TNA Impact! (4/24) Results: Magnus Vs. Abyss


[Show: TNA Impact!] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 4/24/14]

Welcome to TNA Impact, we see Kurt Angle warming up in the back. He says if Spud does
not wrestle him tonight, then EC3 will. We then go into a video package of Eric
Young winning the TNA title and then him beating Abyss last week.

makes his way out to the ring with a turnbuckle device. He says the way he sees
it that he lost the title due to lack of help from Abyss. He says he is going
to break a code in pro wrestling; he wants him to come down to the ring and
tell him what he thinks to his face. Magnus says that Abyss is a idiot, he says
that Abyss makes him sick. He now realizes why everyone has left him in his
life because he is a disappointment, a huge let down. He had one thing for
Abyss to do and that was for him to make sure he regained the title. Abyss says
he would have been fired if he did interrupt the match. Magnus points out that
he works for him not MVP. He says that Abyss’s services are not required
anymore and that Abyss is fired. Abyss asks him that he just got fired? Abyss
says that it was never about the money, it was about him having a sense of
belonging. He became friends with him, he said that he was his friend, now he
knows that Magnus is only a jackass and you know what? Just like everyone knows
that he is the monster, “I hurt people, I destroy lives” Since I am no longer
working with him, I am going to destroy you” Magnus says if Abyss touches him than
he will have him arrested. MVP makes his way out to the ring. He tells Magnus
to put the weapon down and to calm down. MVP says Abyss is not his favorite
people, but he knows that Abyss needs a second chance. So Abyss needs to be
somewhere, so with him being fired from Magnus corporation. Would he like to be
on the TNA roster? If Abyss can win his match tonight against Magnus then he
gets a roster spot. Abyss says he never liked Magnus and he is going to kick
his ass!

and EC3 are in the back talking, EC3 says that Kurt Angle is not a ghost, but
is real and that is Kurt Angle. He realized that only one man can beat Angle
and that is EC3!

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle Vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud goes for a takedown, but Angle nails a belly to belly slam. The then hits a back breaker and switches his attention to EC3. Spud kicks him in the face, and then they run around the ring. EC3 holds the leg of Angle and Spud nails a drop kick to the jaw. Spud goes to the top rope and hits a dropkick for a near fall. Spud goes on the top rope and Angle nails a back body drop off the top rope. He knocks EC3 off the apron and nails the Ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Angle in 2:02 

EC3 takes Angle down from behind as he attacks the left knee. Willow makes the save and clears the ring. Willow stands tall in the ring and EC3 heads to the back. 

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are in the back talking about a bag, then says that they are going to give Madison Rayne a makeover. 

-Commercial Break-

Kenny King is in the office of MVP and he says that he has become real comfortable in his office. King says he wants a match tonight, MVP says that he has a featured match tonight.

Madison Rayne comes out to the ring; she calls out the Beautiful People which they come out to the ring. Love says that Rayne looking rundown is because of her baby keeping her up all night. She says that Rayne should be happy that they want to give her a makeover. Rayne says they are right and she forgives them, she is sorry for this and a she attacks them. They brawl in the ring. Sky holds her down and Love is about to do something, but before she can, Brittany comes down to the ring to make the save. Love and Sky beat her down and send her to the floor. Sky hits her finisher to lay out Rayne. Love grabs a paper bag with Love’s face on it and puts it on Rayne’s head. 

Mr. Anderson says he wanted to take a fun road trip and is on his way to Sam Shaw’s childhood address.

-Commercial Break-

We see Gail Kim talking to Madison Rayne and Britney; she says that she is tired of Velvet and Love need to be stopped. That needs to stop tonight, so she wants her to be her tag team partner.

Kenny King Vs. Bobby Lashley 

Lashley with a big takedown and then another right after. Lashley locks in a headlock, Lashley lands right hands, then a shoulder block. He gets tripped by King and Kenny locks in a side headlock. Lashley fights out with a huge slam and then hits a side suplex. King rolls out of the ring; Lashley hits a big suplex and then throws him into the corner. King puts the referee in front of him and Lashley moves him. Lashley works the left wrist, King pokes the eye of Lashley and the hits a springboard drop kick on the big man. King kicks him in the face, he walks into right hands by Lashley. King pokes the eyes of Lashley and then locks in a headlock, Lashley lifts him up and goes for something, but King rolls out. Lashley hits a belly to belly suplex on King. Lashley with right hands, he nails a big clothesline, he throws him into the corner. Lashley with a spear to the midsection of King and then hits a back body drop. Lashley goes for the spear, but King kicks him in the face. King jumps off the top rope and Lashley catches him and nails a huge suplex. Lashley goes for the spear, but King rolls to the floor and crawls to the back for the count out. 

Winner: Lashley via count out in 5:36. 

We see Mr. Anderson arrives at a Sam Shaw’s house, he meets Shaw’s mother who is a bit weird. Her name is Christy and she has red haired. 

James Storm and Bobby Roode argue in the back about their past, Roode wants to know why Storm wants to be his partner tonight, Storm says that they were the best when they were tag team partners. He says that never got any credit for making Gunner who he is today. Let’s stop talking, let’s start walking. 

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