**SPOILERS** WWE Tribute To The Troops Results


Thanks to WZROnline.com reader TheBiz9999 for the following results:

The Scope Arena is about 90% full, expected a full house as every single ticket given was complimentary. The MWR passed out tickets all last week; if you wore your uniform, you could get your ticket upgraded (lower level).

Lillian Garcia was introduced to sing the national anthem, hearing her sing it live live brought me goosebumps, she sounds amazing.

President Obama provided a recorded speech, talking about thanking the WWE and their show to the troops.

Kid Rock opened up a concert, he sang over seven songs, the place was hot from the get-go.

Michael Cole and JBL were brought in for the announcers, Jerry chants for a little bit, but he never showed.

Opening match: Sheamus/Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big Show.

A few minutes into the match, Ziggler/Show started to walk out and they were counted out. Booker T showed up and announced the match to be restarted. Throughout the match, Ziggler took most of the offense as the Big Show refused to take the tag. The match ended with Ziggler taking the RKO and then the Brogue Kick, with Sheamus taking the pin.

The muppets showed up backstage with the divas.

Second match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback

ADR showed up in a new Camaro. It turns out that it is Ricardo’s birthday; ADR asks the crowd to help him sing Happy Birthday, which ADR sings in Spanish. USA chants ensue…During the match, Ricardo jumped on the back of Ryback which gave him the win via DQ. ADR exits the ring and Ricardo takes a Shellshock for this birthday present. ADR comes back in the ring and gets a Shellshock himself.

Team Hell No is in the back. Daniel Bryan tells Kane that he has a new partner, Little Jimmy. R-Truth showed up and there’s a small argument with Daniel Bryan screaming No, No, No.

Third match: Team Hell No/R-Truth vs. 3MB

R-Truth comes out first, Team Hell No comes out next; after the pyro, Kane almost fell off the stage. He kicked the light and almost fell off, he recovered, but had to jump a gap to make it on the ramp (See link below) Typical offense, 3MB sucks in person…the match ends when R-Truth pinned Heath Slater.

I posted the video of Kane almost eating shit…fast forward to 1:07 on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V_hHl87y60&feature=youtu.be

A recorded message from Katie Couric thanking the troops.

A recorded message from Sharon Stone thanking the troops.

Miz comes out for MizTV, and introduces Kermit the Frog as his guest of honor. Miz wants Kermit to admit that he is actually in love with Ms. Piggy. She comes into the picture and Miz asks the crowd if we want to see Kermit and Ms. Piggy get married tonight. The segment is interrupted by Damien Sandow. Sandow talks about how nobody should care about this, and Ms. Piggy tries to slap Sandow in which Miz stops her…”This is my show, allow me,” and he clocks Sandow. Miz walks to the ring and has questions for Sandow.

Fourth match: Miz vs. Damien Sandow

Match sucked, Miz won with a roll-up, Miz makes it back to the top of the ramp and Ms. Piggy makes out with him. Sandow throws a tantrum in the ring.

Fifth match: Non-title….Layla vs. Eve Torres

Eve comes down doing the wave, the match ends when Eve attempts her booty-shaking back flip, Layla kicked her in the ass. Eve ate the turnbuckle, dazed, Layla recovers and kicks the shit out of Eve in the face (it looked stiff) for the pin.

Sixth match: Primo/Epico/David Otunga/Tensai vs. Hornswoggle/Sin Cara/Khali/Brodus Clay

The faces dance in the ring, Sin Cara looks lost as fuck. A lot of action by the faces, Sin Cara does a splash to the outside. The match ends when Hornswoggle does a frog splash on Otunga for the pin.

Flo Rida came out for a concert. He sang his new song “Let the Good Times Roll,” then followed with “Good Feeling,” “Whistle,” and “Wild Ones.” He’s pretty damn awesome to see live.

Seventh match: Non-title….Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena

Cesaro was in the ring with a mic, as he is announced from being from Switzerland. The crowd goes wild with the USA chants, Cesaro states that he is the United States champion, therefore, he is the champion of all of us. More USA chants, he agrees and says “Yes, the United States of Antonio,” which brought a loud chorus of boos. Ms. Piggy is on the ramp and introduces John Cena, in which the crowd goes crazy.

The match ends with typical Cena offense…5-knuckle shuffle, into the AA for the pin.

After the match was over, everybody from the back came out while John Cena stayed in the ring. He wishes us all a happy holiday season and advises us that somebody is missing. Jingle Bells starts playing and Santino comes out with antlers portraying Rudolph, there are other guys dressed as reindeer and they are pulling a sleigh with Santa on it.

I’m not sure where the cameras cut off at, but the show was awesome, because it was free. The merchandise tables were pretty sad, but all in all, everybody seemed to go home happy.

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