TNA Impact! (6/19) Results: We Have A New TNA World Heavyweight Champion


[Show: TNA Impact!] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 6/19/14] [Airing live on Spike TV]

Welcome to Impact, We are shown highlights from last Sunday’s TNA Slammiversary. MVP, Kenny King and the big guy, Bobby Lashley make their way out to the ring. We are live for the first time in forever, so enjoy it. MVP says that what happened at Slammiversary was wrong. He points his attention to Dixie Carter, he says that he got an official reprimand from the board of the directions and he gave a fair main event. He did things their way and it did not work, he is not going to let that happen ever again, it’s his show. He does not see any of them here tonight, so tonight we will get MVP’s show. The crowd is hot tonight. He calls out Eric Young out to the ring, which he does. EY says the only thing that did not happen at Slammiversary is that he did not punch MVP in the face. He says he is on a roll right now. MVP points out that he gave the opportunity to defend the title. He says that he and Austin Aries beat Lashley, not EY by himself. EY says that MVP is not calling the shots, but the fans are. He does not have patients and he is going to come out there and kick his ass right now. MVP says if he was not hurt, he would whoop EY’s ass right now. King wants EY tonight, EY is OK with it and calls out a referee. 

World Title Match: Eric Young (c) Vs. Kenny King

Fast pace, EY with a dropkick for a near fall. EY locks in a headlock, King fights out with a shoulder block. Young with a thesz press and right hands. This crowd is awesome! Young is sent to the top rope, and then King dropkicks him to the floor. Samoa Joe, Aries and the Wolves come out to even the odds. King hits an outside dive taking out Young. Back in the ring, King with a spinning back kick for a near fall. King locks in a headlock, Young fights out and lands some right hands. Young with a flying forearm, then a clothesline and calls for the elbow. He goes to the top rope, he dives over King and King drop kicks Young followed by a german suplex for 2. King lifts him up, but Young rolls him up for the win.

Winner & Still TNA Champion: Eric Young at 3:43.

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MVP is slapping around the time keeper, he is clearly upset. All of a sudden Joe, Aries and the Wolves with EY come out, a huge brawl breaks out. Security breaks it up. MVP says that they are gonna have some fun now, he says that EY has a second title match tonight and it’s against Bobby Lashley, there will be no other wrestlers in the arena. He also books, MVP mess up, but his books The Wolves Vs. Joe and Aries in a Tag Team Title match, there will be a third time to be added. He orders Earl Hebner out to the ring, he says he should slap Earl, but he will not. He says he had one thing to do and he messed it up, he fires Earl Hebner! Brian Hebner runs out and here argues with MVP, but he backs down. Earl says that people like MVP make him hate this business. Poor Earl walks to the back. 

We see Dixie Carter and EC3 arriving backstage, he taunts Bully Ray and calls himself a hardcore American idol.

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Eric Young is in the back, he says he has someone backing him up tonight and apparently it’s Kurt Angle. 

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © Vs. Samoa Joe & Austin Aries Vs. Willow & Abyss

Willow and Aries kick things off, Willow with a head takeover, he misses a splash and Aries tags in Joe. They hit a double team elbow, Joe with a knee drop and then strikes. Willow nails a jaw breaker, he tags in Abyss. Abyss nails a splash, he misses a clothesline and Joe locks in a rear naked choke, Aries locks in the last chancery on Willow and the Wolves break it up. The Wolves send Joe and Aires to the floor, but Aries and Joe slide into the ring and hit an outside dive. We see Tommy Dreamer arriving to the building and we go to break.

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We’re back, Abyss is all over Davey Richards. Davey get’s a blind tag to Eddie, Eddie is caught for a chokeslam, but the Wolves hit a double dropkick. Aries tagged in, he throws the Wolves into the corner and hits a dropkick on them. Aries goes for the brainbuster, blocked and Eddie hits a dropkick. The Wolves hit a double knee drop move for a near fall. Aries tries to mount a comeback, but they keep him grounded. They hit a dropkick/ German suplex combo for a near fall as Willow breaks it up. Aries and Davey trade right hands, Davey hit a springboard dropkick, but Aries nails a forearm shot. Abyss tagged in, Aries tags in Joe and the big guys go at it. Joe with a big boot followed by a back splash. Abyss with clubbing right hands, but runs into a slide suplex by Joe. Davey tags in Joe, Joe fights them off and hits a dropkick on Abyss. Willow tagged in and hits a spinning back kick on Joe. Aries comes in, he is thrown out to the Wolves. Willow goes to the top rope, he takes out The Wolves, Aries and Joe! Back in the ring, Willow goes to the top rope and Davey is in the ring, Willow nails the Swanton, but blocked. The Wolves hit their finisher for the win.

Winners and still champs: The Wolves at 13:03.

We see MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley are talking in the back. They come up with a plan or so they say.

Taz and Tenay hype up the feud between Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer.

-Commercial Break-

We see Joe and Aries getting thrown out of the building. MVP tells the Wolves that he has a gift for them. He books them in a second title match and they will face Bram and Magnus. This got no reaction. 

Dixie Carter makes her way out to the ring, she says that EC3 not only beat Bully Ray, but destroyed him. She says that Dixie Carter will never go through a table. Rockstar Spud is with her and he has a green suit with playing cards over it (Stylin and profilin, woo!) She says that if MVP keeps going then he will be removed by the board of directions. A you suck chant breaks out. She brings out Tommy Dreamer. She says he gave him the time to explain himself so go ahead. He says that when he watches TNA, it makes him scratch his head. He says that Social Media has changed the world. He says that they put a hell of a show called Hardcore Justice and the most important thing she did that night was for the fans. She cared about them, so what happened to that woman? He says that he is embarrassed of TNA and to be a wrestler because her decisions affect the wrestlers and the fans. He says that they want this place to explode, instead of looking at the wrestlers, she wants to make it the Dixie Carter show. He says that she needs to get a reality show and to give the best product on TV. He might run a small promotion, but he listens to the fans and how wrestling affects them. He does not have his family anymore, but he saw her family and he saw her be a fan again with Kevin Von Erich appeared on Slammiversary. He says for the first time in her life, do the right thing. She hugs Tommy Dreamer and then knees him in the nuts. She says do you know who I am? Then EC3 beats him down. She wants him out of her ring.

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