TNA Impact Wrestling Live Coverage (12/29/16)


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We kick things off at House Hardy. Senor Benjamin tells Vanguard 1 he’s drinking too much. The Hardys and company sing his favorite holiday jingle. A rendition of 12 Days of Christmas.

On the 12th Day of Deletion, the Seven Deities gave to me:

  • 12 Delightful Green Beans
  • 11 Xylophones Xyling
  • 10 Spot Monkeys Jumping
  • 9 Ducks a Swimming
  • 8 Scribes a Scribing
  • 7 Glasses of Coquito
  • 6 Rockets Glaring
  • 5 Dilapidated Boats
  • 4 Twist of Fates
  • 3 Checkmates
  • 2 Premonitions of our Fate
  • And one brand new Hardy offspring

Recap of the Matt Hardy/EC3 feud is shown.

On the debut episode of TNA on POP TV, EC3 and Matt Hardy won their respective matches and made it to the finals from last year’s World Title Series. EC3 was victorious and became a two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion following a One Percenter off the top rope.

The next between them was the last man standing match. A double turn happened as Tyrus turned on EC3 and nailed him with his version of the Big Ending. Matt Hardy wins his first TNA World Title.

House Hardy Segment after the commercial break.

Matt Hardy has asked Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 to accompany him to Brother Nero’s house for his gift. Senor Benjamin asked Vanguard 1 if he’s okay to fly.

Recap Continued…

Matt Hardy challenged EC3 for the TNA World Title in a Last Man Standing Match. Matt Hardy said he would never wrestle in TNA again if he couldn’t defeat the then-undefeated EC3. After Reby handed him a hammer, Hardy attempted to hit EC3 with it but missed. EC3 hit a One Percenter. Tyrus made his way to the ring and hit EC3 with his version of The Big Ending. EC3 still made the count. Matt Hardy hits EC3 with the belt to become the World Champ in a very successful double turn.

House Hardy Segment after the commercial break.

Matt Hardy knocks for Jeff Hardy but there’s no answer. After sending Vanguard 1 to sweep the property, Itchweed pops his head out of the window. Matt Hardy says he needs Brother Nero but will welcome Itchweed at his humble abode shortly.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy: I Quit Match

They picked up the match on the outside of the ring where they fought up the ramp to the stage. Matt Hardy beats Jeff Hardy with a chair but Jeff refuses to quit. Jeff turns the tables and goes to town on Matt with a chair. Matt stops Jeff from climbing a ladder and hits a Side Effect onto a guard rail that was laid across two tables. Jeff choked Matt out on a table and climbed the steps. He delivers a swanton dive from about 25 feet in the air through a table. Matt never said he quit and the match was stopped when medics came to assist Matt.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy: Slammiversary – Full Metal Mayhem

It’s one of the first signs of Broken Matt Hardy. He’s got the white streak in his hair. Jeff hits a swanton bomb from the top rope through a table on the outside. Matt now has Jeff laid across two tables while Matt climbs a ladder. Jeff gets up and joins Matt on the ladder. They exchange punches and both fall off the ladder. Jeff hits Matt with punches and a Twist of Fate. He hits a swanton but Matt still kicks out. To the outside, Jeff takes Matt on top of the tables and hits another Twist of Fate through one of the tables. Matt still kicked out. Jeff back in the ring, he climbs the ropes and hits a swanton onto Matt through the other table. Finally a three count.

The Final Deletion

This was the start of the great concept for TNA in 2016. After back and forth action, Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Jeff. Jeff kicks out. Matt beats him with a kendo stick. Then brings in a ladder and beats Jeff and chokes him with it, yelling DELETE in the process. Jeff battled out of a Side Effect and hit a Twist of Fate. He hit a Swanton from the top rope. Matt kicked out. Jeff set up a ladder in the corner but Matt is back up and beats on him. Jeff turns it around and beats on Matt, laying on the ladder. Jeff climbs a tree and delivers a Swanton from about 15 feet in the air. Matt amazingly kicked out. Things got crazy as Matt grabbed fireworks and shot them at Jeff while yelling DELETE.

Matt looked around for Jeff among the chaos and Jeff grabbed himself fireworks and chased down Matt. Matt hid behind the dilapidated boat. Matt got Jeff into a sleeper hold and they fell into the Lake of Reincarnation. As Matt emerged, Willow popped out of the water behind him and beat him with an umbrella. Senor Benjamin tasered Willow. Matt got up and found Willow lying on the ground but it was revealed to be Senor Benjamin. Jeff is back and he attacks Matt from behind. They battle in a large, newly excavated ditch. Jeff choked Matt out. Jeff climbed a fixture, looking to finish Matt off but Reby handed Matt a candle and he set the fixture on fire. Jeff was burned off the fixture and Matt Hardy with the cover and the win.

House Hardy Segment

Matt and Jeff walk into the gym where Matt put Jeff through the round table during their Final Deletion contract signing. Jeff wants to the leave the past in the past but Matt has plans and orders Jeff to bring the table and follow him.

House Hardy Segment after Commercial break

Matt Hardy tells Jeff to roll the table into a pile of rubbish. He then praises him and allows Brother Nero to be the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy again if he wishes. He calls over Vanguard 1 and grabs Jeff’s hand. He calls to the Seven Deities to restore Jeff Hardy and to render the round table obsolete. The Pile of rubble catches fire. Matt and Jeff watch over the fire with delight.

Delete or Decay

Decay makes their way to the Hardy House. They watch Reby with Maxall through a window.

Decay! I knew you’d come.

Matt, Jeff, and Reby shoot fireworks at Decay as they run away and hide behind the dilapidated boat. After Jeff dropkicks the boat and sends Abyss into the Lake of Reincarnation, Joseph Park comes up and speaks Spanish to Senor Benjamin until he is uses the taser. He then carries Park in a backhoe and dumps his body in a ditch. Jeff battles with Crazzy Steve in a pool. Jeff gets the upper hand and escapes. Matt Hardy searches for Rosemary. He tracks her behind a tree but senses something and Abyss is behind him and nearly hits him with Janice. He beats down on Matt and is about to hit him with Janice but Jeff pushes Matt out of the way and takes the shot.

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