TNA Impact (1/9) Results: Magnus Vs. Styles


[Show: TNA Impact] [Location: Orlando, Florida] [Date: 1/9/14]

We are shown a video package of AJ Styles returning to challenge for a title match that will be our main event tonight.

Welcome to TNA Impact!, we kick things off with Dixie Carter coming out to the ring. She talks about how she is not happy with AJ Styles and says come out to sign her contract. The guy with no contract comes out to his old entrance and down to the ring. She says that the contract is for one night only and winner takes all. She announces that it will be a No DQ match because she doesn’t want to see AJ again. She says that she wants to see him be stretchered out of the arena. AJ says she has a lot of confidence in her paper champion. He says winner takes all means no more tournaments, no other champion. Only one champion and that will be AJ Styles. He says if anyone interference then the boys in the back will take care of them. Dixie fires back and says that no one will help AJ, because she owns them. In the end she can’t wait to break him. He says that she does not get wrestling and she keeps screwing it up. Magnus interrupts and comes down to the ring. Magnus tells her to leave the ring, she does. Magnus tells AJ that is the last time AJ will call him a paper champion and AJ Styles time in TNA is over. He says that AJ had a good run and tonight it will end. He says one true champion will stand in the middle of the ring at the end of the night. AJ signs the contract and says just so he knows, He never took any shortcuts to get where he is now. AJ says no matter what happens tonight, he will walk out as TNA champion.

-Commercial Break-

Robbie E and Jessie vs. Joseph Park and Eric Young

EY locks up with the referee and then understand by getting punched in the face by Robbie. They go back and forth and then EY catches him with a forearm shot. Park tagged in and he lands a suplex followed by EY on the top rope, but we see Tapa and Gail Kim attacking ODB. The Bro-man’s attack Park from behind and it looks to turn into a handicap match. Robbie with right hands then an elbow drop off the top rope. The Bro-man’s control the action with quick tags until Park fights back. He suplex both men, Robbie tries to send him into the ropes, but Robbie takes out Parks knee followed by the “bro-down” for the win.

Winners: Bro-Man in 3:24.

After the match, they have a guard rail in the ring and they hit the same move that has Parks land on the steel.

Samoa Joe talks to Dixie Carter in the back, he says that he is part of AJ Styles friends. Dixie says she made Joe and that she can break him. He will face EC3 tonight.

-Commercial Break-

We see EY running out with ODB and Sting sees him. He just mumbles “It has to be Dixie”.

James Storm calls out Gunner to the ring, both men are there now. James says the he has an ego, but it’s because of the fans. He says that Gunner ruined what they had. Gunner says he beat him fair and square to earn the right for a world title shot. He says that he can keep his ego because he has this case. Storm challenges him to a fight. Winner takes the briefcase in a ladder match. They shake hands and that is it for this segment.

EC3 attacks Samoa Joe in the back as we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

EC3 Vs. Samoa Joe

EC3 has him in a headlock, but Joe fights out. Samoa Joe with right hands, then a big boot followed by a back splash. Samoa Joe with a chop in the corner then a splash followed by a side kick. EC3 with a low drop kick right out of the corner, EC3 works the leg of the big man, he goes to the top rope and Joe knocks him down. Joe with a chop and then Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Rockstar Spud comes down and holds the leg of Joe. He chases after him, but EC3 knocks him down from behind and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Samoa Joe

After the match, EC3 nails him with a wrench.

Kurt Angle does a backstage interview, he issues a open challenge inside a cage tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Before the match, Bobby Roode comes to the ring, he says in seven days both of them will be inside that steel cage and that he is better than him. He will prove it at Genesis. He has handpicked his opponents.

Handicap steel cage match: Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Bad Influence attacks Angle. Kaz comes off the top rope with a double axe. Daniels with a clothesline then Kaz with a heel kick. Angle fights back, a back body drop on Kaz and then Angle rolls up Daniels, but Kaz distracts him. Kaz knocks him down, Kaz lands a spring board leg drop. They go for their finishers, but Angle blocks it. He gets his offense going with clothesline then a belly to belly on Kaz. He hits two german suplexes on Daniels then one on Kaz. Angle with another one on Kaz, Angle holds on to him and Kaz get out. Angle with a German suplex then one on Kaz, Wow. Angle goes for “Angle Slam”, but Daniels knocks him down. Angle german suplexed Kaz off the top rope and then sends Daniels into the steel. Angle hits the Angle slam for the win.

Winner: Angle

Steel cage match Bobby Roode vs. Sting

They lock up, they trade right hands then Roode tries to send him into the cage, but blocked and once more they trade right hands. Sting runs into a boot to the face. Roode sends him into the ropes and lands a elbow for a count of 2. Roode locks in a front face lock then a suplex for a count of 2. Roode with right hands, and then lands big spine buster. Roode tries to climb out, but sting cuts him off. Sting throws him off the top rope. Sting with a series of clotheslines then sends him into the steel. Sting goes for the sharpe shooter, but blocked. Roode goes for a suplex, but blocked and Sting hits the scorpion death drop. Sting locks in the sharpshooter. EC3 distracts sting and Rockstar spud tosses him a baton and Roode hits him with it. Roode walks out of the cage and wins the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

MR. Anderson is seen walking into a funeral home, assuming for Bully Ray.

-Commercial Break-

Mr. Anderson is in a funeral home and see’s Bully Ray sitting in the funeral. Bully Ray says that if he wanted to finish it, he would have finished it last week. Ray says that Anderson took everything from him. He says he wants his loneliness to be on Anderson. He says that at Genesis it will be the end of Anderson. He tells him to open the coffin to see what he has for Anderson. It is two sheets or shirts? Ray leaves when Anderson turns around.

Dixie Carter and Sting is in the back, she says that she can buy him. She does it every year and she asks him. Would AJ give everything up for him?

A video package of how we go here, is shown for the main event.

-Commercial Break-

No DQ match for the TNA Title A.J. Styles vs. Magnus

Before they lock up, Magnus goes to the outside and talks trash to the fans. They go to lock up and Magnus gets out of the ring. He looks to teak his knee and sells it. We finally get going, but EC3 and Rockstar Spud come down and attack AJ. He fights back and clears the ring. He lands a kick to gut and goes for “Styles Clash”, but EC3 knocks him down. They jump him, but Sting comes down and makes the save. He clears house and we now have a singles match. Magnus slides to the floor as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

The Bro-Man’s attacked Sting from behind and EC3 attacks Styles. Zema lands a DDT and Magnus covers him for 2. Bro-Man’s hit their finisher on him and Styles still kicks out of it. Sting gets a second win and clears house. AJ hits a snapping suplex then gets his attention back on Magnus. Bad Influence comes down and attacks AJ. They hit their double team finisher and Earl says he won’t do it. Earl walks out and pushes down Rockstar spud. Dixie Carter brings out his son and tells Brian to be the referee. Bad Influence hit their finisher and it’s still not enough. Sting takes out Bro-Man’s then a scripion death lock on EC3. Magnus goes for Texas cloverleaf, but AJ fights out. AJ with a drop kick on Kaz and Sting takes on Daniels. Sting with the stingers splash on Bad Influence and sends them out of the ring. Zema Ion is sent out of the ring. AJ locks in the calf killer on Magnus, but Kaz takes out the referee. AJ with a clothesline on Daniels then the palay on Kaz. AJ hits the style’s clash on Magnus, but no referee. It’s Earl! And when he goes for three Daniels pulls him out. AJ takes out Kaz and Daniels with a botched outside dive. AJ comes off the top rope, but Bobby Roode pushes him off and nails his finisher. Roode hits it one more time and Dixie brings out another referee as Magnus covers him. This one is over.

Winner and undisputed TNA Champion: Magnus

After this match, let the haters begin to hate. What a cluster to end the show.

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