TNA Impact (1/30) Results: The Investor Revealed!


[Show: TNA Impact] [Location: Glasgow, Scotland] [Date: 1/30/14]

Mike Tenay does over voice for Sting leaving TNA last week in a funeral type voice.

Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show and say tonight will be a history making night, but we are shown Kurt Angle along with Samoa Joe arguing with EC3 and Magnus. Apparently they are calm and make it to the entrance way in a hurry. They make their way to the ring with a large crowd looking on. Magnus repeats that he is the TNA champion as the crowd interrupts him. He says that Joe and Angle are a bit upset that the “Icon” Sting is no longer part of the TNA Locke room. Magnus says that in business they have a word to restructure which is thinning of the heard! That is what happened to Sting says the champion. Dixie Carter and he have made the decisions to take out all the dinosaurs out of their misery to make way for the younger stars. He says that he singly handily took out AJ Styles, Sting and Jeff Hardy. EC3 does not like it and they start to argue. Samoa Joe with Kurt Angle comes down to clear the ring. They stand tall in the ring, Kurt takes the microphone says he is here to screw the heard while he botched it. He said seeing Sting leave was the hardest thing he has seen. He says that Magnus is a paper champion like Sting said. Magnus said watch what he says or he will regret it. Kurt says that he brought Magnus into the Main Event mafia to be something, but Magnus interrupts and says he is something. Joe gets on the microphone and says the only thing that is killing him is that Magnus is still breathing. Joe says they are going to kick his ass. Magnus challenges them to a tag match tonight. He adds if he wins then both Joe and Angle are gone from TNA for good. Joe says he wants to raise the stakes, if one of them beats him then they get a title shot. Magnus agrees to the match and that is our main event. Dixie Carter comes out and says the match is not happening tonight. Magnus says is she trying to tell him what to do? She says she does not need to worry about this tonight because of the new investor coming tonight. She adds that she can’t handle the thought of Magnus losing the title. Magnus says he will see them in the ring tonight!

A van is shown driving to the arena, but do not see who it is. (Tease)

-Commercial Break-

We are back with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards getting out of the van with the investor still in the van.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky Vs. Led’I Tapa and Gail Kim

Kim and Tapa jump the girls when they make their way into he ring. Kim with uppercuts to Rayne, Kim shoots off the ropes with a big clothesline. Kim throws her into the corner, but misses with the spear into the corner. Velvet is tagged in and clears the ring. She nails a clothesline followed by a bull dog for a count of 2. Sky goes for a powerbomb, but Tapa knocks her down. Rayne with a big spear on Kim and a drop kick to Tapa. Sky hits the face buster for the win.

Winners: Rayne & Sky in 1:45

Chris Sabin comes down to the ring, he tells Rayne to get lost. He says that he can’t get a hold of her for a week and girlfriends are supposed to support him not cost him a title shot. He blames it on the “Time of the month” but he will give her one more chance. He tells her to give him a massage and an apology to move on. She says “WERE DONE” and walks out of the ring. (Thank god)

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are in the back talking about how this will end tonight. Angle walks into the locker room and attacks Bobby Roode.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle is still in the back beating down Bobby Roode. Bob says he would be crazy to attack them tonight. Joe says if he does, then he will end him.

James Storm comes to the ring, he talks about Gunner and their accomplishments. Also adding that they have fall apart. He calls Gunner out to the ring to put an end to this right now. Gunner says that he knows that James would have done the exact same thing that he did to earn this briefcase. He brings up his marine core background. James says that he is right and says that he is a redneck, but the most important thing in his life is his kids. He says that everything he said to Gunner instead he should have told himself that. He says that he is going to stand behind him and says he is sorry. They shake hands, but Bad influence interrupts. He calls Storm a “Monkey Fart” and then insults both men. He says that James wants the world title more than anything. They challenge them to a tag match and if they win then they get Gunner’s briefcase. Storm and Gunner attack both men as we go to commercial break.

Bad influence Vs. James Storm and Gunner

-Commercial Break-

Bad influence Vs. James Storm and Gunner

Were back and Gunner is on the attack. Kaz reverses and tags in Daniels. They nails a double team clothesline – Elbow combination move for a count of 2. Daniels with a tag followed by an elbow drop, Kaz with a leg drop for a count of 2. Kaz shoots off the ropes, but eats an elbow. Daniels distracts Storm as Gunner tries to make the tag. Bad Influence in control, Storm argues with the referee as Gunner rolls up Daniels. Chris gets out and lands a stiff right hand. Daniels goes for a powerbomb, but blocked and Storm is tagged in. He clears house, he lands a series of clotheslines then a kick to the back of the head. He lands a cross-body for a count of 2 when Kaz breaks it up. Storm goes for the “Eye of the storm”, but Kaz tagged in off the blind tag. He hits the drop kick on Storm, but Gunner takes him down. Gunner hits the sling shot suplex then up t the top rope. Daniels tries to knock him off, but Storm with the super kick and Gunner hits a splash off the top on Kaz for the win.

Winners: James Storm and Gunner in 3:22

Dixie Carter is in the back arguing with Rockstar spud and she is trying to find out who the investor is.

-Commercial Break-

Booby Roode is in the back with Dixie Carter and demands a world title match soon. Until then he will not be on Impact!

ODB tries to talk Eric Young out of his match tonight with Abyss. He said he has it under control.

-Commercial Break-

Rockstar Spud comes to the ring, he demands to know who the investor is. The American Wolves comes down to the ring. Spud demands to know who the investor is. They do not say anything and he says that he has seen cop shows before. He shines a light in their faces. He gets mad and says he is the guy a lion according to Mr. Carter. He slaps Davey Richards, but they are about to attack him and do so. They hit a double team kick on Spud. Eddie Edwards says Dixie Carter and everyone will find out tonight. Also if anyone interferes in the tag match tonight then they will be fired.

Tag Team Title Match: Abyss and Eric Young Vs. Bro-Mans ©

Robbie and EY start things off, Robbie with right hands. He throws EY into the corner, but EY fights out with a clothesline. Abyss grabs Robbie which EY stops him and allows Jesse to be tagged in. Jesse with clubbing shots to the back of Eric Young in the corner. He throws him into the other corner, but misses the splash. Abyss comes in and chokes Jesse which EY stops him. Jesse attacks EY from behind and does a bit of choking in the corner. The Bro-Man’s go for a double team move, but Abyss interrupts. Eventually after the bro-man’s keeping control, Abyss gets the hot tag and clears house. Abyss with several clotheslines then a double splash on the champions in the corner. He sends both men to the outside, but Zema Ion gets on the top rope. The referee stops him and ends up getting punched. Abyss goes for the shock treatment on the new referee. Abyss choke slams EY for his troubles and leaves the ring. Eric gets on the microphone, he says we have only one more experiment left. He says that he wants to crazy and next week one on one in a monster’s ball match.

Ends in a no contest at 5:05

Eddie Edwards keeps the camera man back from the van.

Bully Ray is shown walking with a casket to the ring…

-Commercial Break-

Sam Shaw and Christy Hemme are in his house. They make their way up to his bedroom. He then walks down stars to a creepy room with Christy Hemme pictures.

Bully Ray comes down to the ring, he says that one man took away being the world champion and aces and eights. That man is Mr. Anderson. He says that he will fight Anderson one more time in a casket match. Anderson comes out, Bully Ray says he would love to pile drive his wife. Anderson says he will not put him in the casket, but instead put Ray in it. Anderson attacks him and this ends up with a big brawl.

Kurt Angle video package is shown.

Magnus and EC3 argue in the back about their match tonight.

-Commercial Break-

If Magnus wins then Angle and Joe are gone from TNA. If Joe or Angle pin either EC3 or Magnus then the one who gets the pin fall is awarded a world title shot: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe Vs. Magnus and EC3

EC3 and Angle start things off, Angle on the attack first and tags in Joe who lands a series of right hands. He nails the splash in the corner followed by the kick to the face. Joe with a chop, kick, knee drop combination move. A double team shoulder block by Angle and Joe. Kurt puts the boots to him in the corner, Angel with a suplex for a count of 2. Angle with right hands in the corner, he misses the spear and Magnus gets the tag. We are shown someone getting out of the van, but all we see is his feet.

-Commercial Break-

We are back with Magnus and EC3 in control, EC3 with a suplex on Angle. EC3 locks in a chin lock, but Angle fights out with elbows. He shoots off the ropes, but EC3 catches him with a clothesline. Angle is thrown into the corner, but Ec3 misses the knee strike. Angle with a German suplex and tags in Joe. The fans are strongly behind him and he clears house. Joe throws him into the corner and lands a big boot. A big splash then some chops to the chest of the champion. He nails a power slam that is followed by an arm breaker. EC3 breaks it up, but Angle takes him out with a German suplex. Magnus who is distracted and when he turns around Joe locks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe at 10:59

After the match, Dixie Carter comes out saying I knew this was going to happen. Joe gets on the microphone saying that not only are they staying in TNA, but he is the number one contender for the world title. He tells him to shine his belt for him because Joe is going to kill him. Kurt says that night’s like these make him proud to be in wrestling. He thanks the crowd and says that Kurt Angle is back! He tells Dixie that it is time for him to be inducted into the hall of fame and Dixie demands that the investor shows his face. MVP walks out and that is how we end the show.

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