TNA Impact! (11/19) Results: Two Title Matches


[Show: TNA Impact!] [Date: 11/19/14] [Airing live on Spike TV]

Welcome to Impact, we get an a video recap from last week’s show. Bobby Roode makes his way down to the ring. Roode starts a promo by saying that Eric Young is one of his closest friends and Lashley tried to end his career. Lashley tried to do the same to Austin Aries. So he gets it, Lashley wants a title shot and he gets it. Roode said that tonight he wants a fight. No rules, but just him kicking the living hell out of Lashley. He calls out Lashley and out comes Lashley. They start brawling on the ramp way. Security separate the two and we cut to a backstage segment with EC3 talking about how he will give Rockstar Spud an opportunity he has been dieing for. 


A graphic is shown announcing that the show will return to Spike in two weeks for a special look at the top ten moments in the year 2014.

A hype video package is shown for the knockouts title match that will take place later tonight.

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Knockouts Title Match: Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Terrell and Gail go after Havok, but she clotheslines both of them. They double team her, Kim nailed a clothesline, but Havok cut her off with one of her own. Havok puts the boots to her in the corner, she misses a spear. Terrell attacked her from behind. Havok fought back, she locked in a bear hug that leads into a spinebuster. Kim goes for a head scissors submission, it drops Havok to the mat, but Terrell locked in a leg submission to Havok. The two girls break their submissions, they kicked Havok to the floor and take her out with two dives.

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Terrell made her comeback on Kim as we come back from break. Terrell with a series of offensive moves, Havok trips her and sends her face first into the guard. Havok nailed a spinebuster on Kim. Back in the ring, Havok stands tall over the two girls and taunts them. Havok stacks the two next to each other. Havok to the middle rope, she nailed a splash off the ropes for a count of 2. Havok misses a splash, Gail and Terrell double team her. Kim hit a leg drop off the top rope onto Havok who falls to the floor. Terrell drop kicked Kim off the apron. She threw her back into the ring, but Kim nailed a clothesline then a spear. The fans get behind Kim, she goes to the top rope, but Terrell follows. Havok comes behind them and nailed a suplex to both of them. Havok stacks them, she goes to the top rope, she misses the splash. They counter a chokeslam by Havok, they hit a double DDT. Kim with a crossbody off the top and Terrell does the same. Kim hit eat defeat and Terrell hit the RKO style move for 2. Terrell rolled up Kim and this one is over. 

Winner and new champ: Terrell

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Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez

King gets on the early attack. He locked in a headlock and followed it up with devastating right hands. King uses the top rope to his advantage, he goes for a springboard move, but Melendez nailed a big boot to King. Melendez with a series of clotheslines, he nailed a hip toss to add insult to injury. Melendez connected with a suplex, but only gets two. Melendez nailed another big boot. Melendez lifts him up, but out of nowhere MVP comes down and nailed him with a steel chair.

Winner: Melendez via DQ.

After the match, MVP attacked him several times with the steel chair. Mr. Anderson runs down and makes the save. The doctor rolls in the ring to check on him.

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Kurt Angle is told by the doctor that Melendez is going to have to go to the hospital. He told Mr.Anderson that he will take care of MVP. 

EC3 and Tyrus make their way down to the ring. EC3 cuts a promo about Rockstar Spud about how Spud came to the country and tried to make it. He said that Spud made some friends while in TNA. One EY who is in the hospital and then Jeremy Borash. EC3 said that he has been given Spud the opportunity to fight him tonight. Spud makes his way down to the ring. Looks like we are going to get a fight! Spud makes his way into the ring, EC3 begs Spud to hit him, but Spud does not. Instead, he kicks him in the nuts and a brawl ensues. EC3 beats him down and the fans boo. EC3 leaves Spud laying in the ring when Tyrus nailed a chokeslam to Spud. EC3 said that he is going to end his career. He said that he is going to cut off Spud’s hair. EC3 was bleeding from the top of his head. EC3 takes part of Spud’s hair and leaves the ring.

Angle asked King where MVP was backstage, King said he did not know and out of nowhere MVP attacked him. 

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Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Bram

Dreamer attacks Bram right off the bat, he nailed a clothesline off the apron. However, Bram cut him off and nailed a suplex on the ramp way. Bram hit him in the head with a trash can. Dreamer nailed Bram in the head with a toy belt leading to break.

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We’re back with Bram in control of Dreamer, who is bleeding from his head. Bram nailed him in the head with a trash can lid and covered him for 2. Dreamer fights out of a headlock, but Bram cuts him off with a side walk slam. Bram runs into a big boot and Dreamer nailed a major clothesline. Dreamer with a kendo stick shot followed by a russian leg sweep with the kendo stick. Dreamer sends Bram nuts first onto the steel chair and then hit a clothesline off the middle rope for 2. Dreamer placed a trash can in the face of Bram and Dreamer nailed a baseball slide into the trash can. Dreamer goes for a DDT, but Bram blocked it and hit a STO for a near fall. Dreamer nailed him with a steel chair off a reversal and then connected with a DDT for a near fall. Bram is now bleeding. Dreamer grabbed a steel chair wrapped in barbwire, he goes for a piledriver, but Magnus runs down and hit a spinebuster on Dreamer. Al Snow runs down and makes the save. He clotheslines Magnus out of the ring and beats down Magnus outside the ring. Dream put a cheese grater into the open wound of Bram. However, Bram nailed a low blow to Dreamer and then Bram sends him face first into the steel chair wrapped in barbwire. Bram nailed a DDT for the win.

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