TNA Impact (3/6) Results: The Road To Lockdown


[Show: TNA Impact] [Location London, England] [Date: 3/6/14]

Welcome to TNA Impact! And we have Bobby Roode & the Bromans out to the ring. Bobby Rode says that TNA will change and be run the Roode way. He says that the only thing in his way is MVP, but out comes Austin Aries. Aries says that last week’s decision to turn on MVP was because he upped Roode. He says that 10% is not a big part of TNA, but he wants his hands on it. Roode says that after they win the match then they would talk business. Aries says they will split it in half. Robbie E says that they are going to be the deciding factor and they want a piece of the pie. Roode says that he is the caption and he makes the shots. At Lockdown the number one goal is winning the match, but Aries says that when he made the decision to join his team that he knows that there is no wrestler that can help MVP at lockdown. MVP and the wolves come down to the ring, MVP says that he has came up with a new partner and that man is… Dixie Carter interrupts and comes out. She says that she has spent the last week making sure of team Dixie winning the match. She says that this company means everything to hear and she will do anything to keep complete control over it. MPV asks her if she wants to know who is partner is. He announces that it is Jeff Hardy! Dixie says that he is under a TNA contract and when he walked out of the company she froze his contract. MVP yes he will be on their team, but MVP makes fun of her. Roode gets in his face and says that it does not matter who it is it will not matter and then a big brawl breaks out.

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Elimination Match: Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & The Bromans vs. MVP & The Wolves

We come back and it’s the opening bell with Robbie E and Eddie Edwards in the ring. Robbie backs Eddie into the corner and tags in Roode. He hits a snap suplex and covers him for a near fall. Roode tags in Aries and he hits an elbow off the top rope. Aries tags in Robbie and he puts the boots to his ribs. He sends him into the ropes and hits a elbow to the face. Robbie with a knee to the gut, but Eddie fights out and tags MVP. He lands a series of right hands, he sends him into the ropes and throws him down face first. MVP with a side kick to the face for the elimination.

Elimination: Robbie E

Bobby Roode rushes in and attacks him. He shoots off the rope and MVP nails him with the elbow to the face. He tags in the wolves who hit a drop kick to the face. Roode catches Eddie with a knee to the gut and tags in Aries who takes out Davey and MVP. Eddie fights out the corner kicks by Roode, However Aries hits a drop kick followed by a brain buster for the elimination.

Elimination: Eddie Edwards

Davey Richards is the legal man and they trade right hands. Davey with a spinning kick to the face then out of nowhere Aries hits a spinning forearm. They both tag their partners and its Roode and MVP. They trade right hands and then trade clotheslines that do not do any damage. MVP with a clothesline and covers him for a near fall. Off the distraction from Aries, Roode rolls up MVP

Elimination: MVP

Davy Richards is the only one left and it’s now a handicap match. Roode catches Davy in the gut with a knee then backs him into the corner where he puts the boot to the face. Roode tags in Aries who catches him with an elbow, bull dog combination for a near fall. Roode hits a back breaker for a near fall. Aries tagged in and hits a double sledge off the top rope. He rolls in Davey and Roode covers him for a near fall. Aries and Roode hits a forearm / elbow combination tag team move. Frequent tags between Aries and Roode until Davey hit a double drop kick on both guys. Davey fires up and hits a running knee to the chest. He goes to the top rope and hits the double stomp but misses. Roode goes for the Roode bomb but blocked. Davey locks in the half crab submission, but Aries hits him with the steel chair. He hits him several times to the left arm.

Elimination: Austin Aries Via DQ.

The referees and Eddie Edwards check on Davey Richards and then we go to break.

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They tell us that they brought Davey Richards to the back and this match ends (12:00) earl Hebner says that they have one hour to get Davey ready to go or they will forfeit the match.

Sam Shaw is up next for his match.

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Before the match, MR Anderson comes out and says that Christy Hemme will not be at ringside for this match. Therefore he will be instead.

Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young

EY rolls him up right out of the gate then lands a series of right hands in the corner on the creepy guy. EY gets the crowd involved and starts a EY chant. Shaw catches him with a uppercut and chokes him. Shaw starts talking trash to Anderson and turns around right into a punch by EY. Young with a forearm shot then a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Shaw goes to the floor and sends water into the eyes of EY. He sends Young into Anderson and then locks in the choke that makes Anderson go to sleep.

Match ends in a no contest a 2:13

Shaw says that he goes back to clame what is his and Christy is looking on from the back.

MVP says that Davey Richards needs to sit tight and he will be right back.

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MVP chases down Austin Aries and tries to attack him, but Al Snow and one other guy holds him back.

EC3 – Kurt Angle history is shown in a video package and of course they will have a match this Sunday night on PPV.

EC3 interrupts Dixie Carter backstage and she tells him to beat Kurt Angle this Sunday. She says that MVP will regret investing into TNA.

Sam Shaw is looking for Christy Hemme in the back and we go to break.

We come back and Shaw is in her locker room, but its Velvet Sky instead. She tells him that she is in the makeup room.

EC3 comes down to the ring, he says Kurt Angle suckered punched him and he says that he always looked up to angle. He says in three days he will face him and he knows that Angle will use the steel cage due to Angle in fear of EC3 submission wrestling. He says this Sunday he will defeat Kurt Angle. However Angle comes out and asks if Ec3 is an American icon. He says that EC3 is an American asshole. He says he does not want to wait for Lockdown and rolls into the ring. EC3 gets out of the ring and heads to the back. When Kurt follows, EC3 attacks him and targets the injured knee.

Were in the back and Davey Richards says that MVP gave him advice in japan and then it cuts away. WTF?

Knock outs match is next.

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Kenny King video package is shown.

Velvet Sky, ODB & Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim, Alpha Female & Lei’D Tapa

Madison Rayne goes right after Gail Kim and attacks her. With distraction from Tapa, Kim hits a drop kick. Kim misses the splash in the corner and tags in ODB. ODB with a splash in the corner and follows it up with the bronco buster for a near fall. DOB attacks Alpha Female and when she turns around she is taking out by Kim. Tapa tagged in and she hits a back breaker, she lifts her up and sends her into the corner. Tapa with a clothesline to ODB and the fans get behind ODB. Tapa stretches her out and then spits in the face of the referee. ODB fights back with right hands and tags in Sky. She tries to clothesline Alpha Female, but no damage. She finally hits the neck breaker for a near fall. Things break down and Tapa sends ODB out of the ring. Rayne attacks Tapa as Chris Sabin is in the ring with Velvet Sky and yells at her. She slaps her and she sends him to the floor. She turns around and Alpha Female goes for her finisher. Sky blocks it and hits her (double underhook facebuster ) for the win.

Winners Velvet Sky, ODB & Madison Rayne in 4:15

Sam Shaw is still looking for Christy Hemme.

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The Gunner – James Storm history is shown in a video package and why they are having their match this Sunday.

Gunner comes down to the ring, he says that in the past couple of weeks things have changed in his life and it all involves James Storm. He says that when they fought last week, Storm ran away from the fight. But at Lockdown he can’t run anywhere and the cage will be his battlefield. James Storm interrupts and comes down to the ring. He says that he will repeat this story for years to come and how he beat Storm in a brawl. However at Lockdown it will be a long day ass whipping. Gunner says that he has something to prove and that is to prove that Gunner is the toughest guy in their tag team. Gunner challenges him to a last man standing match inside a steel cage and Storm says that he is the man of this company. Storm says at Lockdown Gunner needs to pray to his god and he is going to cut him down. Storm hit him down low and hits a super kick on Gunner.

Bobby Roode takes a referee and they start heading to the ring. MVP tapes up Richards and it looks like we have a main event.

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Roode says to the referee to count to 10 because Richards is not going to make it out. However Davey does.

Bobby Roode Vs. Davey Richards

Roode goes right after the injured shoulder right out of the gate. Roode with a wrist lock to further more damage the shoulder, he follows it up with a knee drop to the shoulder. Roode misses the knee drop and runs into a big boot. Davey goes to the top rope, but he can’t due to his shoulder and instead hits a leg take down on the apron. Davey with right hand, he shoots off the ropes and kicks him in the head. He sends Roode to the floor and hits an outside dive taking Roode out. Back in the ring, Davey goes to the top rope and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Davey misses the wild kick and then they go back and forth. Davey locks in the half crab, but Roode fights out if it. He misses the spear in the corner and Roode hits the Roode bomb followed by the cross face for the win.

Winner Roode in 5:27

Tigre Uno is coming at Lockdown…

-Commercial Break-

Samoa Joe calls out Magnus and out comes the champion. Magnus says that he should know better to question him. Magnus says that in this very building that they won championships. He says once that he won the BFG series, Joe wants to be partners again. He says wants he became world champion, Joe can’t stand it. Magnus says he is afraid of him and he knows that Joe has been champion before. But how many times has Joe been the top guy and blown it. He says that he can’t control the rage and that is a weakness. He says that at Lockdown he will still be world heavyweight champion. Joe says that everything that Magnus said was true, but when he has his opponent beat sometimes he makes the mistake of making them bleed and he gets crazy when that happens. He says that rules in pro wrestling are not the same as Joe Rules. So at Lockdown it will come down to two things. Knocked out or tap out. He says that at Lockdown Magnus will not walk out as champion, but not even walk out at all. Magnus attacks him and a brawl is going down. Joe locks in the rear naked choke and Magnus taps and that’s the show.

Thanks for watching and we will have live coverage this Sunday of TNA Lockdown.

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