WWE 2017 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Live Coverage


-Lawler throws to the video honoring those inducted into the Legacy Hall of Fame: Haystacks Calhoun, Judy Grable, Bearcat Wright, Farmer Burns, Rikidozan, Luther Lindsay, June Byers, Toots Mondt, and Dr. Jerry Graham.

-That was a great video package that gave a little bit of information on each member and was very informative. More of this every year please!

-Video package for Mt Lebanon grad, and Pittsburgh native, Kurt Angle. When Kurt was announced I immediately sent an e-mail asking to do this coverage so I am rather pumped for this one.

-John Cena is out to many, many boos and “John Cena Sucks” being sung to his theme music. He jokes it is nice to see all of them too. “Lets Go Miz” chant next and even he seems shocked by that one. Cena says the moment we are about to experience is long overdue. He says Angle is in a class by himself. He puts over that Angle won his Olympic Gold with an injury that would put most in a hospital. In less than 2 years he became the measuring stick for any and all WWE SuperStars. He mentions that guys always tried to test Kurt on and off camera and they always failed. Great stuff from Cena here as puts Angle over in amazing fashion. He brings out Angle rather quickly.

-Angle is out and it is spectacular to hear the music again. The crowd does the “You Suck” and I am sure Kurt wouldn’t want it any other way. Amazing reaction as they fans start a “Welcome Back” chant. Next is “One More Match” which may be a record for how quickly that happened. Even Kurt jokes that he just got out here to give him some time. He thanks Cena for everything he just said. He talks about meeting Vince in 1996 and how he gave him a massive contract, but he told Vince that if he signs he can never lose a match. He didn’t hear back from Vince after that. Kurt started to watch RAW and decided to call Jim Ross (and Kurt says he is praying for JR) and asked if the contract was still on the table. Turns out it wasn’t and Kurt had to tryout just like everyone else. Kurt puts over all the guys that helped him when he started in the WWE. He was on TV only 12 months after he started training. He said he was able to do it because he worked with unselfish guys: Edge, Christian, The Hardys (Delete chants from the crowd), Eddie Guerrero, HHH, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Big Show, Kane, The Rock, and Rikishi. He knows he named nearly everyone, but he had to thank all of them. He talks about the Mania 21 match with Shawn and then matches with Lesnar, Shane, and Cena. He wants to speak to the current stars as he tells them to limit their mistakes. Basically Kurt is saying to avoid the things that he did. He also tells them to take chances with their character like he did. He mentions the tiny cowboy hat and someone brings one out of stage. Perfect! Kurt starts singing “Jimmy Crack Corn” with the “I Got Olympic Gold” modifier. Next he brings out the wig with the head gear and he is just running through all the classics. He mentions he made The Immortal Hulk Hogan tap out while wearing that. He talks about driving a moped to the ring while feuding with Taker and having Wooo offs with Flair. Next he talks about Battle Raps with John Cena. He gets the crowd to clap and starts rapping. Next he starts singing “I’m just a sexy Kurt….I’ll make your ankle hurt.” Shawn Michaels is dying in the front row as Angle sings all this and the crowd is loving every second. That gets a standing ovation and an Angle chant. This is just amazing. He tells the talent they have to make moments and that fans will remember the matches, but you have to give them character moments. He mentions the Milk Truck, but says there is no chance he is driving one out there.

-He thanks the WWE fans and then starts thanking the members of his family. He gets emotional as he talks about his wife and how she saved his life. He wraps up by celebrating the only way he knows how….chugging 2 bottles of milk. Just fantastic! That will go down as one of the better speeches in Hall of Fame history. His music is played and the crowd chants “You Suck” and we are out.

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