TNA Impact! (5/1) Results: EY Vs. Roode


Bro-Man argue with MVP about losing their tag team titles, but he books them in a match next.

Bully Ray wants to know what MVP was doing earlier, he said that he made sure MVP got his job he has now and they start argue. MVP says deal with outside the arena. 

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Sanada and The Wolves vs. The Bromans and DJ Zema Ion 

Everyone starts brawling, they send the Bromans
over the top rope and then DJ Z. They all three hit an outside dive
taking out their opponents. Sanada and Robbie are in the ring, Robbie
with chops to the Wolves, but does not hurt them. Sanada and the Wolves
with some of their own. Jesse and DJ Z attack Eddie from behind, DJ Z
with a knee to the face of Eddie. Edwards with a dropkick to DJ Z, he
tags in Richards. Davey clears house, he hits a kick to the face of DJ
Z. Richards with a big suplex, he tags in Sanada, who hits a double chop
to the Bromans and then Sanada with the Wolves hit a triple foot stomp
to win the match. 

Winners: Sanada and The Wolves in 3:26.

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The Beautiful People are in the ring, they attempt to undress, but they say
that they wrote the letter and would never show the audience their
goodies. Gail Kim comes to the ring, she says she will strip them down
of everything and attacks them. They get away, but Kim holds the title
of the beautiful people. Brittney and Madison Rayne strips them down from
behind. Come one people…. 

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TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © Vs. Bobby Roode

They lock up, EY with a huge right hand, EY with a dropkick and Roode  regroups on the outside. EY with a baseball slide. 

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, Roode sends EY into the steel steps shoulder first. Roode  sends EY into the
ring, he locks in an arm submission, EY fights out. Roode cuts him off, but EY nails a forearm shot. EY
with a belly to belly suplex. EY with a suicide dive onto the outside.
 Back into the ring, EY with a dropkick off the top rope for a near
fall. EY goes for the pile-driver, but blocked. Roode rolls him up for a
near fall. EY shoots off the ropes and Roode hits a big spine buster
for a near fall. Roode goes for the Roode bomb, but blocked. EY misses a
Crossbody, but missed. Roode on the top rope, he goes for something,
but EY kicks him and nails the pile-driver for a near fall… EY is in
shock, EY goes to the top rope, but knocked off. Roode hits the Roode
bomb for a near fall! They trade right hands, Roode nails an enziguri,
he puts him on the top rope. EY fights him off and hits a big elbow for
the win!
Winner and Still Champion: EY in 13:085.
Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

Winner and Still Champion: EY in 13:08.

Bully Ray says he is going to Nashville since he is barred from the Impact Zone!

Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

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