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WWE 205 Live March 13, 2020 Results & Report


The WWE Cruiserweight Civil War has finally come!

Captain Lio Rush is down, but the black ‘n’ gold carries on! Who has joined Team NXT to battle the 205 Live OG as the WWE Performance Center becomes the new battlefield?


  • Empty Arena 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: Team NXT VS Team 205 Live; Team NXT wins.


205 Live is live from the WWE Performance Center!

For better or worse, history is made tonight as 205 Live has its first broadcast from the PC in Orlando, but it is also with an empty arena! Will that matter as the line is drawn in the Cruiserweight Division?

Empty Arena 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: Team NXT VS Team 205 Live!

This Cruiserweight Civil War was historic before, but circumstances force it to be even more unprecedented! No fans will be live to witness this battle of 205 Live OG and NXT’s new wave, but we will all bear witness to it all the same! Who will be left standing after all is said and done?

For those who forget, the Bollywood Boys were here since day one, too, so they’re being the very special film crew for this historic moment. Samir & Sunil Singh follow Jack Gallagher, Ariya Daivari, THE Brian Kendrick, Mike Kanellis and the Premier Captain, Tony Nese, to the ring. As for Team NXT, they’re without the Captain of the Hour in Lio Rush after what the no longer gentle man did to him. But joining Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Tyler Breeze and the One Two of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch is… KUSHIDA!! The Time Splitter had a victorious return to NXT this last Wednesday, and now he’s joining his fellow black ‘n’ gold Cruiserweights! Can they turn the tide and wash out the originals?

The teams sort out and the match begins with captains Nese and Kushida. They circle and tie up, and Kushida waistlocks. Nese pries free to a standing switch then he throws Kushida down. Nese flexes as the Singh Brothers like what they’re seeing. Kushida gets up, circles and wrenches Nese to a wristlock. Nese pulls hair but Kushida cranks on the arm. Kushida has Nese on the mat but Nese gets up. Kushida wrenches more but Nese pulls hair. Nese spins Kushida around and gets a facelock. Kushida slips out to spin and get his own facelock. Nese rolls but Kushida holds on tight. Kushida then floats all over Nese and pats him on the back. Team NXT cheers but Nese rushes Kushida. Kushida headlocks again but Nese powers out. Kushida handsprings to back elbow Nese down!

Nese flounders and tags Kanellis. Kanellis runs at Kushida but Kushida arm-drags him to an armlock! Kanellis gets up but Oney tags in! Oney takes the hand-off to a wrench and shoulder breaker. Burch tags in, they double wrench and CHOP! Burch wrenches and gives Kanellis another shoulder breaker. He grinds Kanellis down and keeps him from the other OG. Wait, he’s the only one NOT an OG. Well, he’s more a 205 Live superstar than anything so he’s on the team by default. But that aside, Oney tags back in, and the One Two double snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Oney keeps on Kanellis with a facelock. Kanellis gets up, wrenches free and throws a BIG right hand!

Tag to Nese and they mug Oney. Nese throws forearms on Oney then makes sure the Singhs have a good angle on the suplex. But Oney escapes and tags in Burch! Bruch ROCKS Nese over and over with right hands, then spins him for a European Uppercut! Burch whips but Nese reverses. Things speed up, but Burch catches Nese out of the air! Nese flops on the mat but bails outside. The Singh Brothers check on their star, but Burch pushes them aside! Burch puts Nese in but the Singh Brothers give him a close-up. Burch shoves them aside again and gets in the ring, but Nese stomps him down! Nese whips corner to corner but Burch reverses. Nese slips under and pump handles! Burch slips out of the lift to drag Nese down to a CROSSFACE! Kanellis runs in to stomp Burch down!

Oney leads the charge as Team NXT rushes the ring, and Team 205 meets them for a chaotic brawl! Breeze kicks Kendrick out one side while Kushida and Gallagher spill out the other. Swerve drags Daivari out while Oney and Kanellis go out. The ref tries to restore order as the brawling goes all around the ring. Burch grabs Nese but Samir gets in! Burch lets go of Nese to DECK Saimr, but Sunil gets in! Sunil gets a HEADBUTT from Burch, then Nese CLOBBERS Burch from behind! He used the Singh Cam!! Cover, Nese ELIMINATES Burch!! Team 205 goes up 5v4! Breeze gets in but Nese stomps him right down. Nese drags Breeze up and clubs him down before bringing him towards the 205 corner.

Gallagher reaches out, but Nese tags Kanellis instead. It seems the only ones on the same team are these two. Kanellis and Nese double whip Breeze, Nese table tops Breeze for Kanellis to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kanellis drags Breeeze up and tags Nese back in. Nese and Kanellis double whip again, drop toehold onto Kanellis’ knee! Cover, TWO! Breeze survives and Team NXT rallies for him, but Nese kicks Breeze away. Nese drags Breeze up but Breeze throws body shots. Breeze is free and whips Nese, but Nese comes back with a kick! Gallagher tags himself in and goes after Breeze with furious fists! The ref tells Nese to leave the ring and Nese finally does at 4. Gallagher drags Breeze up but Breeze throws hands!

Breeze whips, Gallagher reverses but Breeze sunset flips! Gallagher sits on it, Gallagher ELIMINATES Breeze!! 205 is up 5v3 in fast fashion, and no one is more shocked than Breeze! Oney steps up to Gallagher and the two circle. Gallagher lunges but Oney is ready and he waistlocks. Gallagher pries free to a wrench but Oney drops and rolls to trip Gallagher. Cover, ONE, and the two stand off. Oney and Gallagher go again, and Gallagher kicks at Oney’s leg. Gallagher has Oney in the corner with EuroUppers, then asks Nese if he wants to tag in. Obviously Nese does, but Gallagher gives him deuces! Gallagher throws more EuroUppers on Oney, but Nese tags himself back in. Tensions are rising on Team 205, but Oney gets Nese in a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Cover, Oney ELIMINATES Nese!

Kanellis and Gallagher argue over who is stepping up for the team. Kanellis says he has a two year old at home, he can go all day. Gallagher pats Kanellis on the shoulder, but Oney CHOPS Kanellis down! Oney CHOPS Kanellis again and again, but Kanellis turns it around to CHOP Oney back! And again! And again! Oney gets mad and CHOPS away on Kanellis! Kanellis tries to chop back but Oney ducks and headlocks. Kanellis powers out but Oney runs him over! Oney looms over Kanellis but Kanellis pops right up, and the two start giving CHOPS again! And again! And again! Back and forth, harder and harder! Oney throws EuroUppers then runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Gallagher wants in but Kanellis gives him deuces back.

Nese comes back for revenge on Gallagher, but he gets a HEADBUTT for it! Kanellis gets mad but Gallagher leaps up to HEADBUTT him, too! Oney rolls Kanellis up, Oney ELIMINATES Kanellis! The teams are even in the unlikeliest way! Daivari jumps in and starts stomping Oney down, wanting revenge for the bad arm. Daivari rains down punches on Oney at the ropes, then stomps him to the 205 corner. Kendrick tags in, and these two mug Oney. Oney ends up on the ropes and Kendrick chokes him. Kendrick counts along with the ref before letting up at 4. Kendrick taunts Kushida and Swerve, but the ref keeps them back. The Man with a Plan goes after Oney and elbows him on the back. Kendrick clubs Oney down then drags him to the corner.

Daivari tags in and he drops an elbow down. Daivari drags Oney up and turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Oney lives but Daivari keeps on him with another chinlock. Oney endures and fights his way up. He throws body shots on Daivari and gets free, but then gets run over! Cover, TWO! Daivari drags Oney back to the corner and kicks him in the ribs. “Is that all you got?” Daivari puts the chinlock back on and leans on Oney. Oney endures again and works up to his feet. Oney snapmares out and both men clothesline the other down! Daivari and Oney crawl for their corners as their teams coach them up. Hot tags to Kendrick and Swerve! Swerve rallies on Kendrick with big forearms and a whip! Swerve hits an uppercut in the corner, then snapmares Kendrick for the FLYING uppercut!

Daivari gets in but Swerve BOOTS him out! Swerve goes at Kendrick with big kicks on the ropes! Swerve whips but Daivari helps Kendrick stop himself. Daivari takes the back elbow for Swerve, and Kendrick clobbers Swerve on the back! Kendrick throws Swerve out and tags to Gallagher. Gallagher goes after Swerve with a blunt CHOP, then he puts Swerve back in the ring. Gallagher throws big knees into Swerve then throws EuroUppers. He whips Swerve and elbows him down! Tag to Daivari and they mug Swerve. Daivari throws Swerve into buckles then runs in. Swerve dodges and the bad arm hits the buckles! Rolling crucifix, Swerve ELIMINATES Daivari! The bad arm comes into play!

Kendrick runs in and grabs Swerve but gets caught in a cradle! Swerve ELIMINATES Kendrick!! Team 205 is now down to one! But Kendrick and Daivari don’t care, they go after Swerve together with stomps! The ref tries to get them to stop but it’s not like he can disqualify them when they’re already out of the match. Kendrick and Daivari knock Kushida and Oney off the apron then go after Swerve more. Daivari and Kendrick work together, and Daivari feeds Swerve to Kendrick’s SUPERKICK! Then they POST Swerve! The ref protests but they don’t stop, they bounce Kushida off the announce desk! And again! The Persian Lion and Man with a Plan leave Team NXT lying, and Gallagher just relaxes as he watches. Gallagher smirks as he has Swerve all to himself.

Gallagher is like a shark with blood in the water as he hammers and clubs and knees Swerve on the mat! Cover, TWO! Gallagher drags Swerve around to drop elbows and covers again, TWO! Swerve flounders to his feet but Gallagher grins. Gallagher runs in but Swerve TOSSES him out! Gallagher hits the floor hard and Swerve crawls. Swerve reaches and tags in Oney! Oney CHOPS and CHOPS Gallagher! Oney runs, to EuroUpper Gallagher! He runs and gets around behind Gallagher, but Gallagher elbows free of the half nelson. Gallagher spins for a SAVAGE rolling elbow!! Cover, Gallagher ELIMINATES Oney! Gallagher immediately hits Swerve and Kushida down!

Gallagher climbs up to LEAP onto Swerve! He won’t stop, he drags Kushida up to throw him into barriers! Gallagher throws Swerve OVER the announce desk! Gallagher is like an unleashed animal as he puts Kushida in the ring. He runs corner to corner, GENTELMAN’S- No, JACKAL JACK DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Kushida survives and Gallagher grits his teeth. Gallagher drags Kushida up for a butterfly stretch and then shifts to an even more vicious stretch. Kushida endures, fights, and throws body shots. Gallagher knees back but Kushdia still wrenches out. Gallagher forearms, then EuroUppers before Kushida can wind up the Fast Ball! Kushida staggers, Gallagher runs, but the FAST BALL strikes!

Swerve tags in and gives Gallagher a HOUSE CALL! Cover, TWO!?! This new Gallagher isn’t only meaner, he’s tougher than we remember! Swerve tags back to Kushida before he runs corner to corner. He and Kushida meet Gallagher with a EuroUpper enziguri combo! Swerve drags Gallagher around even as the ref reprimands him. Swerve traps one arm then bends the other one back, for POP CULTURE!! Gallagher writhes but Swerve wheelbarrow dead lifts him for Kushida’s armbar takedown!! Gallagher taps, Team NXT wins!!

Winners: Team NXT, by submission

The Cruiserweight Civil War ends with the Super Junior and master of swagger as the sole survivors! The new wave stands tall over the 205 Live OG! NXT has the greatest Cruiserweights in the WWE today! But if you look at how Kushida and Swerve look at each other, the alliance is over. Will one of these two one day be crowned WWE’s greatest Cruiserweight of all?

My Thoughts:

A great one match episode right here, especially on a night were WWE was having to work outside of the norms. Though for 205 Live, no fans live to react was tantamount to how it’d been for months when it had to go on after SmackDown. Not to be mean to live audiences, but they almost never factor in for me anyway. This match was great from top to bottom. I like the story elements to how Team 205 Live wasn’t getting along. Kanellis and Nese tried to do it on their own, but that obviously backfired. I am glad that the Singh Brothers got involved, too, as the more underappreciated originals of this new Cruiserweight Division.

Gallagher going off was great, too! Not caring about the match in order to get back at Nese and Kanellis helps him become a Tweener, and I did not think he’d eliminate Breeze so easily. Basically needing both Kushida and Swerve to take him out really helps his own power rankings, too. It’s fine that his corner dropkick didn’t finish Kushida off, because I think this new Jack Gallagher needs a new finisher. And I’m going to refer to him as Jackal Jack Gallagher now, regardless of what WWE concocts for a new nickname.

My Score: 8.4/10

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