held prior to the Main Event taping. After this match, the Main Event ring apron was put up and next week’s Main Event show was filmed. Following the conclusion of the Main Event taping, the SmackDown ring apron went back up. Make of that what you will until further notice.

WWE SmackDown (Airing NEXT Friday):

In between Main Event and SmackDown, the WWE ring crew switched the apron covers, JBL and Josh Mathews headed to the back and Alex Riley and Michael Cole were introduced as the SmackDown broadcast team.

WWE SmackDown opens with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio coming out to the ring. Del Rio gets on the mic and says WWE Champion John Cena wasted his pick on Daniel Bryan because Cena is afraid of him. Del Rio says he’s chosen his SummerSlam opponent. Del Rio says he’ll face Ricardo Rodriguez. This brings out SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Vickie announces that tonight there will be a triple-threat match between Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton and Christian. The winner of the triple-threat match will be the challenger to Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam.

Cody Rhodes defeated Jack Swagger

Not a lot in the way of details here. Was said to be a fairly quick match with Rhodes going over via pinfall with a sunset flip. After the match, Josh Mathews attempted to interview Rhodes. While talking, however, Rhodes was attacked from behind by his former tag-team partner and the current owner of the World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank briefcase, Damien Sandow.

Big E. Langston defeated Sin Cara

Good match. This one was also kept relatively short. Pretty much what you would expect – Sin Cara attempting to utilize his quickness and agility, while Langston dominated him with power offense. The finish came when Sin Cara attempted a springboard spot, but Langston caught him and hit him with his finisher to pick up the 1-2-3.

Backstage, Houston’s own Kaitlyn played to her hometown crowd ahead of her Divas Championship shot against current title-holder AJ Lee later tonight. Layla gave Kaitlyn a big hug for support.

Backstage, we enter the General Manager office. Vickie Guerrero addresses World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio again. Before anything of note happens, RAW General Manager Brad Maddox enters the office. Maddox informs Guerrero that Del Rio will be under his authority on RAW next Monday night.

CM Punk defeated Fandango

A video package featuring Fandango and CM Punk’s issues from “last week” airs prior to their one-on-one match, which is up next. The match got some time, as it went almost 12 minutes. The finish came when Punk suplexed Fandango and went right into the Vice. Fandango immediately tapped out, giving Punk the submission victory. Based on live reports, the match was said to be slow-paced, but very good for a television match.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam was interviewed about his chance to earn a World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam in the triple-threat match scheduled for later tonight. Van Dam doesn’t say much before he is interupted by Christian. Christian as well doesn’t get the chance to say a whole lot before he too is interupted by Randy Orton. Orton mentions how he is not complacent with just having the Money In The Bank briefcase. Orton says he may just wind up with both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. Van Dam and Christian disagree.

AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn to retain the Divas Championship

AJ Lee ended up retaining her Divas Championship over the hometown girl in this one. As is the case when a talent is in their hometown, WWE feels the need to either embarass the person or job them out. Tradition continued here, as Layla turned heel on Kaitlyn, costing her the match and the title. The finish came when Layla protected AJ on the floor, allowing her to apply the Black Widow on Kaitlyn for the submission victory. Match went a little over three minutes.

A video package airs centered around WWE and the National Guard.

Another video package airs, this time for Booker T. It was the same package that aired for Booker’s Hall Of Fame induction. Booker then came out on stage in the arena briefly, as they put over the fact that it was “Booker T Day” in Houston today.

And finally, a third video aired promoting the upcoming WWE TLC pay-per-view in December, which will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, the site of tonight’s taping.

Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian (#1 Contender’s Match)

And we have our new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship: Christian. Christian defeated Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton in the triple-threat match to earn the shot at Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam. The finish came when Orton hit an RKO on RVD. Following the RKO, Christian rolled Orton up for the 1-2-3. SmackDown went off the air with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio attacking the new number one contender Christian.

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