TNA Genesis (1/16) Results: EC3 Vs. Sting


[Show: TNA Genesis] [Location: Huntsville, Alabama] [Date: 1/16/14

Welcome to the first themed Impact! Of the New Year and we are live from Huntsville, Alabama.

Welcome to the first themed Impact! Of the New Year and we are live from Huntsville, Alabama. They pay a tribute to the late, great Mae Young and then we get a recap of last week’s main event where AJ Styles lost to Magnus.

Rockstar Spud is standing in the ring, He tries to talk, but the crowd is hot and making some noise. He brings out TNA President Dixie Carter. She says know everyone knows what happened when you cross the boss. She says if anyone else tries her tonight, she is ready to play the game. She says that she is the law in her company and AJ Styles learned that last week. She says the AJ Styles being in TNA is the old chapter and tonight is the new chapter with TNA world champion Magnus. He says out with the old and in with the new as it is the reign of Magnus. He is wearing two titles and there is a reason for it. He thanks Dixie for everything she has done for anyone on who watched TNA and gives the second title to her. She brings out those who was loyal to this company and guys like Gail Kim, EC3, Bobby Roode, Bad Influence, Bro-Mans and others come to the ring. She thanked them very much for everything they did for TNA. She says that tonight is the genesis of the new TNA and the genesis of the Dixie Carters TNA. EC3 comes down to the ring, before he can talk, the lights go out and Sting is in the crowd.

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We come back with Sting saying that a lot of people in the locker room could not be bought because they have honor. He says that he had no idea that she could steep this low and when you mess with Kurt Angle’s family’s she steeped over the line. He calls Magnus a paper champion and says he never earned anything in his career. He makes his way slowly to the ring and calls Magnus a back stabber. He says that TNA is a house divided and the house cannot stand it. Before the night is over, we are going to fight back. Sting says we are going to fight and some wrestlers come out to the ring and a huge brawl breaks out. Everyone leaves the ring and it is Sting with EC3 in the ring. Sting hits him with the bat once and we go to break.

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Samoa Joe says they want a fight and they are not leaving until they get one. Rockstar makes a twelve man cluster tag team match right now.

Twelve Man Tag Team Match

Samoa Joe with Zema Ion in the ring and he is laying several shots to the face in corner. Ion goes for a cross-body but misses and Joe lands a drop kick. Led’I Tapa and ODB are in the ring, ODB fights back and sends Tapa out of the ring. James Storm and Daniels make their way in the ring and Storm lands a hip toss. Storm clotheslines Daniels out of the ring and Kaz drop kicks him. Gunner throws him into the corner and sends him out of the ring. Gunner chases after him and they brawl. Eric Young and Robbie E are in the ring and they trade right hand. Jesse knocks down EY. Joe Park with a shoulder block and a splash on Jesse. EY goes to the top rope, but pushed off. Good lord! Bro-Mans with a double team move and Ion with a splash on EY. ODB is in and she suplex’s him from behind. Tapa takes her out with a shoulder block. Daniels has EY in a headlock, but EY Fights out. EY and Daniels trade right hands. They say that Genesis will have a part two next week (whatever that means) EY gets the hot tag to Samoa Joe and he clears house. Joe with a big boot followed by a back splash. Joe with a snapping suplex on Kaz and nails a outside dive to the Bro-Man’s. Kaz cuts of Joe Park with a heel kick and it busted open Joe Park lip, he clears house. He lands a choke slam on Ion and a “Black hole slam” on Kaz. Joe Park takes out Gunner and Storm. Joe with a chop to Daniels and a big slam out of the corner. He locks in the rear naked choke for the win. Lot of things going on and I tried to cover it the best I could.

Velvet Sky was seen talking to Austin Aries and Chris Sabin catches win of it. He tells her we are going to talk about this in the ring.

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Kurt Angle is searching for Dixie Carter or Al Snow in the back.

Chris Sabin is in the ring with Velvet Sky and he said he is X division champion for both of them. He asks what is going on with Austin Aries and double A makes his way out to the ring. He says that he is not interesting in Sky, but “she is an extremely hot women” Sabin says she is his and tell her what to do. Sabin says that she is his as he slaps her ass. Aries challenges him to a match for the title without her help. Sabin says that he is better than Aries and here is Austin challenge. She will be in a cage during their match, Sabin says no, but she says yes. Sky says that everything is on the line and there will be no excuse if he loses. She says if he loses then she will break up with him.

Kurt Angle is still looking for Dixie and still can’t find her. Maybe her office? Or Maybe the gorilla position? Just some ideas there for you Kurt.

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EC3 is shown in the back talking to himself and then Magnus walks in. He says that EC3 doubts himself because he is a rookie and he should not because he is a Carter.

No DQ Match: Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson

Bully Ray is walking to the ring, but is attacked by Anderson from behind.

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Ray tries sending him head first into the announce table, but Anderson reverse and sends him into the ring. Back in the ring,, Anderson with a clothesline and a suplex. Anderson goes for “Mic check” but blocked and Ray knocks him down. Ray grabs a chair and Anderson does as well. They stare off and swing for the fences, Anderson with a shot to the ribs and the back. Anderson goes for a head shot, but misses. He goes for it again, But Ray spears him. Ray hits him with the chain several times and a big back body drop for a count of 2. Ray threatens the referee and when he turns around Anderson hits him in the head with the chair for a count of 2. Anderson rolls out and gets a steel guard rail that he brings into the ring. Anderson tries to hit him with it, but Ray kicks him in the face. Ray with a suplex on it then goes for a splash, Anderson moves. Anderson goes for a front senton, but Ray moves and he lands on it. Ray goes for a clothesline, but blocked and Anderson hits “Mic check” for a close count of 2. Anderson plays to the crowd and brings out a table. Anderson sets the table up and punches him in the nuts. He nails a rolling front senton through the table for a close count of 2. Anderson grabs another table and sets it up. Ray with a big rock bottom type move for a count of 2. Ray looks under the ring and grabs lighter fluid. Ray screams at Anderson and he nails the “Mic Check” out of nowhere. Anderson lights the table on fire, Ray attacks him from behind and nails the sit down pile driver for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

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Kurt Angle finds Al Snow and he wants to know who told him to do it. He got no answer.

Kurt makes his way to the ring and says that Dixie Carter is the reason he came to TNA in the first place. He says that she involved his family and she has gone too far. He calls her out which she does. He says she messing with his family is not cool and not the Dixie he knew in the past. She says she did that to protect him for himself. He says she is twisted and out of her mind. Dixie says he needs her and he would have been injured if he helped AJ. She says he is not smart enough to make those decisions and she did what is best for him. He says she is not on her team and after tonight’s match he will be supporting Sting. His match is postponed and anyone who gets in the ring with EC3 and Stings match will face consequences. He tells her to fire him if she must, because he will do what’s right. She has security attempt to take him out and Robby Roode attacks him from behind and lays him out in the ring.

Gail Kim and Led’I Tapa attack Madison Rayne from behind in the back.

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Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Madison Rayne

Kim attacks her from behind and lands a flying clothesline for a count of 2. Kim with a suplex, but Madison falls on her for a pin attempt. Madison rolls her up for a count of 2. A head stomp by Madison and then goes for something, but Kim with a leg sweep. Kim throws her in the head first and put the boots to her. Madison with a right and they trade punches. Madison gets the advantage, but misses the big boot and Kim with a round house kick to the ribs. Kim locks in a head scissors and Madison gets to the ropes. Kim throws her into the corner and Madison throws her to the floor. Madison sends Kim into eh ring and Led’I Tapa starts to choke her. The referee sends Tapa to the backstage and Kim works the leg with a submission on the ring post. Back in the ring, Madison throws her out of the corner and nails a neck breaker for a count of 3!

Winner and new champion: Madison

Sting does a backstage promo about getting his hands on EC3 tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Dixie Carter is shown talking to Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. They hand her a piece of paper saying there is a new TNA investor.

Our special guest referee is Rockstar Spud.

Sting vs. Ethan Carter III

They tie up and Spud tries to send him to the back? Anyways they lock up and EC3 gets the advantage off the distraction and land s a suplex. Sting with a drop kick and sends him into the steel steps. Sting with a suplex on the ramp and throws him in the ring. He goes for a splash and Spud stops him EC3 off the distraction attacks him from behind. He throws him into the corner and lands a clothesline followed by a suplex. EC3 comes off the top rope with an elbow, but Sting moves. Sting with a series of clotheslines, and then Sting with a splash in the corner. Sting with the scorpion death drop, Spud gets on the back of Sting. HE throws him off and hits the death drop, but Spud will not count. Magnus pulls Spud out of the ring and they stare off. He is now the referee and EC3 rolls him up for the win.

Winner: EC3

After the match, Sting says he will do anything to fight Magnus.

-Commercial Break-

Sting is in the ring still and cuts a promo about how Magnus has crapped all over the wrestling business. He calls Magnus a cancer that needs to be cut out of TNA. He wants a title shot and Magnus says he cannot challenge for a TNA title again. Sting says he needs to earn the title and is he going to be a man or a little boy. Magnus says he is a man and he will not fall for that deal. He says he knows that Sting will resign with TNA and here is the deal. If Sting wins their match he will be champion then Sting will be done in TNA. They stare off and that is how we end Genesis part 1.

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