TNA Impact! (7/3) Results: TNA World Title Is On The Line!


[Show: TNA Impact!] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 7/3/14] [Airing live on Spike TV]

Welcome to Impact, we are shown video highlights from last week. 

Kurt Angle comes out to kick off the show. Angle says tonight we celebrate TNA’s freedom on the eve of July 4th. This is Kurt Angle’s red, white and blue Throwdown. He brings out Earl Hebner, who is in street clothesline. Angle gives him his referee shirt back and rehires him back right here in TNA. Angle runs down the match listings, EC will face Bully Ray in a tables match tonight. Also, The Wolves Vs. Knux and Crazzy Steve Vs. The Bro-mans for that tag titles, Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim Vs. Angelina Love and finally TNA World Title Match: Bobby Lashley Vs. Eric Young. All of a sudden, Samoa Joe comes out and he is not happy. Joe says that Angle coming to save us is just BS. He says that Angle is not here for the fans, but is just like MVP and Dixie Carter. He knows him better than anyone and he wants to be World Champion more than anything. How long will it be until he books himself in a world title match. Angle fires back by saying he put up with the same BS that Joe has. However, Joe says Angle was bought and brought here. He says he beat people up to stay in TNA. Angle says that Joe has a ton of opportunities. He calls Joe lazy and he compares himself to Joe by saying he has never done that. Joe answers by saying that while Angle was in dojos, he was rebuilding the sport of pro wrestling. He says “I am pro wrestling”. Angle says that he is the guy he wants to see! Joe says “be careful what you ask for” and walks to the back. Tone set!

MVP is on the phone in the back and walks up to Bobby Roode. He says do you want to fight? They argue, but get’s jumped from behind by Kenny King.

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Kurt Angle checks out Bobby Roode, Roode’s shoulder is hurt. Angle says he does not like him, but he does respect him. Roode wants a match tonight and he wants one against MVP. Angle walks with Roode away from the camera. Match? Yeah, no clue. 

Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves Vs. Knux and The Freak Vs. The Bro-mans.

The Bros send the Wolves to the floor right off the bat, but Knux sends Jesse to the floor. They then throw DJ Z over the top rope crashing onto the other competitors. Back in the ring, Freak hits a suplex on Eddie, but Davey breaks it up with a series of leg kicks. Freak hits a double suplex on the Wolves. Freak hits a splash in the corner on Eddie and then the Bros blind tag there way in. Jesse puts the boots to Eddie in the corner. Jesse works the left arm of Eddie, however, Eddie fights out with strikes. Jesse hits a dropkick cutting off Eddie for a 2 count. The bros keep control of Eddie with quick in and out tags. However, Eddie fights out of a double suplex and connects with a hurricanrana. Davey gets the hot tag, clears house on the Bros. Davey with a springboard back kick, a belly to belly suplex on DJ Z. The Freak accidently clotheslines Knux out of the ring and Davey runs into a back elbow. However, The Wolves hit a double kick to Jesse for the win.

Winners: The Wolves ©

We see Roode and Kenny King argue in the back, Angle says they will only fight inside the ring. Angle tries to book MVP in a match tonight, but MVP cannot wrestle. Instead, King will take MVP’s spot and they will meet tonight in a street fight.

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Prior to the match, Roode says he is back in TNA and Kenny King, get your ass out here! Kenny King with MVP make their way to the ramp. King says they already injured Roode’s shoulder, now let’s go break his neck. However, Kurt Angle comes out and gets MVP out of here. 

Street Fight: Bobby Roode Vs. Kenny King

Roode attacks King from behind. They brawl around the stage, Roode hits King in the back with a trash can. They even go up by the crowd where they continue to brawl with King getting the advantage. Roode throws King over the wall. Roode jumps down and follows King. They get around ringside and Roode dumps King over the barricade. Roode grabs a chair, but King hit a spinning back kick in Roode’s face. Back in the ring where we get a bell sound. King hits a snap suplex followed by big right hands for a 2 count. King continues to target the face of Roode. King lifts Roode up and goes for an F5, but blocked. Roode hits an AA on a steel chair for the win.

Winner: Roode

EC3 does a backstage promo about how Ray will never put him through a table and he is a hardcore American icon. 

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Austin Aries asks for Kurt Angle for an X-Division title match against Sanada. Angle makes it for next week. 
Brittany is in the ring, she calls out Madison Rayne. Brittany apologizes and Rayne says that she get’s how crazy it can be in the knockouts locker room. They shake hands, then hug, but all of a sudden Brittany attacks Rayne and beats her down.

Ray repeats by saying over my dead body, he promises that he will put EC3 through a table next!

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MVP is in the back and he predicts that Bobby Lashley will be the greatest TNA Champion of all time. He says that the beating that Lashley will put on EY that will not be forgotten. 

Ethan Carter III Vs. Bully Ray in a Tables Match 

Ray is all over EC3, he runs the ropes and hits a big clothesline on EC3. We want table chants break out from the crowd. Ray sends EC3 corner to corner, puttin in work on the young buck. Ray sends EC3 to the floor. Ray sends EC3 head first into the steel steps, but the crowd wants a damn table. Back in the ring, Ray misses a splash in the corner and EC3 hits a clothesline. EC3 is fired up! He throws Ray into the ropes, but Ray fights back with jabs. Ray gets a table ready, he goes to ringside, grabs one. Ray turns around from setting a table up and EC3 connects with a clothesline. EC3 grabs Ray’s chain, he nails Ray with it. Ray goes for a powerbomb, but Rockstar Spud with a low blow on Ray. They beat Ray down. All of a sudden, Rhino comes out and attempts to spear Spud, but instead turns around and gores Ray! EC3 puts Ray through the table and that is a wrap. 

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