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WWE 205 Live March 27, 2020 Full Results Report


The WWE Cruiserweight Civil War is still ever-present!

It seems the WWE Cruiserweight 5v5 Elimination did nothing to end the tension! Will Oney Lorcan get even with Tony Nese for that unwanted “close up” with the Singh Cam?


  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Joaquin Wilde; Swerve wins.
  • Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese; Nese wins.


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Joaquin Wilde!

Empty arena or not, the ring is still Swerve’s House! But is he ready for a walk on the #WildeSide this close to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and the two circle. Swerve brushes the grapple off to snapmare Wilde. Wilde slips out to hammerlock and keep on Swerve. Swerve gets up, spins but Wilde stays on him. Swerve tries again, but still Wilde holds on. So Swerve rolls and whips, but Wilde sunset flips! Cover, TWO! Wilde arm-drags Swerve right back to an armlock! Wilde shifts the grip to clamp onto Swerve’s triceps but Swerve kips up. Swerve stands and whips Wilde then kicks him on the return. Wilde reverses the whip but Swerve goes up and around. Swerve rolls Wilde, Wilde jumps the sweep and avoids the Eddy Gordo. But Swerve rolls back to roll Wilde and get a leg. Wilde reaches back and headscissors Swerve, but then runs into the Eddy Gordo!

Swerve grins as Wilde gets to a corner. Wilde rushes Swerve but runs into a wristlock. Swerve wrenches and whips but Wilde goes up to the top. Wilde leaps over and springs back to headscissor Swerve again. Swerve bails out in frustration and Wilde pumps himself up with the air horn. Wilde runs and baseball slides, but Swerve catches him with the apron skirt! Swerve runs the apron to KICK Wilde down! Wilde AND the skirt hit the floor, but Swerve fetches Wilde. Swerve puts Wilde in at 4 then follows to cover. TWO, but Swerve keeps his cool. Swerve drags Wilde up by his ear to then mount for clubbing crossface forearms! Swerve drops down for a grounded arm-trap and another crossface forearm. He keeps clubbing Wilde over and over, then turns him for a cover, TWO!

Swerve puts Wilde in body scissors and digs an elbow in. Swerve grabs an arm but Wilde endures as he’s twisted and bent. Wilde frees his arm and sits back up to then get out of the body scissors. Swerve floats around to Gory Especial, and then bring Wilde’s arms together! Wilde endures his arms being pushed past their limits, and Swerve squats to make it a backslide! TWO as Wilde narrowly escapes! Swerve throws big kicks on Wilde in the corner, then backs off the appease the ref. Swerve puts Wilde up top and CHOPS him! He climbs up to join Wilde but Wilde resists the superplex. Wilde throws body shots and clubbing forearms of his own. Swerve hops down and hobbles away, and Wilde LEAPS for a flying huricanrana!

Wilde fires up as Swerve bails out! Wilde slingshots, leaps from the apron, but Swerve catches him in a wheelbarrow. Swerve lifts but Wilde arm-drags him into the announce desk! Swerve clutches his back but refuses to let this end the match. Wilde puts Swerve in the ring and springboards, for a tornado but NO DDT as Swerve uses ropes to stay up! Swerve matchbook covers, TWO! Both men are down but stirring. Swerve is up first but Wilde gets wristlocks. Swerve boots and UPPERCUTS! Wilde uppercuts back, and again! Wilde rocks Swerve but Swerve ROCKS him back! Swerve walks into a jawbreaker!

Swerve ends up on the apron but Wilde swings a clothesline. He gets under and slips inside to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Wilde pops up to POISON-RANA!! Swerve pops up to HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!?! Wilde survives and Swerve can’t believe it! Swerve grits his teeth and goes to the corner. He hops up top and leaps, KILL STOMPS miss! Wilde baits Swerve into a swing kick at the ropes. Wilde goes up, headscissors, but gets flipped into the MICHINOKU! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Fast and furious, Swerve is victorious! Will Swerve continue forward towards the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

WWE shares what went down on NXT UK.

The Irish Ace defended the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against long-time rival, Travis Banks, in an incredible sequel. But in the end, Jordan Devlin resorted to using the ropes to retain the title. Will the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour find its way back to 205 Live one day?

Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese!

Team NXT won the WWE Cruiserweight Civil War, but the Boston Brawler only got eliminated because The Premier Athlete used the Singh Brothers’ camera as a weapon! Will Oney give Nese a receipt for that painful paparazzi moment?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Oney. They tie up, Oney powers Nese to a corner, but the ref counts. Oney lets up at 2, and Nese comes out to circle again. They tie up, go around and Oney gets a waistlock takedown. Oney facelocks but Nese slips out to hammerlock. Oney goes around and reaches back. He stands up as Nese cranks, but Oney sits down to break free. Nese gets clear of the dropkick, and the two reset. Oney and Nese tie up again, and Oney has the arm. Oney drags Nese down to a headscissor hold! Nese endures the squeeze, then bridges back, but Oney brings him back down.

Nese grabs for Oney’s face but Oney cranks harder on the headscissor. They roll over, Nese handstands and slips out to float back to a facelock. Nese cranks on Oney now but Oney stands up. Oney powers Nese off the facelock but Nese runs him over with a shoulder! Nese clamps onto Oney with another facelock, but Oney gets up and pries free to an armbar! Nese scrambles to get a ropebreak with his legs! Oney lets go and gives Nese space. Nese and Oney circle again and tie up. Nese grabs Oney’s ear and puts him in a corner. The ref counts and Nese lets off, to get a leg and a takedown! Cover, ONE, but Nese stays on Oney with a chinlock. Oney sits up, they roll around, but Nese uses ropes to get up and over. Nese cranks on the chinlock but Oney goes for a facelock.

Oney pops out and has Nese on the mat with another hammerlock. Oney grabs the far arm and pulls back! He tortures the fingers and wrist with every pull and twist. Nese refuses to quit so Oney stomps him down! Oney then throws Nese with a short arm scissors and puts the headscissor back on. Nese moves around and kicks Oney in the head. Oney CHOPS Nese then squeezes tight. Nese moves up and around and rolls him, and they end up in the ropes. The ref calls for the break and Oney honors it. Nese gets to his feet and the two circle again. Nese rushes Oney and they end up on ropes again. The ref calls for the break but Nese gets a cheap shot in. But Oney CHOPS back!

Nese throws body shots but Oney CHOPS him again! And again! And again! Nese falls down and bails out of the ring, but Oney pursues. They go back in the ring and Nese stomps and clubs Oney. Oney CHOPS again! And again! Nese headlocks, Oney powers out and things speed up. Oney sunset flips but Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, TWO! Nese keeps on Oney with clubbing crossface forearms and has Oney on the ropes. He stomps Oney in the ribs then drags Oney up for a CHOP of his own! Oney falls against the ropes but Nese drags him up. Nese scoop slams and covers, TWO! Nese clamps onto Oney with the body scissors! Oney endures the squeeze now but works on an escape. Oney elbows Nese over and over but Nese CHOPS him back.

Nese squeezes again, and shouts, “You’re nothing, Oney! You’ll never be like me! 205’s MY show!” But Oney CHOPS Nese again! Nese squeezes, Oney CHOPS! Oney turns around to club and club away! Nese pushes Oney but Oney CHOPS him! Oney throws European Uppercuts then runs to BLAST Nese down! Nese staggers, Oney runs corner to corner for a big back elbow! And then a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Nese crawls to ropes and Oney stalks up behind him. Nese flails to resist the half nelson and gets the ropebreak. Oney lets go and Nese throat chops! Nese hits the bulldog hotshot! PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO!! Oney survives and Nese argues the count, but two is two.

Nese goes after Oney and grinds his boots into Oney’s face. Knee pad down, Nese runs, but into the Half ‘n’ Half! But Nese lands on his feet to DOUBLE STOMP Oney down! Nese runs in to back elbow and German Suplex Oney into buckles! Nese goes side to side, PREMIER KNEE! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

The Premier Athlete rebounds from his series of losses, and tells commentary that Nese is STILL 205 Live’s best. Will Nese be able to return to his peak and go after the Cruiserweight Championship again?

My Thoughts:

A really good 205 Live! Of course, this is the one WWE program least affected by no crowds, since the 205 Live crowds are usually pretty dead after SmackDown. These half-hour episodes definitely make the coverage go by faster but it again just shows how very few superstars there are on the 205 Live rotation. The WWE continues to only give half an effort in making the revived Cruiserweight Division matter. Thankfully it’s HHH in charge of the brands and the Cruiserweight Championship gets great play on NXT and NXT UK. Both matches tonight were great, and Swerve continues on strong. Nese rebounds after a loss on NXT and the big loss of the 5v5.

I would love if the NXT Cruiserweight Championship got a Triple Threat where there was a representative from each of HHH’s three brands. Devlin is champ now so he represents NXT UK, then Swerve can be the NXT contender and Nese would be 205 Live. Granted, such a crossover is a bit like Worlds Collide’s Fatal 4 Way. It also really exposes how WWE handled the division and title when only now that it’s an NXT championship that we get more crossovers. Maybe Swerve VS Nese becomes a contender’s match and we then get Devlin VS Swerve at some point. Sadly not any time soon with events being postponed because of the pandemic. But it still needs to happen.

My Score: 8.3/10

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