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WWE 205 Live April 3, 2020 Full Results Report


WWE 205 Live, Jack Gallagher is BACK!

205 Live lost the WWE Cruiserweight Civil War, but it may have become more dangerous than ever! What will Jack Gallagher do to Tyler Breeze?


  • Kushida VS Danny Burch; Kushida wins.
  • Tyler Breeze VS Jack Gallagher; Gallagher wins.


Kushida VS Danny Burch!

The Time Splitter is still on a roll from Team NXT’s win in the Cruiserweight Civil War. But can he keep winning when he’s up against the gritty Govenah?

The bell rings and Burch circles with Kushida. They tie up and Kushida gets a leg. Burch blocks with a facelock and shifts to a wristlock. Burch wrenches but Kushida rolls and wrenches back. Kushida goes to a hammerlock, then headlock, then another hammerlock. He throws Burch down and sits him up for a chinlock. Burch slips out and gets around to a hammerlock on Kushida. Kushida rolls back to block with a headscissor. Burch powers Kushida off and to a cover. ONE, and the two struggle against each other. Kushida stands, Burch wrenches to a wristlock again, then drags Kushida down. Kushida endures and fights his way back up. He wrenches Burch back then again.

Burch steps in to reach and wrench back. Burch wrings Kushida out, then rolls him with a ghost pin, TWO! Kushida has Burch’s arms for his own ghost pin, TWO! The two stand off and reset in this first-ever encounter. Burch and Kushida approach and Kushida leaps! Burch catches him to deny the Hoverboard, but now they’re in a floating test of strength! Kushida hops off but Burch spins and sweeps the legs! Burch has the Half Crab but Kushida gets the ropebreak! Burch lets go and dares Kushida to come back for more. Kushida gets up and circles with Burch. They tie up, Kushida waistlocks and has a leg, but Burch resists. Kushida trips Burch and has a standing toehold.

Burch endures as Kushida cranks the ankle. Burch hooks Kushida’s foot but Kushida cranks harder. Kushida leans on the leg and then shifts to an arm. He drags Burch up and steps over for a hammerlock. Kushida pulls on the arm but Burch gets to the ropebreak. The ref calls for the separation and Kushida lets go. Kushida dusts off his hands and now dares Burch to bring it. Burch and Kushida circle again and tie up. Burch headlocks to a takeover! Kushida kicks and flails against the hold but Burch grinds him down. Kushida clamps onto Burch with a chinlock of his own and rolls him. Burch rolls but Kushida holds on. Kushida floats all over Burch and pats him on the back. Burch keeps his cool as Kushida grins.

The two circle again and tie up. Burch headlocks but Kushida powers out. Things speed up and Kushida leaps, but Burch grabs the leg! Kushida checks his face but he boots Burch away. Kushida’s on the apron as he enziguris Burch away! Burch shoulders out but misses! Kushida builds speed to handspring heel kick Burch down! Kushida waits a moment before going out to fetch Burch. He puts Burch in and then climbs up top. Kushida leaps but into a BIG right hand!! Cover, TWO! Kushida survives nearly losing his teeth! Burch stalks Kushida to a corner and drags him up. Burch throws European Uppercuts and Kushida falls over. Kushida kicks back but Burch stomps him down. Burch grabs Kushida’s hand to STOMP on it! Kushida clutches the hand but Burch drops knees. Cover, TWO!

Burch drags Kushida into a chinlock and grinds him down. Kushida endures and fights his way back up. Kushida throws elbows but Burch knees low. Burch whips Kushida to a corner and runs in, but into a boot! Kushida runs and rallies with forearms! Kushida whips, Burch reverses, but Kushida handspring back elbows! Burch goes out of the ring but Kushida gets to the apron. Kushida aims and LEAPS to tackle Burch down! Kushida drags Burch up and into the ring. Burch flounders to his feet and to a corner. Kushida aims from the outside and runs, to ENZIGURI! Burch wobbles but Kushida brings him around, for the step-in tornado. Burch denies the DDT to headbutt. Kushida winds up, but gets another HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO, into a CROSSFACE!

Kushida is caught, but he refuses to quit! Kushida rolls and gets free, but runs into a scoop. He escapes, spins Burch and throws a fastball! But Burch fires up to throw EuroUpper after EuroUpper! Kushida kicks the arm then kicks away on Burch’s face! Kushida whips, hip toss and cartwheel to dropkick! Burch is dazed and Kushida brings him back up. Kushida hammerlocks, rope tornado for the takedown, to the SAKURABA! Burch taps, Kushida wins!!

Winner: Kushida, by submission

The first time these two face off, it is the Super Junior who takes the win! Will Kushida continue rising up the ranks towards the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

Tyler Breeze VS Jack Gallagher!

The Gentleman is no more. His return in the form of an attack on Lio Rush and his behavior during the WWE Cruiserweight Civil War prove he has changed. This is JACKAL Jack Gallagher now! Are things going to get ugly for Prince Pretty here tonight?

The bell rings and Breeze is wary of Gallagher as they tie up. They go around and around, from one side to the other. Gallagher gets Breeze on the ropes but Breeze turns it around. Breeze gives a clean break, still wary of Gallagher. They tie up again, and Gallagher gets a headlock. Gallagher grinds on Breeze’s head but Breeze powers out. Gallagher runs Breeze over and things speed up. Breeze hurdles and dropkicks Gallagher! Breeze gets a headlock and takeover and grinds Gallagher down. Gallagher endures, fights his way up, and throws body shots. Gallagher powers out but Breeze kicks and clotheslines Gallagher back! Cover, ONE, but Breeze is back with the headlock takeover.

The two move around on the mat but Breeze keeps control. Gallagher fights up to his feet and brings Breeze to ropes. Gallagher gets the headlock now, then gets his own headlock takeover. Breeze works against the hold but Gallagher works to smother him. They stand, Breeze powers out but Gallagher runs him over. Things speed up again, but Gallagher catches Breeze’s hurdle to snake eyes hotshot him on ropes! Gallagher rains down rights and even elbows. Cover, TWO! Gallagher keeps his focus as he drags Breeze up. Gallagher throws EuroUppers and has Breeze on ropes. He stands Breeze up to throw more EuroUppers. Breeze flounders to a corner but Gallagher stays on him. Gallagher goes to chop but Breeze falls over. That just angers Gallagher and he stomps away! Cover, TWO!

Gallagher keeps on Breeze with a stretch of the arm and a twist of the ear. Breeze endures as Gallagher pulls on the arm. Gallagher clamps onto Breeze’s neck as Breeze works his way up. Breeze elbows out of the hold hard, then throws more elbows to back Gallagher off. Breeze goes to buckle bump but Gallagher blocks and elbows back. Gallagher gives Breeze the buckle bump now then covers. TWO, but Gallagher grimaces as he stands over Breeze. Gallagher scrapes his soles on Breeze’s face! Gallagher clobbers Breeze with big haymakers while Breeze is down. More EuroUppers rock Breeze around the ring. Gallagher digs a knee into Breeze’s face! Gallagher even toys with Breeze now! Breeze pushes Gallagher away then throws body shots! Breeze runs and sunset flips, but Gallagher sits on it! TWO!!

Breeze flounders to a corner, dodges, and then ENZIGURIS! Both men are down and a standing count begins. Breeze and Gallagher slowly rise and Gallagher gets up at 6. Breeze is up right after and runs corner to corner. He hits a big forearm smash, but keeps moving! Breeze runs in again for another forearm smash! Gallagher follows the third time, Breeze dodges the Gentleman’s Dropkick but Gallagher lands on his feet. Breeze sunset flips and completes it this time, TWO! Gallagher spins into Breeze’s SUPER MODEL KICK! Cover, TWO!! Breeze cannot believe Gallagher survives! Gallagher flounders and checks his chin. Breeze catches his breath and stands back up. Breeze heads to a corner and climbs up top. Gallagher yanks Breeze down to hotshot the arm!

Gallagher is after that arm with a hammerlock, and RAMS Breeze into buckles! SHOULDER BREAKER! FUJIWARA!! Breeze endures as Gallagher pulls back harder! Gallagher shouts for Breeze to quit but Breeze refuses! Breeze drags himself over to get a ROPEBREAK with his legs! Gallagher lets go at 4, using the count to the utter most. Gallagher scowls as he looms over Breeze. He pulls on the ears just to torture Breeze. He throws big forearms but Breeze manages to stand. Gallagher throws body shots but Breeze hits back! The two brawl and Breeze gets the edge. But Gallagher kicks the bad arm! Gallagher fires forearms but Breeze KNEES! Gallagher goes to the apron and to the floor.

Breeze heads out after him, and RAMS Gallagher into the barrier! The ring count climbs to 5 but Breeze puts Gallagher in. Breeze’s bad arm slows him down, and Gallagher comes back with the DISCUS ELBOW!! Cover, Gallagher wins!!

Winner: Jack Gallagher, by pinfall

Just when Prince Pretty was about to win, the Jackal strikes! Will Gallagher soon sink his teeth into all of 205 Live? And then, the entire WWE Cruiserweight Division?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode here, but it was even shorter than usual for these new before-SmackDown episodes. Not to be a broken record, but I will continue to criticize the WWE for handling the Cruiserweight Division in such a way that the roster is gutted. The irony is that 205 Live might be the least affected by the global pandemic. No crowd at all is barely any different from a bored/tired/drunk crowd from after SmackDown. In fact, the rankings are: In 1st place, a before-SmackDown crowd; in 2nd, no crowd; last place, an after-SmackDown crowd. But also, the roster size is so small after sending some great talent to other brands as exclusive talent. I wish 205 Live was treated more like how WWE Main Event and WWE Superstars were all advertised to be: the crossover hour. But I’m getting into a subject other than the show.

Burch VS Kushida was a really good opener and a really good first-time-ever. Kushida is staying strong, and he honestly is in the conversation of contention. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Tony Nese and Kushida should have a Triple Threat on NXT or 205 Live to determine a challenger for Jordan Devlin when Devlin can finally return stateside. Devlin VS Dar looks like a strong NXT UK match-up, but I don’t see Dar winning. Gallagher VS Breeze was really good for the main event, but I was expecting more moments of aggression from Gallagher. He should’ve had spots where he almost gets disqualified for not letting up. But either way, it’s good that Gallagher wins so he can rebound from the Cruiserweight Civil War. Gallagher might even win his way into the contender’s match to make it a Fatal 4 Way.

My Score: 8.2/10

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