TNA LockDown (2/6) Results: Lethal LockDown


Winner: Tyrus

EC3 was about to shave off the hair of Spud, but JB cut the cord to the hair clippers. JB ran to the back as EC3 went out of his mind with rage.

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Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Lashley, Gunner, and Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe, Kenny King, MVP, and Low Ki)

Kenny King and Gunner start things off. King went after the injured left arm of Gunner right away. Gunner nailed him with a trash can lid to the top of the head of King. Gunner chokes King with a nightstick. The next wrestler out is Low Ki for the Beatdown Klan. Gunner took him out with a clothesline. However, the numbers game catches up to him and both Ki and King beatdown Gunner until the next wrestler, which is Austin Aries ran down to the ring to even things up. Aries hits a leg sweep into an elbow drop by Aries. He then hit a drop kick to Low Ki. Aries hits a leg drop on King with a trash can lid. Samoa Joe ran down and cleared the ring. He nailed some big high impact moves to both Aries and Gunner. Kurt Angle ran down and tried to even the odds. Joe hits him in the gut with a pipe. Angle ducked the second shot and hit a German suplex. MVP ran down to the ring as we break our way down to the ring.

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We’re back with the Beatdown Klan in full control of Team Angle. They dominate their competition until the surprise of Lashley running down to even the odds for Kurt Angle. A big brawl ensues. All of Team Angle hit their finishers on the Beatdown Klan. Lashley got the winning pinfall when he hit a spear on MVP for the win.

Winner: Team angle.

Team Angle celebrates in the ring as we go off the air.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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