TNA Impact (2/21) Magnus Vs. Gunner


[Show: TNA Impact] [Location Manchester, England] [Date: 2/21/14]

Welcome to this week’s edition of TNA Impact, we are shown a recap video of how Gunner won the world title briefcase and how Magnus won the world title. The two meet tonight in the main event.

We see Dixie Carter freaking out in the back as Magnus calms her down. She tells him to go out and break the news. Magnus says if she goes down, he will not go down with her. Magnus tells EC3 that they need to talk or the whole thing is over before it begins. He gives Rockstar Spud to keep point and look out for MVP. Magnus with Dixie Carter comes down to the ring, Magnus calls out MVP and has an announcement to make. MVP comes to the ring, Magnus wants to explain something to him and that is this. He introduces himself to MVP and says that he is not impressed with MVP because he handles things like a criminal. He brings up his 9 year stint in prison and he says if he gets in the ring with the world champ then that is nothing like facing a beat down from him. Magnus says if he steps out of line with him then he will make an example out of him. MVP makes fun of him and then says that a real champion does not have to point out that he is champion. He demands an answer from Carter and Magnus about the match at Lockdown on who takes control of TNA. Magnus answers him with a yes for the challenge. The match is set, but Magnus says that he will not be in the match as team champion. Because he will be fighting Samoa Joe at Lockdown. MVP says that he should not think that he can walk through Gunner tonight. Magnus says he does not care who or what Gunner has done. Make no mistake about it, he will make him his… then he says that he will make him his BIOTCH. A brawl breaks out between MVP and Magnus. EC3 runs down and attacks MVP from behind. Spud has security stop the Wolves, but they break through security and make their way down to the ring. Gunner is there first and clears house. The Wolves stand behind them and Magnus takes off running. They attack him and all four men stand tall in the ring.

Bobby Roode – Dixie Carter issues are shown in a video package.

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EC3 is mad in the back and yelling at Magnus. The champion blows him off and EC3 walks out.

Samoa Joe gets on the microphone, he says that he will face the winner of the main event tonight. He says that he is looking for a challenger and to get into a fight. They all come into the ring, he says how about all three.

Joe attacks all three of them, Ion goes for a spring board move, but Joe walks away and Ion rashes and burns. Jesse jumps him from behind, Jesse hits a drop kick and Robbie with an elbow drop off the top rope. Ion with a moonsult for a near fall. Joe fights back with some right hands, but Robbie knocks him down. They throw him into the corner and all three men nails a knee to the face. Ion hits a drop kick on his tag partners and Joe hits a side kick on Ion. Joe with a double neck breaker move on Jesse and Robbie. Joe stands tall in the ring, he hits a dive to the floor taking out the champions. Joe with a chop to Ion then finishes it off with the “Muscle Buster” but Ion fights out. Joe with a choke slam then the Muscle Buster followed by the rear naked choke for the win.

Joe in 3:35

Christy Hemme is talking to some guy and she walks away. Out of nowhere Sam Shaw attacks him and lays him out. Creepy…

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Bobby Roode is talking with James Storm in the back and he says that he needs to tell the world something. Bobby says that he is alone because he pushed everyone away. Bobby says that he can’t go back and change anything that he did in the past, but he thinks that Beer Money was special. James says that he thinks that Roode does not want him to do it. He tries to talk him out of it, but Roode and James hug it out then Roode walks away. MVP is interrupted by Austin Aries, MVP asks Aries to be a part of his team for Lethal Lockdown. Aries says that a lot of people have tried to do the same thing that MVP does. Aries is going to think about it and get back to him.

A TNA goes to the UK tour video is shown, and then it ends with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne brawling.

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Street Fight: Madison Rayne Vs. Gail Kim

Rayne attacks her on the ramp with a cookie sheet, cookies? Anyways, Rayne throws her back into the ring. He hits a kick to the side of the head then a drop kick for a near fall. Rayne grabs a cookie sheet and puts it in the corner. He tries to throw her into it, but blocked. Kim takes a kendo stick and chokes her with it. Kim runs into her with it making hit her in the head (Kendo Stick) Rayne kicks Kim head first into the cookie sheet in the corner. Rayne with a super kick leading Kim to the floor, Led’I Tapa backs her off as Kim gets her head straight. Rayne runs off the apron and Tapa catches her then sends her back first into the apron. Kim locks in her leg submission around the steel ring post. Kim attempts to hit her leg with the chair, but Rayne kicks it in her face. Rayne throws her into the ring, she spears her and Tapa gets in the ring. Rayne hits her with the cookie sheet and then a kendo stick in the back. A chair is Rayne hands, but Kim hits her in the head with the title belt and that wraps this one up.

Gail Kim in 4:39

-Commercial Break-

MR. Anderson shows off his kids to Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw sees it. He is not happy.

Gunner’s life story is shown in a video package.

James Storm pulls Gunner into a locker room then we see Bobby Roode walking to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Two weeks ago we see EC3 attacking Kurt Angle and taking him out. Next Thursday he will be inducted into the hall of fame.

EC3 is in the back, they ask him what he thinks about Angle returning next week. He says that he will let Angle tell the world the “News” (Retirement) for himself at his ceremony. Whatever that means.

James Storm and Gunner is talking in the back, they talk about how Gunner’s life will change when he wins the world title.

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring, he says that TNA is home and for the last 17 years that he has lived his dream as a pro wrestler. He says that he is proud to be able to perform in front of great wrestling fans like them. He brings up that he has done some things in his career and he wish he could change those. He can’t change it Roode said, but he can change the future. He says tonight is his last night as a pro wrestler and the crowd chants NO! He says he can’t do it anymore and he hates himself because of pro wrestling and Dixie Carter. Dixie comes out and says that she needs him. She apologizes to him and he says that is not his problem. He says he does not want to work for her anymore. Dixie fires back with saying that Lockdown is the biggest show in the company’s history and she wants him to be a part of her team. She says that she will give him 10% ownership of TNA if he joins team Dixie. Bobby thinks about it and she sweet talks him, he says you have a deal and they shake hands. He says if she thinks he will screw him over then he will destroy hers.

Bad Bones who is a winner of gut check starts a promo then Sam Shaw attacks MR. Anderson and accidentally takes out Christy Hemme. He picks her up and we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

Bad Influence is in the back and they want a part of his (Bobby Roode) team for lethal lockdown. Roode said they need to prove it first.

Wolves Vs. Bad Influence

Eddie and Kaz start things off, they lock up and a basic start to the match. Going back to school, then Kaz throws him into the corner and tags in Daniels. Chris with a shoulder block then a forearm to Davey. Eddie fights back with right hands then tags in Davey who hits a double arm drag. They hit a double team drop kick on Kaz then focuses their attention on Daniels. A forearm arm shot by Eddie and Davey with a drop kick for a near fall. Davey with a suplex then fights off Kaz on the apron. Daniels knocks him off the with a clothesline on the apron. Kaz drives him back first into the apron and back into the ring. Kaz with a leg drop as he is the legal man in the match. He locks in a headlock, but Davey fights out of it. Davey shoots off the ropes and runs right into a wheel kick. Daniels with an elbow then a double stomp to the chest of Davey. Finally Davey with a side kick to Kaz and tags in Eddie. He clears house, he drop kicks Kaz out of the ring and nails a series of chops to Daniels chest. Eddie throws him into the corner then hits a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Davey sends Kaz out and Daniels hits a choke slam on Eddie. Daniels goes for the BME, but blocked. Eddie hits the double stomp to the back of Daniels and Davey with one of his own for the win.

Wolves in 5:42

Sam Shaw stands over Christy Hemme and she awakes, he makes sure she is ok and then chases off the camera crew.

-Commercial Break-

MVP Vs. Bobby Roode is set for next week.

World Title Match: Magnus © Vs. Gunner

They announce that this match is under Magnus rules so let the BS finish of the match theory begin. Gunner works the arm right out of the gate, Magnus reverses and does the same. Magnus locks in a headlock for what seems forever as Gunner tries to fight out of it. Magnus with a shoulder block and Gunner with an elbow. He is the thrown into the corner and Gunner hits an elbow. Gunner throws him into the corner and runs into a big boot. Magnus sends him to the floor and brings out his friends which are EC3 and Spud, but the Wolves and James Storm come out instead.

-Commercial Break-

Were back and Gunner hits a suplex on the champion. Magnus trips him and locks in a camel clutch submission. Gunner fights out of it and rams him into the corner, Magnus locks in a headlock and James Storm cheers him on from ringside. Gunner fights out of it with a side suplex, Gunner with right hands. They trade some punches then Gunner shoots off the ropes and Magnus hits a knee to the gut of Gunner. Magnus with a sit down suplex and goes to the top rope, He hits the elbow for the near fall. Magnus grabs the title belt and swings, but misses. Gunner goes for his finisher but blocked and both me go for a cross-body. Both men down and then out of nowhere the Bro-Mans and EC3 attack the Wolves and Storm. The fight to the back and the action is back in the ring. Gunner hits a powerbomb then goes to the top rope and hits the head butt off the top rope for a near fall as Spud puts his foot on the rope. Gunner chases spud and when he truns around Magnus hits him with the title belt for a near fall. Storm chases Spud around the ring, Magnus bounces his head off the top turnbuckle and Gunner fires up. He lands punches then a clothesline, he nails a big splash in the corner and a sling shot suplex. The end is coming and the crowd is behind Gunner, he hits a rock bottom style move then goes to the top rope. Spud gets in the ring and Storm sends him out of the ring. Gunner with a head butt off the top, but Storm nails a super kick on Gunner and Magnus covers him for the win.

Magnus Retains in 16:10

Thanks for watching along tonight and we will see you for Smackdown tomorrow night.

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