TNA No Surrender (9/16) Results: Roode Vs. Lashley


[Show: TNA No Surrender] [Location: New York City ] [Date: 9/17/14] [Airing live on Spike TV]

Welcome to No Surrender, a recap video of the tag team title series is shown. It all continues tonight!


TNA Knockouts Battle Royal: Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Britney, Rebel and Havok. 

This one starts out in a big brawl. Havok sends Rayne over the top rope and then Taryn Terrell. Britney tries to take on Havok, but after a series of strikes, Havok nailed a clothesline taking her out. Love and Sky double team Rebel in the corner. Britney with a back elbow, she goes to the apron, but Havok nailed a forearm shot and Britney is eliminated. Love misses a clothesline on Rebel and she goes over the top rope. Rebel jumps on the back of Havok, but Havok drives her back first into the corner. Rebel with a back elbow, she goes to the top rope, but Havok pushes her off sending her crashing to the floor. It’s Havok and Sky, Sky tries to kick Havok down. However, Havok sends her into the corner and goes for a move, but Sky reversed and locked in a sleeper. Havok missed a leg drop and Sky goes for a Crossbody, but Havok caught her and sends her over the top rope.

Winner: Havok

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Gunner and Sam Shaw are backstage talking about Shaw going back to see his therapist. 

MVP and Kenny King make their way out to the ring. MVP cuts a promo about how Lashley will crush Roode and his dreams tonight. He said that Chris Melendez is making some headway in TNA, so come on out our American hero. MVP thanks Melendez for everything that he has done for this country, but he is a killer and his squad is the only killer in this thing. MVP said that if Melendez does good, he could make an impact. King said that Melendez is doing a good job promoting TNA and he wants him to roll with them. Melendez said that he would decline their offer. King asks him if he thinks he is better than them. King said lets get a referee out so he can take his ass back to boot camp.

Sgt. Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King. 

MVP wishes Melendez good luck, and King jumps Melendez from behind. 

-Commercial Break-

We’re back and King is still in control. Melendez tries to mount a comeback, but King knocks him down. King with a spinning back kick followed by a series of right hands. Out of nowhere, Melendez rolls up King and wins the match. 

Winner: Melendez

After the match, King attacks Melendez. King hit a power slam to further prove his point. King grabs a mic and said that he is not no star. King said that Melendez can’t even defend himself, so how he is supposed to defend this country. All of a sudden, Mr. Anderson comes out and makes the save. King ducks out of the ring before Anderson can get his hands on him.

A hype video package is shown for Bobby Lashley – Bobby Roode match.

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X-Division Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Homicide.  

Joe with a spinning kick in the corner followed by a knee drop for 2. Joe works the left arm of Homicide, he locks in an elbow submission, but Homicide fights out. Homicide sends Joe out to the floor and then hit an outside dive taking out the champion. Homicide with a neck breaker, he kneed Joe in the gut and then hit a knee drop off the top rope for 2. Joe with jabs, Homicide pokes the eyes of Joe. However, when Homicide runs at Joe, Samoa Joe hit a belly to belly into the corner. Joe with a scoop slam for a near fall. Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Homicide blocks and hit a DDT off the top rope for a near fall. The crowd is dead for this match. Really, they have been all night. Joe with a clothesline, but Homicide hit an RKO style move for a near fall. Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer, but blocked. Homicide goes for the same RKO Style move, but Joe catches him in mid air and locks in the rear naked choke for the win. 

Winner: Joe (c)

After the match, James Storm and The Great Sanada jump the two men. Storm chokes Homicide with a rope as Sanada hit a superkick on him. Outcomes, Manik who is dressed differently and hit a frog splash off the top rope.

The Wolves cut a backstage promo about how they will win the ladder match tonight. The tag titles are not just titles, but it’s their destiny.

-Commercial Break-

Ladder Match: The Wolves vs. Team 3D vs. The Hardy Boys.

All three teams start brawling, Davey hit a dropkick on Matt. The Wolves take out Ray and Jeff on the floor, then Devon and Matt on the other side of the ring with an outside dive. Matt knocks Davey off the ladder, but Davey catches himself and hits a sidekick to Matt. Eddie with a side kick to Ray. The Wolves hit Ray with a ladder, then Matt. Ray is thrown into the corner, Devon hit the same ladder. Jeff drop kicks the ladder that the Wolves are holding then hits a dive off the top rope taking them and the ladder out. The Hardys use the ladder on Davey, Eddie takes out Matt and Davey takes out Jeff. Ray has the ladder on his head, he takes out the Wolves then stands tall with the ladder. Devon climbs the ladder as Ray power slammed Davey, Devon off the ladder for what’s up! Matt has a ladder and takes out Team 3D. Matt climbs the ladder, but Eddie meets him up there. They exchange rights, but Devon pushes them off and they crash onto the top rope. 

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with bodies all over the place. Ray climbs the ladder, but the Wolves powerbomb him off of it. The Wolves climb the ladder, but so does Devon and Matt Hardy. Devon and Davey fall off, then Matt hits the twist of fate off the top of the ladder. Jeff climbs the ladder, but Ray meets him up there and they exchange strikes. Ray goes for a suplex and nailed it off the top of the ladder! Davey with a forearm shot to Devon, Davey with a series of right hands, but Ray hits him from behind and Devon with a clothesline off the top rope. Matt hit Ray and Devon with the ladder, Jeff helped out to further the damage. The Hardys hit a double team twist of fate to Team 3D then Matt hit a moonsault onto Ray and Jeff with a Swanton bomb off the top onto Devon. Matt sends Davey back first into the ladder, followed by Jeff hitting a dive into the corner on him.  Jeff on the top rope and hit a splash on Davey, who is laying on a ladder. Team 3D has a table, they hit the Hardys with the table. They put Matt on the table, but the Wolves hit Team 3D with steel chairs. Davey with a double foot stomp on Devon, who had a chair on their back. Davey on the top rope, he hit a double stomp onto Matt who is laying on a table outside the ring. Eddie climbs the ladder, Jeff meets him up there, but Davey pushes him off and Jeff crashes hard on the ladder. Eddie pulls down the tag titles and this car crash is over with it. Wow. 

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