TNA Impact! (7/10) Results: 20 Man Battle Royal


[Show: TNA Impact!] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 7/10/14] [Airing live on Spike TV]

Welcome to Impact, we get the lineup for tonight’s show and then Kurt Angle comes out to the ring. He says that all of the featured matches for tonight’s show is all title matches. The Wolves © Vs. Magnus and Bram, Austin Aries Vs. Sanada © , Gail Kim Vs. Madison Rayne Vs. Angelina Love © Vs. Brittany in a Fatal 4 Way and then in the main event, 20 Man Battle Royal To Face TNA World Champion Next Week.He brings out Willow. Angle says that he and the fans want to see Jeff Hardy back. He says that he is not asking for Willow to leave forever, but just for tonight. Willow shakes the hand of Angle and this segment ends.

The Wolves make their way to the ring and they are next!

Austin Aries is shown backstage hyping his match with Sanada. He says that tonight, he will win the X Division title and then go on to be World Champion.

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Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © Vs. Magnus and Bram.

Davey and Magnus start things off, Magnus drive Davey into the corner and lands a flurry of strikes. Magnus throws Davey into the ropes, but Davey blocks and hits a springboard kick. He tags in Eddie, who drop kicks Bram off the apron and they double team Magnus in the corner. They then switch their focus to Bram where they do the same. They throw Magnus into the corner where they hit a trip, the elbow combination for a 2 count. Magnus somehow tags in Bram, he eats a right hand by Eddie and the Wolves go to work on Bram. Davey is knocked down by Magnus with the referee not looking their way. Bram and Magnus beat down Davey, until Davey mounts a comeback and lands a spinning kick to Magnus. Eddie tagged in, he cleans house. Eddie lights up Bram with slaps then a heel kick, clothesline and reverses an Irish whip leading to a dropkick off the top rope. Eddie runs into a big boot by Bram, Eddie lands a kick to the side of the head and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope for a near fall. They go for  a double team suplex, but Davey sends both Magnus and Bram to the floor, the Wolves fly and hit an outside dive taking out the two Brits. Back in the ring, Davey on the top rope and misses the dive, Bram with a kick to the gut and goes for a powerbomb, but Davey reverses and Eddie rolls up Bram for the win.

Winner & still Champions: The Wolves

After the match, Magnus and Bram beat down the Wolves.

Bobby Roode is upset in the back and he is calling out MVP!

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Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring, he says he does not care about any doctor’s note that MVP makes up about his injury, so he will give him until the count of ten to beat the crap out of him. If MVP does not come out here, then he will come back there and beat his ass. Here comes, MVP to the stage in a wheelchair. MVP says he cannot compete and cannot even get an MRI due to it being so swollen. Roode does not care and goes after MVP, Kenny King attempts to attack Roode from behind, but Roode knocks him down. Roode throws MVP out of the wheelchair and King nails him from behind with a chair. EY runs down and makes the save.

James Storm is backstage talking to Sanada, he says that if Sanda loses tonight, then what will the Great Muta think of him? He walks away saying “Don’t choke”.

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X Division Title Match: Austin Aries Vs. Sanada ©

Slow start to this one, Sanada clotheslines Aries to the floor. Sanada goes for a dive, but Aries dumps Sanada to the floor. Aries heads to the top rope and hits a double sledge on Sanada. Aries to goes to the top rope, but Sanada dropkicks him off the top rope. Sanada with a back elbow, a dropkick and a hurricanrana. Sanada is on a roll! Sanada runs at Aries, but Aries sends him to the apron. Sanada throws him to the floor, Sanada off the apron with a front senton. Back in the ring, Sanada hits a springboard chop for 2. Sanada goes for a german suplex, but blocked and Aries hits a back suplex, but reversed by Sanada. Then Sanada goes for the double underhook throw, but Aries fights out. Aries with chops to the chest of Sanada, Aries runs into a big boot by Sanada and this leads to Sanada hitting a back breaker. He goes to the top rope, Aries sends Sanada face first into the top rope. Aries with the missile drop kick in the corner and the brainbuster, but blocked and Sanada connects with the tiger suplex for a near fall. Sanada goes up top, nails the moonsault for a near fall. Sanada with another slam, misses the moonsault and Aries hits a big forearm shot followed by the back suplex. Aries hits the missile drop kick and the brainbuster for the near fall! Aries heads to the top rope and hits the 450 splash for the win!

Winner & New Champion: Austin Aries

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Bully Ray was asked how he feels about Rhino and he just screams a lot. He then makes his way out to the ring. Ray calls out Rhino after giving a story about how Bam Bam Bigelow told him to handle his business himself in pro wrestling. Ray says that Rhino knows that he should beat the crap out of him. He says that they were friends and wants to know why! Rhino tells him to shut up and he will give him answers, he tells the fans to go to hell. Rhino says it’s not about EC3, but it’s about Bully Ray. Rhino calls Ray a con man, he says that he uses people to get further in his career. He says that he did the same thing to Paul Heyman and Dixie Carter. Ray says that this is not the Rhino he knows. Ray says that this is just jealousy from Rhino. Ray says he is in the HOF because of the fans. Ray says that Rhino is the reason he got fired from WWE and TNA. He calls Rhino a bitch this leads to EC3 saying that Rhino’s family needs money and the Carter’s gave them the money to do so. EC3 says he will continue to pay Rhino to take Ray out. Ray says he is going to take him out and then Rhino spears Ray. They beat Bully down until Tommy Dreamer comes in with a Kendo stick and clears house.

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