WWE 2017 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Live Coverage


-Eric comes out a wonderful ovation and first thanks God. He next thanks HHH for his friendship. He says they became friends because they both know HHH’s trainer. They invited Eric to SummerSlam 2 years ago and that is how they friendship started. He has always been a big wrestling fan and he calls the SummerSlam experience an experience of a lifetime. Oct 16, 2010 he says his life changed forever in that game with Army. He was always told to keep his head up and his teammate got their before he did. He tripped the player and Eric hit him with the crown of his helmet in the shoulder. That was it for him and he thanks all the doctors and people that helped that day. He was told he would never be able to breath on his own again and would always need a feeding tube. He was told that after surgery he said “I’ll be back.” He made a vow to always keep on fighting and five weeks later he told them to take the ventilator out. He was told he would only last a minute, but 90 minutes later he was breathing on his own. That Thanksgiving he was eating dinner with his family and jokes that people can tell he is eating plenty of solid of food. Six years into this and now he can dance in his chair and is making progress. He has had friends that have passed from this injury and he fights for all of them. His dream is that spinal cord injuries will be treated as easily as a torn ACL is now. He wants to finish the goal started by Christopher Reeves (who he calls a true Warrior).

-He talks about being a wrestling fan and how he was put in the Walls of Jericho by his sister. He grew up with The Attitude Era and he was inspired by 3 guys: 1) Stone Cold Steve Austin and you can tell he is a massive fan as he talks about Austin firing off Stunners. 2) Kane: watching him as a kid was incredible. He was in awe of Kane’s entrance and he always thought it was bad ass if you could step over the top rope. He says Kane won him a ton of matches against friends when he played SmackDown vs Raw. 3)The Rock: he loves the fact that he is always grinding and working. He talks about the amazing Rock/Goldust/Booker T promo and goes into a Rock promo of his own which gets the crowd going. He says the WWE will always be with him and he has a few more people to thank. He thanks his mom who is back home watching on The Network. She has given up a big part of her life to help him and he wouldn’t be where he is without her. He finishes by again saying that he will walk again one day. Good stuff there!

-Commercial to hype the mixed tag match and the crowd cheers The Miz when we come back. Yep, going to be interesting on Sunday.

-Hitting the home stretch now as Teddy Long is next. Video package time and DOOM! Awesome! They play up Teddy being the longest GM in SmackDown history. Renee Young pops up a talking head and I only mention because it is Renee Young. They bust on Teddy for constantly making tag matches and how you would never know what he was going to say. Vickie says Teddy Long helped her so much with how to be a GM and how to interact in the ring with talent. Big Show calls him the man.

-The APA are out to do the induction and it gets an APA chant from the crowd. They joke that when you give older guys a live mic they forget the two most important words in the business: Go Home! JBL says they thought Teddy might have to get inducted in 2018 at the rate they are going. They bust Teddy’s balls for being the cheapest man alive. He never offered to pay for anything and Simmons pulls out a tab that Teddy owes them: $72,345.43 and they will never see a dime. They say that Teddy’s most important job besides GM and manager of Doom was being the driver for the APA and The Godfather. They talk about Teddy failing a drunk test in Kentucky even though he didn’t have a drink for over a week. They tells jokes about Teddy’s age as he wasn’t just around for the Civil Rights Movement, but also The Civil War. Nice! All joking aside they put over all the accomplishments of Long. JBL brings up that Teddy was born in Alabama during a time when his friends were blasted with hoses for being black. He was a few blocks away from a church bombing that killed 4 girls. JBL talks about the diversity today and how people move ahead on their own merit. He puts over people like Ernie Ladd and Ron Simmons. He mentions that Teddy said Ron winning the World Title wasn’t about black history, but it was about history. It is their honor to induct their good friend and the cheapest man to walk God’s green Earth, Teddy Long.

-Teddy is out as he fakes injuring himself while dancing to mess with JBL and Ron. He promises he won’t be out here all night and after 4.5 hours I appreciate that. Again, talk all you want, but if you want to run short then all good with me. He clears up the Kentucky police incident as he did pass the drunk test, but was given a tick anyway that he made Ron and JBL pay. He started out working any job he could in the business and one day was asked to be a ref. His first match was a Texas Death Match and the guys beat the hell out of each other. He was in a car with Eddie Gilbert and Sullivan when they found out he was a DJ and could talk. So they went to JR who made him a manager. He goes over managing Doom, Johnny B Badd, Ice Train and Scott Norton. In 1998 he started with the WWE thanks to JR and they convinced Vince to let him be a manager. He was with D-Lo Brown first and Vince couldn’t believe Teddy had this talent and was under his nose all this time. He mentions managing Mark Hendry, and Rodney Mack (WHITE BOY CHALLENGE). From there he got to be SD GM and spent more time that anyone else doing the job. He thanks the McMahon family for giving him a chance. He thanks his son who is here tonight. He remembers he had to put up the ring one night and he had nobody to help so he had his 6 year old son help him and it took 6 hours. He thanks his wife of 20 plus years. He says behind every man is a good woman and that is exactly what his wife is. He ends things by thanking all the fans for coming out to support the entire class. He wants JBL and Bradshaw to know one more thing and that is if they have a problem with the money situation then he has no choice but to put them in a tag match. Awesome! Since Ron is retired then he has no problem letting JBL go 1 on 1 with The Undertakah! Again, Awesome! Crowd popped huge for both of those jokes.

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