TNA Impact Wrestling Results (11/14): Angle vs. Aries


We see Austin Aries and Kurt Angle arriving to the arena for their submission match tonight.

Video package of recapping the world title tournament and highlights of Jeff Hardy defeating Chris Sabin from last week.

Bull Ray and the other two members of aces and eights come to the ring. Ray hugs and screams at Mike Tenay that he fell for it. Ray starts out with asking us do you know who I am. He calls himself a puppet master and he played all of us. He said the group isn’t about quantity its about quality. He says he doesn’t need to be world champion to be the guy everyone is talking about. He says no one tries to dive a wedge between the aces and eights. He says he will pile-drive him through the stage. MR. Anderson comes out and says he is extremely sick and tired of aces and eights. Anderson says he will not only beat Ray next week but aces and eights are done as well because he will put a match together for him. Anderson’s career vs. aces and eights being a group. Ray says Anderson is crazy to make a stipulation like that, Anderson says he is crazy then all hell breaks loose. He attacks ray then they start brawling with Anderson getting the advantage.

He calls out one of the members and it’s Knux in a match now.

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MR. Anderson vs. Knux

Knux runs into the ring and Anderson attacks. Right hand in the corner by Anderson but Knux hits a cross body out of nowhere then lands some right hands for extra damage. Knux with a leg to the back of the head then a kick to the side of the head. Knux throws him into the corner hard then tosses him to the floor. Knux pounce’s Anderson head of the steel steps then sends him back in the ring. Knux with a big suplex for a count of 2. Knux with a headlock but Anderson fights out. Anderson lifts him up in a firemen’s carry but sent hard into the corner. Knux with a side walk slam for 2. Knux with a huge clothesline as Taz on commentary is in disbelief Anderson was VP of the club. Knux with anther big clothesline but when he goes for another Anderson reverses it into a mic check for the win.

Winner: Anderson

After the match Anderson gets on the microphone to introduce himself. Anderson!

We get an Impact 365 of Joseph Park about bad influence. He calls out Daniels for a match.

We also get a video package of bad influence about their match last week with Parks and EY. He accepts the match against Parks.

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Kurt Angle and Austin Aries talk about a submission match in a video package.

Joseph Park Vs. Daniels

Daniels with some punches, he shoots off the ropes but Parks catches him for a hip toss. They shake hands but Parks hits a clothesline. Parks throws him into the corner hard but a stiff punch from Daniels. Parks goes for the Boston crab but blocked and Daniels goes to the floor then back into the ring where he catches Park with a right hand. Daniels with some elbows to the shoulder then a clothesline to the back for 2. Daniels goes for a roll up but Parks tries to hit a bottom splash but Daniels moves and he kicks him in the face for 2. Daniels with a headlock but Parks fights out of it with elbows. Daniels clubbing the back of the big man, Parks picks him up and hits a Samoa drop out of nowhere. Daniels misses in the corner and here comes Parks with his comeback. Parks with a side slam for 2. Daniels goes for a suplex but Parks hits one instead. Parks goes to the top rope, Daniels rolls out of the ring and backs into the corner. Parks with a splash then right hand hands in the corner. With the referee’s back to them Daniels with a low blow and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Daniels

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Bully Ray is in the back trying to cheer up Knux in the back and says they have Anderson right where they want him.

Ethan Carter 3rd Vs. Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum

The jobbers take control early on with quick double team moves but EC3 catches Barnes with a clothesline then wins the match with a his finisher on both men.

Winner: EC3

After the match he says the world needs him.

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A friends of AJ Styles video package is shown when he visited AAA.

Dixie Carter is screaming at the producers about how these video packages are being shown.

Flash back from Jeff Hardy wining his match last week.

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Dixie Carter comes to the ring; she says that once and awhile how right she is. Specifically when she kicked AJ Styles off her show. She says brings up that Jeff Hardy beat Chris Sabin and they don’t want to miss the main event. She brings up turning point and that they will have two big matches on that show. Bobby Roode will face James Storm and Samoa Joe vs. Magnus in the world title tournament. She says that Storm vs. Roode will have a bull rope match and Carter says that Storm needs to step up and show her what he is made off. He says that he has heart and that its time for a redneck to take over this show. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus will be in a falls counts anywhere match. Joe says she is covering her ass because she can’t make a deal with AJ. Joe says that there covering up for her bad business mistakes and the first person he will defend the title against AJ Styles. Magnus says that this tournament is about spirit of competition and he the very best is Samoa Joe. Dixie adds that this tournament is about finding her champion for her company.

In the back we see Mr. Anderson and Garrett Bischoff fighting. Anderson handcuffs Garrett to a steel cart.

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Gail Kim comes out and says someone actually showed up to face her tonight.

Gail Kim vs. Hanna Blossom

A big boot from the champion then slams her head into the mat. She throws her hard in the corner then a splash. They exchange right hands but Kim with several kicks. Some more kicks in the corner by Kim. Gail locks in the figure four leg lock on the ring post then Gail mocks her. Hannah fires back for her comeback then hits a suplex. Hannah with a splash for 2 count. Hannah throws her into the corner but Kim shoots out with a clothesline then hits the eats defeats finisher for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

After the match, Kim says week after week that she will prove that she is the best TNA knockout of all time.

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Joseph Parks is in the ring, he wants to thank the fans and there was a couple things getting under his skin. One of them is that Kaz says he won’t be nothing like Abyss but he is a hall of famer. He says they ask where Abyss at, well where does he know where he is? He thinks he knows a solution and is challenging Abyss to a match next week.

In the back, Mr. Anderson is talking to Garrett and then picks him up and walks away.

Submission Match in the World Title Tournament: Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries

They tie up and start out the match in an amateur style. Aries with an arm drag but angle goes for the ankle lock. Angle hits a German suplex but Aries lands on his feet and Angle rolls to the floor. Angle with several kicks in the corner, Aries fights out and locks in a Boston crab but angle gets to the ropes. Aries throws him into the corner then hits a clothesline followed by a face lock but Angle gets to the ropes. Aries throws him into the ropes but Angle hits a back breaker. Bobby Roode comes out on the stage with a chair to watch the match. With Angles attention on Roode Aries comes off the top rope but Angle catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. While Angle is getting up on the apron Aries takes his legs from under him.

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We are back with Aries in control and hitting a neck breaker on the ropes. Aries with a knee to the back of the head of Angle. Aries with a running elbow and locks in a headlock but Angle fights out. Aries shoots off the ropes but eats an clothesline. Angle throws him into the corner and hits a belly to belly suplex. German suplex follows three times and the third one Aries lands face first. Angle goes for Angle slam but reversed and Aries with a forearm shot to send Angle out of the ring. Aries with a double sledge off the top onto Angle’s head. Aries with a drop kick off the top but Angle catches him and locks in the ankle lock but Aries rolls through. Aries runs into the corner, he goes for a drop kick but Angle catches him and locks in the ankle lock. Aries rolls through again and sends Angle to the floor. Aries hits a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Aries hits a drop kick off the top rope then one in the corner. Aries hits the brain buster then locks in the last chancery submission but Angle fights out. They exchange right hands but Angle gets the better of the two and hits two german suplex (he goes for the third one was from the top rope) but Aries knocks him off and goes for 450 splash but missed. Angle goes for the ankle lock but blocked then Aries goes for brain buster but blocked. Angle side steps a shoulder block in the corner then locks in a cross face submission for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

The commentators hype up next week’s show but Mr. Anderson brings out Garrett to the stage. He pile drives Garrett Bischoff on the stage to end the show.

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