TNA iMPACT! (5/8) Results: Angle vs. EC III, & More


Bully Ray is in his vehicle rocking out to some music and is on his way to the TNA offices. He says he is on the hunt for Dixie Carter and will put her through a table.

We are shown the opening video package of how Eric Young made his way to the top of TNA.

Eric Young makes his way out to the ring, he says that if MVP will not put him in a match then he will book himself in one. He will issue an open challenge and this belt is the only reason to be in this business. Bobby Roode makes his way out, he says, since he wanted a challenge, well “I’m standing right here”. He says he has gone above all the challenges that this company has given him. Tonight that title will be defended against him. EY says that he beat him last week and is no longer the #1 contender. Roode says he is not dumb and yeah, he remembers that he lost last week. He came so close to winning the match, he beat Gunner before he faced EY. So if he wants to be a real champion then defend it again tonight. Roode brings up their history, 17 years they started off in the pro wrestling business, and they made it together. They were best friends, but better enemies. They went to war, but tonight they do it one more time for one good reason, and that reason is for that TNA title. If EY can beat Roode one more time, then he will never ask for another chance again. EY says that Roode is right about their history, he says that tonight they make more history for the title. They shake hands and it’s official.

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EY makes his way into MVP’s office. MVP says there is no problem, he lists all the wrestlers he beat and he is impressed. MVP says he respects his fighting champion image, but he had something special lined up for him tonight. MVP says that he books the matches and he will call off the match with Roode tonight. EY says he is the exception, MVP says no. EY insists that he wants to wrestle tonight. MVP gets mad and says that he should enjoy the moment, and take some time off. He says that he will make sure that his opponent at Slammiversary will be someone he has never faced before. EY is happy with that and he walks out.

Evening Gown Match: Beautiful People Vs. Brittany & Gail Kim

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky kick things off, they lock up, Sky with a takedown and they start to brawl. Rayne with a series of clotheslines. She trips Angelina Love and they start to strip them down, the Beautiful people roll out of the ring to regroup. Love and Brittany lock up, Love backs her into the corner and beats her down with kicks. Sky tagged in, she nails a snapmare and then a drop kick. Sky throws her into the corner, she runs into an elbow, then a kick. Brittany with a series of clotheslines and then a neck breaker. She hits a moonsault and attempts to strip Sky. Love trips Brittany and Sky strips her down. Brittany is eliminated.

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We’re back, Rayne with a series of clothesline on both Sky and Love. She sends Love out of the ring, she runs the ropes and tripped by Love. Sky sends her into the corner face first. Sky hits the spear on Sky and strips her. Love attacks her from behind, she beats her down, but Rayne fights back and hits a back breaker. Rayne hits a big time spear on Love, but Sky makes her way out to the ring. She distracts the referee and with his back turned, Love sprays Rayne in the eyes with hair spray and then strips her for the win.

Winners: Beautiful People in 11:35

Dixie Carter is telling Rockstar Spud to not let Bully Ray in the building.

EC3 – Kurt Angle video package is shown

-Commercial Break-

Bram and Magnus are in the back, Gram says he will be watching him tonight.

Kurt Angle Vs. Ethan Carter The 3rd

Angle with a series of takedowns by Angle, Kurt works the left arm of EC3. Carter with several right hands on Angle, Kurt kicks him in the face. He throws heavy right hands and beats him down in the corner with kicks. Angle with a suplex for  a near fall. EC3 fights back with knees, but runs into a series of German suplexes by Angle. Kurt gets up, but falls right down and holds his left knee. EC3 takes him down and goes right after the left knee. Angle with a clothesline and then another. He goes for the Angle slam which he gets, but falls right back down and holding the knee. EC3 with another a shoulder tackle to the knee of Angle and gets the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle at 3:26

The referee’s check on Angle to make sure he is ok after the match.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle is in the back and telling officials that his knee popped.

MVP is in the ring, he says that he never knew how much being the booker of TNA is so stressful. He said that he hopes he did not disappoint them too much tonight. He says that he has a job to do and that he believes in order. He will make it up to us by having a blockbuster announcement about EY’s opponent at Slammiversary. Bobby Roode makes his way out and is pissed. Roode says that he had a deal with EY, but MVP said that since he lost to EY last week then he is not the #1 contender. He says that there will not be any hand outs around here. Roode says he was not here when he was tag team champion or World champion. He asks where he has been the last ten years. MVP says this conversation is over, Roode pulls him back. Roode pushes him and MPV takes him down. They start brawling, Referees break it up and separate them.

Bull Ray is in the offices of TNA, he meets Rockstar Spud and tells him to move. If not, in three seconds he will make him. Ray lifts him up and keeps walking down a hallway. Spud demands to take his shoes off and Ray is in her office. He demands to get everyone in the office to get ready because they’re having a big meeting.

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