WWE 2017 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Live Coverage


Event: 2017 Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Airdate: March 31st, 2017


Location: Amway Arena In Orlando, FL

Results By Robert Leighty Jr. Of 411 Mania 

  • Kurt Angle (Inducted By John Cena)
  • Rick Rude (Inducted By Ricky Steamboat)
  • The Rock N’ Roll Express (Inducted By Jim Cornette)
  • Beth Phoenix (Inducted By Natalya)
  • Teddy Long (Inducted By Faarooq & JBL “APA”)
  • Diamond Dallas Page (Inducted By Eric Bischoff)
  • Warrior Award: Eric LeGrand (inducted by Dana Warrior)
  •  Legacy Inductees: Dr. Jerry Graham, Haystacks Calhoun, Luther Lindsay, Rikidozan, June Byers, Judy Grable, Farmer Burns and Toots Mondt.


-Opening video package is great as always and then it segues into going over all the inductees tonight.

-We are love from Orlando, Florida and our host for the evening is WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler. He welcomes us to the ceremony and runs down a few inductees. The crowd is jacked for Angle.

-Diamond Dallas Page will be out first and they show HHH giving him the call. DDP breaks down as you would expect and it is an amazing moment. That gave me all the feels. The video package puts over how DDP was the underdog and the guy who was never supposed to make it. The highlight the tag match with Malone against Hogan and Rodman. He was also the first to get one over on the nWo. Foley puts over that nobody worked harder than DDP. After his career ended he founded DDP Yoga and they show all the guys that he has helped. Foley sums it up best…an excellent person and a better person.

-Eric Bischoff is out to a good reaction and the crowd starts a “Welcome Back” chant. Eazy E for Hall of Fame 2018! Eric gets emotional as he says that he wishes someone else was here to induct DDP and says “God Bless You Dusty Rhodes,” as he tears up. He is proud to be standing here and is happy to be a distant second. He first met DDP back in 1988 when he was the manager of Badd Company. He was told by Ray Stevens and others that DDP was to tall to be a manger. He compares it to if Paul Heyman was 6’11” and was shredded while also managing Brock Lesnar. He tells a story of how obnoxious DDP could be and it cause them to get in a bar fight. He wasn’t heart broken to see DDP head to WCW and goes over everything he did in the early years with The Diamond Mine. Soon the AWA closes their doors and after failing to sell Vince McMahon on a broom in his WWE audition. He got a chance with WCW and his first commentary audition was with DDP, the same guy who get into a bar fight. He puts Page over for helping him the job in WCw and they became great friends even if he is still obnoxious.

-Bischoff continues as he talks about Page deciding to try to become a wrestler at the age of 35. He calls DDP relentless as he made it through training and The Power Plant. He was never satisfied and tried every gimmick possible to try to get himself over. He kept at it as he was committed and his work ethic was second to none. Bischoff puts over the matches he had with Savage, Flair, Hogan, Hall, Nash, Guerrero, and even Goldberg (some boos as the mention of Goldberg’s name). Dallas defines heart by what he does to help other people. He talks about all the help he has done with guys who aren’t even in the business. He says 2 WWE Hall of Famers are here tonight (Jake and Scott) because of what DDP did for them. Wonderful speech from Bischoff there and that brings out DDP.

-He is flanked by four women and yep, they are his daughters. Good job DDP! He has a water bottle with him so this could be a long one, but I will never complain about how long any of these guys and gals are out there. DDP talks about his pink Cadillac getting the gig at Mania VI and he was just riding along. He breaks up as the crowd starts a “you deserve it” chant. He talks about Lee Marshall calling him an anomaly, and how it is something that was never supposed to happen. Dallas says it is bittersweet for him as Dusty Rhodes isn’t here to share this with him. He recalls the first time he met Dusty and does his best impersonation. He says Dusty told him he was going to make him the Jesse Ventura of the 90s and said Gordon Solie would walk him through all of it. He talks about how Michael Hayes fell on the ground laughing when DDP told him he was going to start wrestling when he was 35. He trained at the Power Plant under Jody Hamilton (The Assassin), and he says that he soon found out this fake stuff really hurts. He breaks down again as he thanks Hamilton for believing in his work. He thanks Buddy Parker for being The Sarge and Terry Taylor for helping him. He thanks Dusty’s wife for always getting Dusty to call him back.

-DDP continues as he talks about all the gimmicks he had and how it Bischoff who told him to lose all the gimmicks and just be himself. He thanks Bischoff for always having his back. He says without Dusty there is no DDP, but he also wants to thank his other mentor, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Without both of them he is not standing here today. He talks about how he taped every single match he had and how everyone does that now. He watched all those matches with Jake and that was his learning tree. He thanks Johnny Ace for giving him the Diamond Cutter and thanks William Regal for helping him make the move his own. What pulled the move together was throwing up the Diamond Cutter sign and when the fans started doing it, it showed the bookers that he was getting over. He thanks the fans for that, and then talks about his first competitive match with Sting. The next day he got a call from Hayes who was pissed DDP actually picked up the phone as he wanted to get the answering machine. He wanted to let DDP know that he was never happier to eat crowd, said he was proud of DDP and hung up the phone. In 1997 he got a call from Jake who congratulated him for reinventing the DDT.

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