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WWE 205 Live April 10, 2020 Full Results Report


The WWE Cruiserweight Division is in flux!

Global circumstances being what they are, the NXT Cruiserweight Champion cannot travel! What will the WWE do to adjust to the situation?


  • Tony Nese VS Danny Burch; Nese wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Oney Lorcan; wins.


WWE has made a decision on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship!

World circumstances are hard on everyone, but it has brought the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship World Tour to a screeching halt! The Irish Ace is not happy to hear this, but NXT is beginning an Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament this Wednesday! Who will be in? Who will be left out? And who will have Devlin’s full attention at the end of it all?

Tony Nese VS Danny Burch!

The Premier Athlete has gotten back on a roll on 205 Live but doesn’t look to stop now. He beat one half of the One Two already, but will he complete the sweep tonight? Or will The Governah earn himself a spot in the Cruiserweight Championship race instead?

The bell begins and Burch ties up with Nese. They go around and Burch gets Nese in the corner. The ref counts and Burch lets up. Nese comes out to circle and tie up again. Burch wrenches to a wristlock and drags Nese to the mat. Nese endures as Burch cranks harder on the arm. Nese rolls and powers Burch to a corner. The ref counts for a break but Nese headlocks to hit a takeover. Burch endures but Nese traps an arm. Burch brings Nese to a cover, TWO! Nese and Burch reset and go again. They approach and put on a knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength, but Burch kicks and spins to trip Nese to a Half Crab! Nese moves around to get the ropebreak! Burch lets up and backs off, daring Nese to bring the fight.

Nese and Burch circle and tie up again. Nese gets a leg takedown and cranks on the foot. Burch endures and tries for a chinbar, but Nese uses the ropes as leverage. The ref doesn’t notice but Burch breaks free! Nese wants the leg again and trips Burch up. Nese wants his own Half Crab and powers Burch over! Burch crawls and he gets the ropebreak! The ref counts but Burch boots Nese away! Nese is in the corner as he checks his jaw. The two circle again and they tie up. Burch headlocks to a takeover but Nese headscissors back. Nese squeezes tight but Burch endures. Burch moves around to get up and pop out. Burch drops on Nese to get the headlock back, but Nese powers up. Nese powers out but things speed up, and Burch catches Nese’s leg out of the air!

Burch grins as he stalks Nese but Nese throws him to the apron. Nese elbows Burch down hard! Burch hits the floor and Nese wants the count out. The count climbs to 5 as Burch stirs. Burch stands at 7 but Nese goes out after him. Nese RAMS Burch into barriers! Nese uses the new count to take his time with Burch and bumps him off the apron. He puts Burch in at 6 and stomps Burch down. Nese drops a jumping splash! Cover, TWO! Nese clamps onto Burch with body scissors and squeezes tight again. Burch endures and pries at the feet, but Nese twists his ear! The ref reprimands but Nese lets up at 4, to then go after the other ear! Burch keeps after Nese’s legs, digging an elbow into Nese’s knee. Burch is free but Nese quickly gets a rear bearhug.

Nese squeezes with his arms now, but Burch endures. Burch fights his way up and jawbreakers free! Nese again checks his jaw but he staggers into heavy right hands! Burch spins Nese around for a European Uppercut! Burch clotheslines then snapmares Nese to LARIAT! He runs in at Nese in the corner, for the clothesline and enziguri! Burch hops up an dleaps, the missile dropkick drops Nese! Cover, TWO! Burch keeps his cool as he drags Nese back up. Burch suplexes but Nese slips out and shoves. Nese baits Burch into a corner but Burch boots back! Burch waistlocks, German Suplex! But Nese lands on his feet to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated as he stalks behind Burch.

Nese brings Burch up by his ear and talks trash, before hitting the hotshot bulldog! PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO!! Burch survives the moonsault and Nese is losing his cool! Nese glares at Burch as Burch gasps in the corner. Nese pushes Burch around, drags him up, but Burch gets the arm! Burch gets a CROSSFACE! He cranks back on Nese’s neck but Nese endures. Nese rolls back to a cover, TWO! Nese throat chops! And then German Suplexes Burch into buckles! Nese runs side to side, PREMIER KNEE! Cover, Nese wins!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

Nese is 2-0 on the One Two! But is this enough for Nese to get into the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament and return to former glory?

NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin, has a message for the Division.

“So I got word from the WWE today that due to the situation that we’re in,” that is to say the Europe-to-America travel ban, and how that affects Devlin from being able to be where he needs to, there will be an interim Cruiserweight Champion. Devlin tells “whichever one of you frauds that picks up the interim Cruiserweight title” needs to know that as soon as Devlin is able, he will show them and everyone that there is only ONE Cruiserweight Champion.

Tony Nese refuses to leave commentary.

He insists non-stop that he should be Cruiserweight Champion already, and that the WWE shouldn’t even need this tournament. Commentary does their best to wish him good luck, but Nese doesn’t want to take it. Jack Gallagher then makes his entrance and that only upsets Nese more. Nese chose Gallagher to be on Team 205 Live for the WWE Cruiserweight Civil War, and then Gallagher goes and turns on him! Gallagher of course hears Nese complaining, and heads over. Nese says Gallagher should relax and go have his match. Gallagher says it is his time, so Nese can “bugger off.” Nese leaves, saying Gallagher better hope they don’t meet in the tournament. With that, Oney makes his entrance, and it’s time for the main event!

Jack Gallagher VS Oney Lorcan!

One half of the One Two lost tonight, can the Boston Brawler help them break even? Or will Jackal Jack Gallagher break Oney down to keep even with Nese?

The bell rings and the two tie up right away. Oney puts Gallagher on ropes but Gallagher powers back. Gallagher goes for a takedown but Oney blocks. Oney full nelsons but Gallagher resists the full extension. Gallagher uses a leg to pry free and he throws Oney down with an arm-drag. Oney headscissors back but Gallagher moves around. Gallagher rolls Oney over but Oney still stays on tight. Gallagher uses his legs to pry Oney’s legs off and then rolls to Queen Angelito stretch! He gets on Oney’s back and throws clubbing forearms. Gallagher clamps onto an arm but Oney rolls to get a leg. Oney wants the ankle lock but Gallagher gets free. Gallagher uses a foot guard but Oney still gets inside the clinch.

Gallagher gets to legs and boots Oney away. Oney kicks back but the ref backs him off. Gallagher gets to his feet and circles with Oney again. Oney lunges in and gets a leg takedown. Oney steps through for a standing toehold but Gallagher grapevines the other leg. Gallagher has Oney down but Oney is already fighting back. They roll and end up on the ropes. The ref calls for the break but it isn’t clean as the two start kicking at each other. Gallagher goes right up to Oney to kick again but Oney stays up. They feel out the grapple, Oney gets a leg but Gallagher sprawls. Gallagher throws body shots but Oney powers him down. Oney has a toehold and cranks on it. Gallagher uses his elbows to fight Oney off, hitting like a hammer and nail!

Gallagher chinlocks and floats to then kick Oney in the ribs. He keeps kicking until he has Oney at the ropes, and then just keeps kicking! The ref backs Gallagher off and Oney bails out to breathe. Oney returns but Gallagher is ready. They circle and Gallagher gives testing strikes. Oney CHOPS back but Gallagher eggs him on! Gallagher SLAPS Oney back then has him in a corner! Gallagher throws clubbing strikes then headlocks. Oney powers up to back suplex Gallagher down hard! Gallagher and Oney sit up and start throwing SLAPS! Gallagher eggs Oney on but Oney keeps pace. Oney is foaming from the mouth as Gallagher shouts, “HIT ME!” So Oney hits him with EuroUpper after EuroUpper! Gallagher gives furious body shots back but Oney CHOPS him! And CHOPS! And CHOPS!

Gallagher turns things around to headbutt low and then high! And again! Gallagher hits Oney all over but has to back off in his own daze. Gallagher whips but ONey reverses hard! Oney back elbows then HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Cover, TWO! Oney keeps on Gallagher with a whip and a BIG back elbow! Cover, TWO! Oney grits his teeth while Gallagher sits up. Oney waits for Gallagher to stand before he LARIATS him back down! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher survives but Oney doesn’t let up. Oney drags Gallagher up but Gallagher elbows back. Oney clubs Gallagher to a corner then hoists him up top. Both men are on the top rope now but Gallagher elbows Oney away. Gallagher adjusts and CROSSBODIES! Direct hit but Gallagher can’t make the cover!

Nese returns and has a chair! Gallagher glares at Nese but Nese takes a step back. Nese just uses the chair to take a seat. Oney rolls Gallagher up in the distraction, TWO! Gallagher HEADBUTTS Oney down!! Gallagher doesn’t cover, he heads for a corner. And Nese attacks!!

Winner: Jack Gallagher, by disqualification

Oney goes after Nese, furious that he just ruined this match! Nese runs away but Oney pursues! Nese RAMS Oney into the announce desk! He puts Oney back into the ring then brings the chair in with him. But here comes Burch! The One Two watches each other’s back and Nese bails out again. The Premier Athlete wants to be champion again, but how far is he willing to go?

My Thoughts:

A good episode, but just another showcase as to how gutted 205 Live is. But that really takes a backseat to what the global situation has forced WWE to do with the Cruiserweight Championship. It may seem strange for the WWE to suddenly worry about title defense rules, but it does give a way to create original content for both NXT and I would hope 205 Live over the next month or two. An “interim” Cruiserweight Champion already brings up the notion that there will need to be an undisputed champion. They could’ve easily made this a #1 contender’s tournament, but WWE have yet to use their new Cruiserweight Division correctly, so of course it went this way. Ironically, this moment in time could’ve constituted this title go BACK to be the WWE Cruiserweight Championship so that the champion could be on all brands.

Devlin’s promo video is a great response to the news, and a match of him and whoever wins the tournament will be great. Nese VS Burch and Gallagher VS Oney were good matches, especially the latter. The technical exchanges and the brawling is how Gallagher should wrestle. Nese is being very involved already in the Cruiserweight Championship story, which is a sign he won’t win the tournament. Nese VS Gallagher is definitely a match we’re getting and it will be a great one. Gallagher will win that, but I don’t see him winning the whole thing, either. Before all this, it clearly felt like Isaiah “Swerve” Scott or Kushida would come out on top for NXT, so it has to be one of them.

My Score: 8/10

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