WWE 2017 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Live Coverage


-More from DDP as he next thanks Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, He puts them over for fighting for him to get the chance to turn on the nWo. He says that moment made his career as it took off like a rocket from there. They set the table for him and next was the PWI Feud of the Year: Page vs. Savage. His favorite story was when he called Savage on Thanksgiving to thank him for what he did for him. He didn’t know if Savage knew how grateful he was for their match at Spring Stampede. He ran into Savage the following Monday and he thought Savage was pissed. Savage played the message a few times and asked his dad if any of the boys had ever done that for him. Savage then thanked DDP for the gesture and gave him a giant hug. Page thanks Hulk Hogan next as he told DDP that somewhere down the line if he kept doing his thing, they would draw money down the road. That leads to the biggest angle he was part of with Page/Leno vs Hogan/Bischoff as he was all over The Tonight Show. He wants to thanks his ex wife, Kimberly (which gets a big pop) and then he thanks his current wife, Brenda. She is a breast cancer survivor and she is his personal superhero. He says DDP keeps evolving and he runs through a list of all the guys that use DDP Yoga (Foley, Hall, Gallows, Anderson, AJ Styles, Wyatt, The Miz and others). He makes sure to really put over Jericho and how he came to DDP after he blew out his back. He did everything DDP asked and now he is out there wrestling like a kid again. He thanks his family and all the people at DDP Yoga. He thanks Goldberg for a hell of a match at Halloween Havoc. Finally, he wants to thank his mom as I am sure Mr. T appreciates that. One final Dusty story as he ranted to Dusty about how he was never going to get a chance to be a star. Dusty raked him across the eyes and asked him to repeat what he said. Page said “I am never going to be World Champion,” and Dusty told him “then what the hell are you doing it for?” Awesome! As they were talking DDP wrote down that he would be World Champion within 5 years. It took 4 years, 4 months, and 14 days but he accomplished the goal in a match with 3 Icons: Sting, Flair, and Hogan. He thanks Flair for that moment and talks about the inner peace he felt when Savage handed him the belt. The next day he got a call from Dusty who asked him how it feels, and Page told him it feels real. Dusty responded with “that’s because it is.” He mentions that his friend Jim Ross calls him an overachiever, and for that to happen Page says you have to be an over-believer. He wraps up as he thanks the fans for helping him lead the dream.

-They show Reigns in the crowd and he gets booed out of the building. So if the rumors are true, then Mania is going to close with the conquering hero getting booed out the building.

-Rock N Roll Express next and the video package does a great job of showing how amazing they were.

-Jim Cornette time and this is what a lot of people have been waiting for tonight. Jim knows the fans expect something as he says he has a live mic, but says no matter what he says the crowd may be disappointed because of the hype. In 1983 Jerry Lawler had an idea because of what was happening with MTV. He had a couple young guys wrestling for him that needed a gimmick. They put them in spandex pants and he mentions that spandex was flattering to Gibson which draws a laugh. He says it wasn’t a marketing gimmick and Ricky and Robert were the perfect guys. He mentions Ricky’s dad was a referee and he grew up in the business. Robert had family in the business as well and it prepared him for the business as well. The fans in Memphis had seen Ricky and Robert since they were teenagers so they needed to go to another territory and that is when Watts took them to Mid-South. He says Ricky and Robert ad more sex on there way to the ring than most people have in a year. Awesome!

-Cornette continues by talking about how Ricky was the master at taking a beating and getting the crowd to sympathize. He says that he was beat up by the RNR fan’s more than the RNR Express. He brings up all the great teams they fought, but they needed their Joker, and that was the Midnight Express. They were polar opposites of each other, and that is why it worked so well. When they fought each other the matches were magic (no argument here). By the end of the year various promoters had heard about these kids tearing down the house and selling out show after show. There were two men that they respected that brought them to Charlotte and that was the greatest World Champion of all time, Ric Flair, and a creative genius, Dusty Rhodes. Even when the Midnight Express changed members they were still able to tear down the house each time they worked together.

-Cornette jumps forward with SMW and how if it wasn’t for the Rock N Roll Express it would not have lasted as long as it did. It was also in the 90s when they made their WWE debut. The Rock N Roll always gave the fans what they wanted to see and that he has had several stars in the WWE say that decided to become wrestlers when they watched the Expresses do battle. They continued to wrestle each other into the 2000s and had their last match against each other in 2011. He talks about how 4 months ago he managed a team that fought the RNR Express. He says they have been a team for 34 years and that they should be in The Smithsonian instead of the Hall of Fame. He calls then a National Treasure. He tells a story of how fans would view the RNR Express as members of their family. There was a family that had a picture of their wall of Jesus Christ on the left and The Rock N Roll Express on the right and that is how you know you are over. Cornette tries to start a Rock N Roll chant, but the crowd doesn’t bite which is kind of sad. Cornette finally wraps up as he brings out The Rock N Roll Express.

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