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WWE 205 Live March 20, 2020 Results & Report


Two first-ever showdowns on WWE 205 Live!

The WWE Cruiserweight Civil War is over, and now it is every man for himself! Who gains ground towards the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

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  • Danny Burch VS Joaquin Wilde; Burch wins.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Oney Lorcan; Swerve wins.


Danny Burch VS Joaquin Wilde!


The British half of the One Two Combination is up first, and faces the Wilde Side for the first first time! Will the Govenah start a BritAm Brawler sweep to open the show?

The bell rings and the two circle. Burch and Wilde tie up, and Wilde powers Burch back. Burch puts Wilde in the corner but lets up at the ref’s count. Wilde and Burch tie up, Burch wrenches to a wristlock, but Wilde spins through. Wilde arm-drags but Burch holds on and drags Wilde down. Burch has a hammerlock but Wilde powers his way up to his feet. Burch shifts position to have an almost Kimura on Wilde. Wilde powers out to a waistlock but Burch pries free. Burch wrenches again and twists the wrist. Wilde endures but Burch brings him down to the mat again. Wilde kips up and monkey flips, but Burch still has the wrist! Burch stands and gets a double knuckle lock.

Burch kicks and trips Wilde to a leg lock, and shifts to a modified STF. He shifts to just the armlock but Wilde fights his way up. Burch puts Wilde on the ropes but honors the ropebreak. Wilde and Burch circle and tie up again, and Wilde headlocks. Burch powers out but Wilde slide sunder to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Wilde arm-drags Burch down to an armlock and gives back to cranking. Burch endures and works his way around to his feet. Wilde wrenches and clamps onto the shoulder but Burch turns things around to a waistlock then headlock. Wilde powers out, things speed up and Burch catches Wilde out of the air! Burch stalks Wilde to ropes but Wilde throws Burch out!

Burch lands on his feet, drags Wilde out to join him, and throws a European Uppercut! And another! Burch throw Wilde into barriers! The ref says to get this in the ring, and Burch drags Wilde up. Wilde elbows him away then boots him. Wilde hops up onto the barriers, then the railing in the stands. He LEAPS for a SUPER FOREARM! AJ Styles, eat your heart out! But the ring count climbs past 5! Wilde drags Burch up at 8 and puts him in to keep the match going! Wilde stomps Burch then slams Burch’s arms on the mat. He drags Burch up to wrench and wring out into the mat! Wilde sounds the air horn before he covers, TWO! Wilde keeps on Burch’s arm with another seated armlock.

Burch endures and fights his way up, but Wilde shifts to a mount. Burch drags himself over and gets the ropebreak! Wilde lets go before dragging Burch back up. Wilde wrenches, clubs the arm, then throws back elbows. He snapmares Burch to crank on the arm more. Burch endures as Wilde digs a knee in. Burch works on an escape, even as Wilde cranks harder. The two stand back up and Burch jawbreakers free! Wilde runs into a BIG right! And another! Burch spins Wilde around for more EuroUppers! Burch clotheslines then rolls Wilde for a LARIAT! Wilde ends up in a corner, Burch runs in for a clothesline and enziguri! Burch rolls Wilde again to hop up and leap for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Both men are up but Burch has Wilde for a snapmare. Wilde gets his boots up but no Wilde Thing as Burch high stacks! TWO and Burch ends up in a corner. Burch runs out but into Wilde’s jawbreaker! Wilde runs in to hit an uppercut and a CHOP! Wilde whips and somersaults to hit a CODE BREAKER! Burch is in the drop zone and Wilde goes to the corner. Wilde climbs up top then LEAPS, but has to roll through as Burch moves. Burch HEADBUTTS Wilde, then clamps on with a CROSSFACE! Wilde taps, Burch wins!

Winner: Danny Burch, by submission

Wilde is tough but not tough enough to stop the Govenah! Will Oney be able to complete the sweep against Swerve?

WWE reveals that John Cena was watching 205 Live last week!

As seen on WWE’s Twitter last week, the 16-time world champion was a secret member of the audience for last week’s Cruiserweight Civil War. “So check this out. This is something that I often longed to do: watch this done live. There’s no experience like it.” But Cena knows he’s the kind of person that sticks out in a crowd, so he’s in the tech area. He finally gets to see this live. He’s taking notes, “this is awesome.”

And perhaps surprisingly, Cruiserweights praised Cena in response. Ariya Daivari says Cena has been great to the Cruiserweight Division since day one. Mike Kanellis simply says, “Thank you, John Cena.” Isaiah “Swerve” Scott says, “Even John Cena watches WWE 205 Live,” while 205 Live alum, Cedric Alexander, adds, “This made me happy on many levels. #205LiveForLife.”

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Oney Lorcan!

Swerve was one of the survivors of last week’s Team NXT VS Team 205 Live alongside Kushida, meaning that the Boston Brawler was one of the ones eliminated. But that doesn’t matter now with the NXT Cruiserweight Championship as the end goal. Who takes a step towards that title on the Road to WrestleMania Weekend?

The bell rings and Oney circles with Swerve. They approach and feel out the grapple. They tie up, and Oney puts Swerve in a corner. The ref counts and Oney lets off at 2. Swerve and Oney approach again. Oney gets a leg and trips Swerve but Swerve rolls around. Oney stays on him and gets a facelock, then floats to a rear mount. Swerve resists the half nelson and drop toeholds to float to his own facelock. Swerve brings Oney up and they go around and around, until Swerve drags Oney down. He makes it a cover, ONE as Oney shifts and slips free. Oney tries a dragon sleeper cover, but Swerve’s out even before a count. The two back off and nod respect for the technical exchange. Swerve and Oney reset and go again.

Oney waistlocks and spins Swerve to snapmare him down. Oney grabs both arms and pulls back. Swerve endures and works on an escape. Oney uses his head as a point of pressure but Swerve still powers up to his feet. Swerve moves around and turns Oney, but Oney turns Swerve around. Oney pulls harder on the arms and brings Swerve down to his knees. Oney digs a knee in but Swerve still endures. Swerve again works up against the stretch, rolls and kips up, and is free! Swerve rolls Oney but Oney slips free, only for Swerve to go Eddy Gordo and headscissor! Oney rolls to his feet but Swerve baits him into an arm-trap. Swerve cranks Oney’s neck and pulls on an arm. Swerve has Oney in a modified cobra twist but Oney endures. Oney powers his way towards ropes and gets the ropebreak!

Swerve lets up and gives Oney time to get up. Oney is on the apron catching his breath and checking his arm. He steps back in and the two go again. Oney suddenly CHOPS Swerve! He goes after Swerve with stomps and a #BostonUppercut in the corner! Oney whips Swerve corner to corner but Swerve reverses. Swerve runs in but Oney elbows him away hard. Oney hops up and leaps over Swerve. Oney rolls Swerve, TWO, and Swerve cradles! TWO, and Oney dodges to run, into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Swerve sees how tough Oney is, but that doesn’t slow him down. Swerve goes to a corner, hops up top, but has to hop down as Oney rushes over. He elbows Oney away then boots in. But Oney catches the leg to dragon screw!

Swerve stumbles off the apron and to the floor! Oney goes out to fetch Swerve, and he throws Swerve into the ring. Oney stalks behind the hobbling Swerve, and grabs the leg for a SHIN BREAKER! And another DRAGON SCREW! Cover, TWO! Oney drags Swerve around by his leg and stomps on it. Oney has a standing toehold and digs a knee into Swerve’s knee. Swerve endures the wrenching and keeps his shoulders off the mat. Swerve works on an escape, and he kicks Oney on the back with his free leg. He kicks until Oney lets go, but Oney CHOPS him again! Oney scoops and slams Swerve down, then covers, TWO! Swerve survives but Oney is back on the leg. Swerve endures again, and again has to keep shoulders up. It’s a cover, TWO!

Oney drops on Swerve’s leg and has another toehold. Swerve fights against the hold and gets a headscissor, to an armbar! Swerve stomps and stomps and stomps but Oney slips free. Both men slowly rise, and Oney trips Swerve up. Swerve pushes Oney away, hobbles over, but Oney trips him again. Cover, ONE! Swerve pushes Oney away again, but Oney grabs him by the jaw! Swerve breaks free and CHOPS Oney back! Oney is stunned, so Swerve pushes him for a discus LARIAT!! Swerve flips Oney upside-down with that one! The ref checks on Oney but somehow Oney is okay to continue. Oney gets himself to a corner and Swerve runs in for a big back elbow!

Swerve kicks the legs out and then hops up, for the flying uppercut! Oney writhes but Swerve’s bad leg slows him down. Oney runs in but Swerve dumps him out to the apron. Swerve sweeps the legs to SUPERKICK Oney down! Swerve then goes to the apron to BOOT Oney down! The ring count begins but Swerve gets Oney in fast. Swerve goes up, in and somersaults for the COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Oney survives and Swerve grows frustrated. Swerve brings Oney up but Oney CHOPS him away! Oney CHOPS Swerve in the corner, then hoists him up top. Swerve is backwards as Oney climbs up behind him. Oney wants the half nelson but Swerve fights him off again! Oney hotshots on the ropes! Swerve adjusts and aims, for the KILL STOMPS!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

The One Two end the night 1-1, but more importantly, Swerve is on a roll! Will the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour have to make a stop at Swerve’s House?

My Thoughts:

A good episode of 205 Live for being another short-form. The first-time-ever matches were okay, but I will say again, the WWE Draft gutted this division. Burch VS Wilde was good but not really hype-worthy. Also Wilde doing verbal air horn is more a thing for crowds. Why couldn’t it be a first-ever involving Gallagher? We need more of Jackal Jack Gallagher to capitalize on that stuff from last week. Swerve VS Oney was really good, a much bigger moment to hype. Swerve winning is the logical move with him and Kushida being the two big winners last week. Jordan Devlin VS Travis Banks for the Cruiserweight Championship airs with next week’s NXT UK, aka it already happened. I’m pretty sure Devlin won/wins that, so Swerve VS Devlin sounds like a good 1v1 for whatever we get in place of TakeOver.

My Score: 8/10

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