TNA LockDown (2/6) Results: Lethal LockDown


[Show: LockDown] [Location: New York] [Date: 2/6/14] [Airing On Destination America]

Welcome to LockDown, we are shown highlights of all the feuds that have led up until this point. We are shown a shot inside the building. The crowd is more light it, but only the first three rows. Josh Mathews hyped that the Tag Team titles are on the line first on this “stacked” show.

TNA Tag Team Match: James Storm and Abyss © vs. The Hardys.

All four men brawl to begin the match. Storm and Abyss get the upper hand, but the Hardy’s reverse a double Irish whip and hit a few clotheslines to get the upper hand. The Hardy’s hit a double dropkick on both Abyss and Storm. Matt lands a leg drop on Storm. The Hardy’s are in full control and the fans begin to get behind them. Manik some how climbs into the cage, but Matt cut him off and Matt hit a suplex on him. The hardy’s hit a double suplex on Abyss. Matt handcuffs Manik to the top rope, so he can’t interfere any further. During this time, Abyss and Storm knocked both of them down. Storm wants Manik un-cuffed from the rope, but no one has the key.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from break with Storm hitting a moonsault off the top rope onto Jeff Hardy. Moments later, Matt Hardy fights back and hits a Twist of Fate to Abyss. Jeff hit a splash onto Storm, but only got a count of two. Matt climbed to the top rope and missed a moonsault as Storm rolled out of the way. Storm climbed to the top rope, but Matt popped up and climbed up there with him. Matt hit a very bad looking Twist of Fate to Storm. Khoya pulled Matt Hardy through the camera hole and sent him face first into the steel. Back in the ring, Jeff hit a twist of fate to Abyss. Jeff went to the top rope, but Sanada spit mist into the face of Jeff and Storm connected with the superkick for the win.

Winners and still champs: Storm and Abyss.

Khoya and Storm set up a table on the outside of the cage, they sent Matt back first through the table. Storm then sets up a table in the ring, they put Jeff on top of the table and Manik went for a dive off the top rope, but Jeff moved and Manik went crashing through it. Jeff fought off Storm and Abyss. Jeff climbed to the top of the cage, but fell onto the cage door Storm hit him in the head with the cowbell and it sent him crashing onto the steel steps. Storm and crew walked up the stage to celebrate while TNA officials and medical members checked on Jeff as we went to break.

-Commercial Break-

The Beatdown Klan (MVP, EY and Kenny King) are in the ring. MVP talked about competing inside a steel cage can change or end careers. EY said that he will make Bobby Roode bleed. MVP said that Roode should just walk away before EY ends his career. MVP said he needs to have a talk with Kurt Angle. He is a reasonable man and so is Kurt Angle. They need to talk as he has a purposely. Angle, Gunner and Austin Aries walk down to the ramp. MVP said that he will give them an opportunity to save their career. MVP said Gunner has a bright future and just make a good decision and save his career. MVP said that Kurt Angle is injury prone. He said just walk away before he makes sure that Angle never walks again. Angle said that MVP’s threats mean nothing. Angle said that they are not leaving until they kick his ass. Angle then leads his team into the cage and a brawl ensues. Team Angle cleared the ring and stood tall in the ring.

A hype video package is shown for the recent feud between Havok and Awesome Kong.

-Commercial Break-

Singles match: Awesome Kong vs. Havok.

The two brawl outside of the ring with Havok. getting the better of Kong. However, Kong fought back and threw her into the ring. The two had a stare down, a few shoves, way too many punches thrown and exchanged chokeslams. Havok. Went to the top rope, but Kong powerbombed her off and then climbed the top rope. Kong off the rope with a splash for the win.

Winner: Kong.

-Commercial Break-

There is a hype video shown for the bad blood between Roode and EY.

Bobby Lashley shows up at the building, the cameraman told him that Kurt Angle is looking for him. Lashley shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

Singles match: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young.

The two brawl to start the match. EY knocked him down and then locked in a headlock. Roode fought out with strikes, he connected with a big boot, but EY cut him off with a power slam for 2. EY motioned to the back for MVP to come out and does with a steel chair. MVP handed him a chair, EY swung and missed with a chair shot. Roode went for the Roode bomb, but blocked. EY went for a pile-driver, but blocked. Roode sent EY into the steel face first. EY bladed and did so very obvious. Roode attacked the open cut on the forehead of EY with strikes. Roode with a spinebuster for 2.. Roode put EY on the top turnbuckle, but EY bounced Roode’s head of the steel and hit an elbow drop off the top for a near fall. EY put the steel chair on the face of Roode and climbed the top rope. However, Roode hit EY in the gut with a steel chair to knock him down. Roode nailed him in the back with the chair as EY trembled in pain. Roode hit the Roode bomb to EY on the steel chair for the win.

Winner: Roode

Angle tried to convince Lashley to join his team, Lashley did not want to so Angle got in the face of Lashley and said that Lashley need him as much as he needed Lashley. We then cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

2 on 1 handicap match: Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews.

Both Andrews and Spud tried to mount an offense, but Tyrus starts throwing them around like their a sack of potatoes. Tyrus dominated most of the match until the two fought back and knocked him down. Spud went to the top of the cage and hit a sick front senton off the top of the cage. EC3 is in shock on the outside of the cage. EC3 spit in the face of Andrews. This pissed him off and went through the cage door, but when he did, EC3 threw him off the apron and head first into the steel steps. Spud went to save Andrews, but EC3 hit him in the face with the cage door. Tyrus hit a thumb spike to Spud for the win.

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