Total Nonstop Action Special Results & Match Ratings 3/31/20


TNA gets resurrected on national television for the first time since 2017. Like it or not, TNA did have plenty of fun moments that most of us in the IWC remember fondly.

Yes, there was a lot of bad or cornball that came with the brand. But the fact that most of the major players in numerous companies had a stint in TNA/Impact; that has to account for something.

So let’s enjoy this 1 hour ride, and Cross the Line…one more time.

TNA Ratings:

  • Hernandez vs Chase Stevens: Hernandez wins via Border Toss – * 1/2
  • Johnny Swinger & Kid Kash vs Manik & Suicide: Suicide wins via Swanton Bomb – ** 1/2
  • Madman Fulton vs Rhino: Rhino wins via DQ – N/A


TNA Results: 

Now we all wanted Don West and Mike Tenay; but instead we get Scott D’Amore and David Penzer on commentary. A decent substitution, but a little disappointing if I’m being honest.

The show gets started with two TNA originals though:


Hernandez vs Chase Stevens

This was short, but it achieved a what it needed to. Both men would be welcomed throwback names, and Super Mex was a big draw to the early Spike TV days. Even though he’s pushing 50, Hernandez was fairly impressive, especially when he skinned the cat up to the top turnbuckle, ate a Superplex; but ended up hitting the Border Toss for the win.

Small backstage interview with Gail Kim talking about the Knockouts Battle Royal that was supposed to happen at the WrestleMania week show, but as we know, plans have changed.

Johnny Swinger & Kid Kash vs Manik & Suicide

This was a decent bout. Kash and Swinger cut off the ring and kept Manik isolated for a long time. The crowd started chanting for Suicide, so when he finally got the tag, it was pretty hot. A few stereo dives and in the ropes taunts, before Suicide eventually picks up the pinfall after a Swanton Bomb.

It did look like someone different under the Suicide mask, even different than who we saw last week on IMPACT. My guess is Wentz from the Rascalz, but no clue. Fun match though.

Scott Steiner hits the ring for a promo. Starts talking about bringing the T & A to TNA and not being a part of PC Culture. This prompts Joseph P Ryan to come out and offer Scott a place in Cancel Culture. Big Poppa Pump, will become Big Proper Pump. Scott hits a Steiner Line, dumps out Joey and tells him off.

Madman Fulton vs Rhino

A fairly basic match that ends in a DQ once the Crist brothers show up. This of course was the excuse for the show to end…extremely TNA.

Dreamer comes out, oVe starts winning because of the numbers, lights go out, RAVEN SHOWS UP! Kendo stick on the Crists, then he helps Dreamer up…and hits him with the stick as well. Raven poses and saunters off out through the crowd as oVe continues to fight Rhino. Then we get Suicide and Manik to try and even the odds, Chase Stevens, Kid Kash and Johnny Swinger pour out. Hernandez is the last to enter the fray, and we get a big ole’ donnybrook. Kid Kash hits hit top rope senton and Super Mex ends the show with a good old Air Mexico.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Being a quick taste of what was to come on Friday, this was a perfect microcasm of TNA. There were fun moments, decent matches, and just a lot of good fun. I would’ve preferred to see the Six Sided Ring, but this was still fun.

Now will everyone like what happened? No way. This was a special for people who really enjoyed the TNA way of doing things. Since I go back to about 2005 with this company, I definitely appreciated the old faces and even the cluster ending.

A very solid homage to old TNA.

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