TNA Impact! (2/6) Results: Joe Vs. Roode


[Show: TNA Impact] [Location: Glasgow, Scotland] [Date: 2/6/14]

Welcome to TNA Impact! Coverage and we are show video of last weeks revelation of the investor which is MVP. The Wolves are shown in the back with MVP walking. All of a sudden we see Abyss and Eric Young brawling in the back. They eventually brawl to the stage area and down the ramp.

Monster’s Ball match: Abyss Vs. Eric Young

This match is finally started and EY hits him with a led pipe to the back of the big man. Eric with repeated shots, but Abyss back body drops him over to the floor. Abyss finds a table and sets it up. Abyss tries for a choke slam, but Eric fights out. Abyss over powers him and sends him into the ring. He grabs chair and other weapons which he throws into the ring. Eric with a baseball slide followed by a dive to the outside and he takes out the big man. EY tries to rip the mask off of Abyss, but he can’t do it. Abyss bounces his head off the apron and grabs a chair. Abyss sets it up in the corner while EY is on the top rope. EY is caught and Abyss goes for a choke slam. He fights out and shoots off the ropes, but runs into a clothesline. Abyss grabs another chair, he puts it on his chest and tries to land, but EY puts it up and nails him in the nuts. EY gets fired up and lands a series of shots. EY goes on the top rope where he hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. EY is thrown into the corner head first into the chair followed by the choke slam for a near fall. Abyss grabs a bag of thumb tacks and spreads them in the ring. Abyss puts him on the top rope and tries to suplex him, but EY blocks and power bombs Abyss is sent back first into the tacks for a near fall. EY goes to the top rope, but Abyss punches him and he goes flying into the table ringside. Abyss throws him in the ring and covers him, but EY gets his leg on the rope. Abyss finds Janice under the ring and looks at it. Abyss is about to hit him and EY rips the mask off. Abyss hits the black hole slam for the win.

Winner: 9:35

He looks confused and finds a broken piece of the mirror and looks in disbelief.

Bobby Roode is in the back with Dixie Carter and has a contract for his world title match with Magnus. Carter talks her way out of the situation and blames it on “how things changed around here” Bobby gets mad and instead of the title match. He will face Samoa Joe tonight.

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TNA’s apparent new investor (MVP) makes his way to the ring. He says he starts out by saying that he is back in Impact. He says he has been enjoying life the past couple of years. He says that actions always have consequences and now the Impact! Roster will learn that. He says that he is ready for change and he is going to change things around TNA. He says that he found people that would help him front some money to invest in TNA and now is time for that change (AMEN) he says that mismanagement has driven TNA in the wrong way and that will never happen again. Rock Star Spud comes down the ring, MVP calls Spud Dixie Carter’s lapdog. Spud says that he should introduce himself to Dixie. Spud says that she is ready to talk about fairness with MVP. Spud says that she will welcome MVP with open arms. MVP says that he has well educated hands and he can tell her that he has scheduled a match for tonight. It will be Magnus taking on Kurt Angle.

Bully Ray is in the back saying that MR. Anderson took him from his family and next week he will take Anderson from his. The next person Ray sees will suffer for Anderson’s consequences.

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Chris Sabin is in a white room and said the he invited her to this place tonight because it will be a very special moment.

Bully Ray Vs. Curry Man

Ray says that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would not call this a match, but more of a beat down. Ray with a big boot and hits him with the pile driver. He puts him in the coffin.

EC3 has something to tell Dixie Carter, but she blows him off. MVP is supposed to be meeting her in any minute.

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Austin Aries makes his way to the ring, he says that the title does not make the man, but the man makes the title. He says that he has every intention of doing the option C route by cashing in the X division title for the world title. However the Bro-Man’s come out, but Zema Ion attacks him from behind and cashes in his briefcase.

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion

Zema covers him, but Aries kicks out. Zema sends him to the floor and nails an outside baseball slide. Ion throws him back in the ring and hits a spring board DDT for a near fall. Ion goes to the top rope where he misses the twisting dive and Aries lands a forearm shot followed by a fall away slam. Aries with a drop kick in the corner followed by the brain buster for the win.

Winner: Aries in 2:04

Dixie Carter and Rock Star Spud is still waiting on MVP.

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Sam Shaw and Christy Hemme are shown once again at his apartment. Christy is shown in the back and she said that they need to talk about his obsession with her. She says it needs to stay professional.

Bobby Roode is in the back complaining about saving Magnus in his matches. Magnus says instead of focusing on him, he should focus on Samoa Joe.

MVP and Dixie Carter introduce themselves to each other. She tries to sweet talk him about how she built TNA into what it is today. She says that he will learn a lot from her and MVP says that they need to talk about the future of TNA in front of the fans. They disagree and MVP walks out.

Magnus vs. Kurt Angle

They exchange arm wrenches, but finally Angle hits an belly to belly suplex and lands right hands on the champion. Magnus with a rake of the eyes of Angle. Magnus throws him into the ropes, but blocked and Angle hits a series of German Suplex three times. He goes for Angle slam, but blocked. Magnus with a big spine buster for a near fall. Magnus climbs to the top rope, but Angle hits a belly to belly off the top and locks in an ankle lock. EC3 takes out the knee of Angle for the DQ.

Winner: Angle via DQ in 2:21

Angle fights back as they brawl around the ring. EC 3 locks in a leg submission that gives Angle tons of pain. The referees have to break it up. Eventually Angle is stretchered out of the arena.

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Samoa Joe cuts a good promo on Dixie Carter about how she started a war with the wrong guy.

We are shown a video package of the problems between Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin. He is about to talk to her and we go to break.

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We are back with Sabin and Sky, he tries to sweet talk her to get back to him. He purposes to her and she looks in the ring holder, but there is not ring. He says he is finally free and is tired hearing about her.

#1 Contender for World Title Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

Alright are main event is in full go, Joe with a stiff right hand that knocks Roode to his feet. They excahge leg kicks and Joe with a big kick to the chest of Roode followed by a knee drop to the face. Roode send shim into the corner, but reversed and Joe lands a side kick to the face of Roode in the corner. Joe gets the crowd involved and shoots off the ropes, but Roode catches him with an elbow. Roode tries to suplex him In the ring, but blocked and he just nails a drop kick on the big man. Joe crashes to the floor and Roode sends him back into he ring where he lands a neck breaker for a near fall. They trade chops to the chest of one another, but Roode takes him down and locks in a headlock. Joe fights out, with right hands. They exchange and he shoots off the ropes where he hits an elbow. Joe with a big boot then misses the back splash. Roode misses the knee drop and then Joe hits a series of slaps. Joe comes off the ropes and Roode hits a spine buster. Roode plays to the crowd and turns around right into a big suplex by Joe. The fans get behind Joe, he puts Roode to the top rope. Joe goes for muscle buster, but blocked and Roode hits a kick followed by a knockdown from behind for a near fall. Roode lifts Joe up, but Joe locks in a rear naked choke. Roode fights out and kicks him in the gut. A chop to the chest of Joe, he runs into the corner where he is caught and slammed down hard. Joe hits the muscle buster followed by the rear naked choke for the win.

Winner and #1 contender: Joe in 6:56

-Commercial Break-

The “Summit” between Dixie Carter and MVP is in session as they both are in the ring. Dixie says that if everyone follows her lead then they are going to be very successful. She says that she has dealt with all types of investor and she hopes that MVP is a good one. She says that the changes that they need to make and MVP brings those up. MVP says that they agree to disagree and she does not know wrestling at all. MVP says that TNA is unfair to the rest of the locker room. He says that her reign of terror is over and he is going to be very hands on with changes for TNA. He says the party is over and she yells at him to end the show.

Thanks for watching along tonight and we will see you tomorrow night for WWE Smackdown.

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